YouTube Rewind 2019 failed and its my fault!



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    Why did youtube rewind 2019 flop? #rewind2019 fail epicly
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    1. Настя Гр

      Кто хочет русские суб титры лайк

    2. Настя Гр

      Кто ищет русский комент лайк на ком


      You didnt even adress where you got the minecraft idea from LAZARBEAM!!!

    4. ariana's baby

      they should've made a tribute to our legends who have passed tho :(

    5. Emanual Mitchell


    6. Michael Huk

      We all know that youtube rewind 2020 is gonna be about ww3, the disease in China and the Bush fires in Australia

    7. Beatween

      7:33 original content youtuber on youtube rewind

    8. Dr.Félixou !


    9. Peter Vang

      when they put pewdiepie in a watch mojo

    10. Amel Cirkin

      R.I.P Etika ;(

    11. Thang Trang

      GEsels is giving you 2 options: Or you have a really bad youtube rewind, or you could have a top 10 video.

    12. Shykin Rosly

      Also smash da like

    13. Raihan Raihan

      My idol

    14. Brandin Epicgamer

      Etika is the equivalent of the lost soul in doom

    15. ram babu

      U r losing ur subs pewdiepie

    16. Ezekiel R.


    17. Psych O'Chaos

      when watchmojo makes a better rewind than rewind

    18. northdakotagamer

      They should have explicitly stated somewhere that they limited it to one video per creator per category

    19. k c

      I miss felix

    20. Romi ghs

      3:48 ANGIE 😭

    21. Quinn

      im super late to this video but honestly youtube rewind this year is like the back pages of a suburban high schools yearbook lololol

    22. MoonRay

      I love the WatchMojo referenced

    23. Mythice


    24. Lucas _ lachbug


    25. April the month


    26. Leo Rekic

      Now it's 17m dislikes.....

    27. Octora Gaming

      From Indonesian must like | V



    28. Veronica Gonzales

      Jajaja the burp

    29. james Jennings

      Whatttttttt I worked with pencilmation for about a year and a half doing sound effects! That's so cool to see them on here!

    30. Elijah Sabo

      Ik pewdiepie is in this video, but I can't hit the like button with GEsels rewind in it as well

    31. Danielle Louise Gan

      Sorry about to say is that why do you want or hate t series what do d they do toyou

    32. Ali Alabbasi

      What song was used in the vid for rewind?

    33. Sarfnic Productions

      It was bad but not too bad

    34. Francisco Costa


    35. kratos rana

      Pews: GEsels rewine wasn't that bad. Me: Don't give me hope.

    36. Vin Crafter

      wait etica killed himself?

    37. The YouTube Creators

      Hello and welcome to rewind Pew new poopy sloopy hoopy fooky

    38. 페페

      Dance videos? WHO CARES?! i CARE!!!!!🥺❤

    39. wantafanta01

      guys everyone is missing the point.. youtube wanted us all to finally get along! they united us with our hate of youtube!

    40. mymoto 100

      Haters vs title Haters: haw haw!

    41. Sasuke

      You skip the RIP part

    42. Enchanted Dirt

      Wait, where is angry grandpa

    43. YouTube SAD Gaming -

      PewDiepie 👎👎💩💩tlqkf PewDiepie

    44. ChananaBips

      Jelly?!? You gotta be jokin hahaha

    45. ChananaBips

      GEsels got so much hate that they don't even give a fck anymore, next thing you know they just shut it down

    46. Ultra yankee

      *GEsels is not happy*

    47. Zakaria El haddadi


    48. Vella Insaan

      Why isn't tseries vs pewdiepie in the rewind!!! REBEL

    49. Lil Cauillou

      This year was good

    50. fdaf fhc

      Freefire palyer like

    51. Dead your self

      Its not your fault dont be sad You are a soldier and you did your job 😉

    52. Saw Sam Lan

      My video not even good :D got me dead

    53. 양양세진

      Yey jelly is hehrhehhhehere,!!

    54. админ проффесионалович и вано

      Сдесь есть русские или нет?

    55. wąɭįdɱǫɠįɓ 3


    56. Cleo Patra


    57. Sassy Ruby

      I’m happy to see you twice in this rewind !! You deserve it ❣️

    58. Angela Jooste

      T series wasnt even on the most viewed but he has more subs -_- youtube is drunk

    59. 123456789012345678901234567890 12345678901234567890

      no more fucking trans please

    60. lollipop1894

      You're salty towards mr. Beast