Xiaomi Mi 10 Vs Huawei P30 Pro Camera Comparison



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    Xiaomi Mi 10 Vs Huawei P30 Pro Camera Comparison. Side by side comparison including low light, front, and back daylight stills and video. Low light video performance and audio. Very interesting results! I got my Mi 10 from TradingShenzhen here: bit.ly/2HCrR5D
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    1. TechTablets.com

      *Check my other Mi 10 camera comparisons: * Mi 10 Pro Vs P30 Pro: gesels.info/video/video/o9GUjtPYf52Vm38.html Mi 10 Pro vs Mi 10: gesels.info/video/video/qaiHi5exqH6KqJU.html Mi 10 Vs Mi Note 10: gesels.info/video/video/nKymncebeJ5kuZk.html Mi 10 vs S10+: gesels.info/video/video/nLufq967Y5V-pZU.html Mi 10 vs P30 Pro: gesels.info/video/video/oNmkb7LNgYd3q6U.html

    2. deadkiss92

      It took me so many videos to understand that "biter" means better.

    3. Iulian F

      Really appreciate your honest reviews. Wish there were more reviewers like you. Please do not change :)

    4. Ryoo Ma

      Xiaomi is the Winner

    5. Granit Taci

      Good Job Xiaomi but you can't beat the Huawei 😁

    6. roger deal

      Huawei the best

    7. Zmicer Radz

      Good job!

    8. Ace_Shafie

      market Huawei little down bcoz mate 30 pro no android its sure

    9. Yusuf Muhammad

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="213">3:33</a> songg???

    10. Nhan Nghia's Blog

      Good Video bro

    11. Smart Phone

      Huawei is 🔝 ❤

    12. Azeri Remix

      Xioami sən zirvələrə layiqsən dahada yaxşı olmağa çalış!

      1. Malik Talibli


    13. Александр Кукса

      I hate china smartfone. Apple, Samsung & LG forever!

    14. Александр Кукса

      Xiaomi is fool china bottom!

    15. Steve's Life

      the sharpness is so missing in xiaomi... only bad part :(

    16. Giovana Samara

      Wow most times the colors on the Xiaomi look much better... They MUST add digital stabilization to the front-facing camera, though. It's absolutely necessary!

    17. Tuan Nguyen

      Công nhận camera p30 pro dù ra trước nhưng vẫn bá ở thời điểm hiện tại.khó con nào qua dc.iphone hay samsung cũng k ngoại lệ

    18. Unan1mouz

      OMG your cat is soo cute!! What's his/her name?

    19. ashouhdy

      as always great video ! the lack of swapping cameras during recording is a shame, absolutely loses video concept totally. specially if you zoom you crop not using the triple cameras as of huawei., also still no eis on front camera so all 1 hand held photos are blurred 👎🏽 Huawei has noise cancelation mic audio concentrate on voice and eliminate sea waves noise in the video. about stabilization on 4k Huawei uses only the OiS and not Ois+eis as in 1080p mode. wide angle coverage is wider on huawei , the ability to use all cameras during recording as s10+ and p30pro is a great win. i can hardly believe that xiaomi released the mi10 with those big issues and fixing only audio bitrate. i am an old mi9 owner and P30pro user who was looking forward to the mi10pro but no till they add eis+ using all cameras in video.

    20. coin paradise


    21. Silvio Britto

      Xiaomi improved a lot. To me wins in general

    22. Ramiro Obando Coello

      El Mi 10 no tiene buena estabilizacion se nota muy forzado, el P30 pro no lo hace mal pero el audio no tiene buena calidad.. ambos tienen sus pros y sus contras.

    23. Vixendi

      Why you talk on 1.25 speed?

    24. Thomas Müthing

      In night mode, the Huaweis still blow every other company's phones out of the water.

    25. Ericson Allibang

      P30 has better clarity when images include bright and dark areas, but Mi 10 has better color accuracy

    26. Pierre Anderzon

      Holy crap you speak WAY TO FAST for me to listen to. Jesus dude......

    27. Ankaralı Ankaralı

      Ne yapacaz yani 7 farkımı bulacaz Türkçe bi açıklama yapsaydınız ona göre bakardık.....

    28. kodak orange

      If you don't care about the camera go with p30 pro... Trust me

    29. Hi Nova

      Huawei p30 pro. 40mp Sony verrry good. 108mp samsung slow

    30. Holy Arif

      I think P30pro still superior than Mi10

    31. Nasya Tabina

      xiaomi 10 is verry smooth

    32. Mark Marsh

      Kia ora Chris, how about reviews of interesting bargains Meizu 16T and Umidigi Power 3?

    33. Rubo Stars

      I really don't like the oversharpening in the Huawei. Also the Mi10 has better sound overall!

