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    Can the Spy Ninjas stop the upgraded Project Zorgo hacker?
    After Chad Wild Clay made the video "PZ9 LEAVES SPY NINJAS SAFE HOUSE! Spending 24 Hours to Learn if Regina is Sister or if he's a Hacker", Vy Qwaint created "ARE REGINA & PZ9 BROTHER & SISTER? Test Results from Upgraded Hacker PZ715 to Reveal Sibling Truth", and Daniel uploaded "I WANT PZ9 A SPY NINJA! Spending 24 Hours Creating DIY Challenge to Distract Hackers" to the Exposing Project Zorgo GEsels channel, former hacker PZ9 was rescued from Project Zorgo by Vy and Regina. Now out of danger, Chad and Daniel decide to have some fun and throw ninja stars at water balloons with PZ9. While playing, Chad comes across a disguised hacker! When Chad, Daniel and PZ9 try to escape, they run into an upgraded PZ715! With the help of an unknown serum, 715 is now the fastest, strongest hacker, challenging the Spy Ninjas. PZ715 and PZ9 get into a battle royale! The Spy Ninjas try the new viral center of gravity chair challenge seen on Tik Tok that apparently only women can do and men can't do. You take three steps from the wall, lean over and put your head against the wall, lift the chair to your chest, and attempt to stand up. They use this challenge to decide who has the lowest center of gravity and who will try to trick and defeat PZ715, with the help of Joseph Banks. Will the Spy Ninjas be able to stop the upgraded super hacker? Is PZ9 still the best fighter? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2019!
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    1. Chad Wild Clay

      Happy Saturday SPY NINJAS! How can we stop PZ715?

      1. Sierra Mhone

        Chad Wild Clay Is. Pz9. The. Best. 👧🏾Tamara. 🧍🏽‍♀️👍🏾😂😂

      2. rupan dhaliwal

        Sharon Rose njonomjmojjonojninjj Ounniioojojnjjjjihuhuhiuuhr

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      4. Emma Passarotti

        Chad Wild Clay I’m more worried about you hitting 10mil an me missing it

      5. Sarah Rautell

        Chad Wild Clay I love your videos

    2. jessa chrislock

      I feel so so so bad for PZ9 he is my favorite hacker cuz he is my brother

    3. imran akram

      Chad I really want to see you some day I love you

    4. Dilara Begum

      Men has higher sense of gavity

    5. Louisa-Mair


    6. William Lord

      715 has a little beard I saw it when he was drinking energy drinks

    7. Tasneem Lawrence

      Guys I love your video by 💓❤️💓❤️💓❤️

    8. Tasneem Lawrence

      Can stop pz715

    9. Tasneem Lawrence

      PZ9 and Chad

    10. Tasneem Lawrence

      Guys I know how to stop him

    11. Rachel Collamore

      Happy Belated B-DAY!!!!! Daniel!

    12. Tiara Princess

      Yay is awesome

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    16. Camdyn Kalmus

      Did you find Peezy nine as I have a black permanent

      1. Joy Jenkins

        Ist pz not peezy ok

    17. julianka huckova

      😑 denol lost

    18. Filip Miladinovic

      Ja mogu

    19. CWC Spy Ninja Hacker Spy Deafeters

      Hope your safe love you so much💖❤

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    21. XxCookie_ PoofXx

      I love your vids so much🌈🌈

    22. Andrea Montalvan

      Project zorgo stinks

    23. Riza Kuatova

      Use this app for Hacker

    24. jameliamine

      Hey my name is Spencer fin is 🏠 and silly his 👺

    25. Cobie Aromin

      I can do the low gravity thing even though i am a boy

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    27. Karolina Trudeau

      Spy nigas rock

    28. Shani Whyte

      Chad Peezy nine just wanted the extra go because he just wanted to win so he could get a shout out

    29. Hannah Johns

      0. J dog ykllyc u cgjnkyl jcjugc jucjn nj

    30. Brian Marr

      I want project zorgo be gone forever

    31. Adriana Bonales

      He rode your strong thing chad in your shirt

    32. Hussein Zaiour

      Kick him at his dna

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    35. Mike Jurasz

      I know what his face looks lime

    36. Nestor Neziraj


    37. Isabella Evans

      The combination to the safe is 6256

    38. Arslan Ahmed

      If you go the RED NINJA channel watch him and he’s trying to help you

    39. Gacha Gamers


    40. Angelina Diaz

      I know the code to the safe it is 1916 because I see it on a video.

    41. Ali Shah

      Josuf bans are ragina,s dad

    42. Ryan Hadadeen

      I'm a kid I'm 8 years old and I did what I did you did but I'm a boy

    43. Ethan Nunez

      You now why men can’t do it because you have big muscles in your body

    44. Demetri Lopez

      THE SEF COD SI 5476

    45. TB TB nation

      I love spy ninja network and i have the new one love you

    46. Nagina Sarfraz

      The code of the safe is 1626 because it will spell pz

    47. Bana Flowers

      I love your videos❤️❤️❤️

    48. Arya Hudson

      who wants to live with the spy Ninja's

      1. Joy Jenkins


      2. Zoey Iadovito


    49. Fofo Emad

      I did it and I am a boy

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      I. Love. You. So. Much😘😘😘😘😘😙😙😙😙😙😇😇😇😇😣😣😇👇

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      I love your videos😘😘😍😍❤

    53. tanya mackay

      Pz 9 needs to get unmasked

    54. Gail West

      It ain't P E E

    55. Gail West

      I can't download the game sadly I'm so sad

    56. ian lammas

      There sum think written on REGINAS mirror

    57. Rainbow fun TOYS

      iL Uvy

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      I love you guys

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      Hi chad wild clay I love your videos

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