    34. Boris S.

      xioami video , p30 por photos

    35. U2BR GAMER

      What the fuck with flower Huawei Red to Orange

    36. Sky Line

      P30 Pro clearly have more details than the Mi10

    37. Jereck

      Hey fool if you're going to do a phone comparison, use the Mi 10 vs P 30, then use the Mi10 pro vs P 30 pro, as you can think of comparing a normal phone with a pro phone, for people like you the world is like is

    38. 黄俊以

      why not compare the mi10 Pro with p30 pro?it is unfair.

    39. Raul Cheng

      Make Mi 10 Pro vs Huawei Mate30Pro

    40. Charles De Aquino

      To me was the Huawei.

    41. Diego Restrepo

      Outstanding comparison, this is how every camera comparison should be done.

    42. Long Vu

      P30 pro win

    43. Fábio Barbosa

      Huawei P40 Take it all down...

      1. TechTablets.com

        Hope so!

    44. Rafael RRG

      Beautiful Denia 👍👍👏👏

    45. yacin levrai

      And zoom!!!??

    46. Umidjon Suyumov

      P 30 nomber one

    47. Pedro Moreno

      Great video. What's the music played?

    48. Aleksandr Asmus

      Обычный пользователь не увидит разницы между двумя аппаратами

    49. Claudio siilva

      Huawei sem dúvida o melhor

    50. 8balldave3

      Front facing recording is better then back???

    51. The Arnolfini Couple

      I just can't believe that Xiaomi did such a great job. Guys don't forget that P30 has almost ONE YEAR, will be more fair to compare with P40, MI 10 was just released. I'll be waiting for the second round, who's else?

    52. Gabor Kalman

      The P30 Pro is a one year older phone...

    53. TL 71

      Збсь запилил! Красаучик!

    54. ENH

      Denia is in tha building

    55. Minh Trường

      P30 pro best

    56. pohgejib

      Try Gcam

    57. Виктория Лыкова

      Качество изображения на ксяоми выше

    58. Alvin

      Thanks for the review! Awesome bit of info! Have you test the Mi10 vs P30Pro in night video?

    59. amima zero

      mi10 pro ?

    60. NODZ TECH

      Chinese Phones !! No Originalities !!

    61. Jeff Anderson

      Wait for P40. P30 was for 2019.

    62. Felipe Zambrano Casamayor

      Es Denia Alicante 🤣

    63. Dmitriy Vorobey

      Сайоми не флагман

    64. DJ Thắng

      P30 Pro Fake

    65. Zemlupus

      Mi 10 god

    66. Oscar Moctuzuma

      P30 pro #1

    67. Abimael Linares Acho

      Hay gran diferencia entre el mi10 y el mi10pro.

    68. johnny gomez

      Xiaomi wins

    69. Eusouomanoel

      Xiaomi só tem hardware potente , câmera ainda não é com ela , dxmark disse que é a melhor do mundo kkk segundo ele , na prática não

    70. Armando MC5

      Ganó el Mi 10 por mucho :v

    71. Lew Kok

      Each point of excellence has different requirements.

    72. Konata Izumi

      Great hardware hinders by shit software, the Chinese companies really need to step up their software games. Employ more Americans.

    73. sami ben

      Mi 10

    74. Tony Dinh

      Xiomi looks better but too bad it doesnt have video stabilization in the front camera.

    75. The'OG'Linux Gamer

      Front Camera Video is much better for stabilisation than the Xiaomi is for Front Camera Video, but for Rear Camera Video the Huawei P30 Pro is quite frankly awful, while the Xiaomi is the best Rear-Camera Video stabilisation that I have seen so far in any Smartphone, you literally can't win as a consumer though, because you have to lose out on one in order to gain with the other. The Huawei is definitely over-blowing the reds in the video footage, that needs to be mute. The Camera should record footage with True-to-Life Colours, Saturation, etc, and then offer the option in the Gallery App to Post-Process the footage to a more appealing look dependent on what you're after. Luckily LG V-Series Smartphones can record RAW Photo and RAW Video at adjustable bit-rates way beyond what any other brand currently offers, so that is worth considering.

    76. lost drif

      P30 photos, xiaomi videos, overall Xiaomi wins

    77. juan s.

      Xiaomi es mejor 👍

    78. ma trison

      Huawei! You are Twin B For camera = You are [B]est For audio = You are [B]ad Why no stereo speaker with your flagship?

    79. S

      WOW! I dont get it. I only want to make good Photos, I dont care about the Video quality. What is better for Photos xiaomi or Huawei? They had much draws

      1. TechTablets.com

        Low light Huawei. Daytime Huawei but very close both

    80. Kalam Ansari