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    WOLF - Midnight Hour (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Taken from the album “Feeding The Machine”, out March 13th, 2020. Order now! wolfband.lnk.to/FeedingTheMachine

    WOLF’s new album “Feeding The Machine” is out March 13th, 2020 and will be released as:
    Limited Edition CD Digipak
    Black & coloured 180gram vinyl plus CD
    Digital album

    Limited mint green (100x) and red vinyl (200x) available at www.cmdistro.de
    Order your copy here: Wolfband.lnk.to/FeedTheMachineID

    Video by Heavy Groove Media heavygroovemedia/

    See WOLF on tour!

    Special guests: WOLF
    05.03.2020 (UK) Bristol - The Fleece
    06.03.2020 (UK) Manchester - Academy 3
    07.03.2020 (IRE) Dublin - The Grand Social
    08.03.2020 (UK) Belfast - Limelight
    10.03.2020 (UK) Glasgow - The Audio
    11.03.2020 (UK) Sheffield - The Foundry
    13.03.2020 (UK) Birmingham - The Asylum
    14.03.2020 (UK) Norwich - Waterfront
    15.03.2020 (UK) London - The Dome
    17.03.2020 (FR) Paris - Petit Bain
    19.03.2020 (NL) Utrecht - Helling
    20.03.2020 (GER) Cologne - Essigfabrik
    21.03.2020 (GER) Aschaffenburg - Colos-Saal
    22.03.2020 (GER) Munich - Backstage Halle
    24.03.2020 (GER) Stuttgart - Im Wizemann
    25.03.2020 (GER) Berlin - Lido
    26.03.2020 (GER) Hamburg - Logo

    გამოქვეყნდა თვის წინ


    1. Picka Materina

      best song since skullcrusher

    2. KøkøS Kæsten

      wtf is this, eunuch

    3. patrick mcgeown

      see you in Belfast next month \m/

    4. Lars von Sjöblom

      Säjtan vad vass du är på guran Simon =) Kanon låt!

    5. Kevin Trout

      It totally sounds like the singer is saying midnight tower to me

    6. Azu Dagmar

      Por fin aparecen después de años esperando otro maldito álbum 0.0

    7. Frodo Hobit

      perfect song I'm looking forward to the album

    8. Alvaro Vix


    9. Kevin Bourassa

      Love how the lead guitar starts it off.

    10. ambientjohnny

      Hah, this band really should quit already. They clearly have nothing left to give, this is so damn weak.

    11. Speed King

      One of the greatest metal bands ever is back. It's about time. We missed you guys \m/.

    12. Zalan Zalan

      Minden Farkastól és az édesanyjától elnézést kérek!

    13. Yann Lee


    14. Valeri Zaykov

      happy you're back guys one of my favorite bands from NWOTHM

    15. Roberto Buatti

      Wow love that metal riff and it's very catchy.

    16. Alberto

      Glad to see this guys rockin' again. Nice tune but I'll be looking forward for the "heavy wight" tracks of the album

      1. 22trem


    17. Jakub Nosek

      Finally ,great...

    18. Taves

      Love that retro metal sound

    19. Vlad Vampirelord

      Reminds me of METAL CHURCH.

    20. Matt Gallagher

      Classic Wolf!!! 🤘Pontus Egberg from King Diamond on the bass guitar...nice addition to the band

    21. DavXav P

      Very good! Im waiting for the complete album!

    22. gtr362012

      Very catchy riff and great song! Been waiting for more from them so glad the wait is almost over keep up the good work ! Thanks for sharing


      *_Singer is a poser._*

    24. Paul Capener

      Nikklas mate - you know how to write a catchy riff! See you in Birmingham with the mighty Magus

    25. Abdo Tristan

      Nothing special... shadow of metal old school copying iron maiden in voice and megadeth in solo and the drummers copying no one coz he is not exist.... give me a break

    26. Clearblue Metal

      Solar Guitars!! \m/

    27. Spacebaba


    28. Metal Forever

      Que som maravilhoso.

    29. Jaysun Puke

      Wow, like time traveling back to the 80's. Niceee

    30. Low Light

      "When sleep escape(s)"

    31. Guillermo Garcia

      finally!!!! GREAT SONG!!! 110% Wolf

    32. J and K White

      That lady's singing voice is not good....in the constant repeating midnight hour...or any hour for that matter

    33. Sylva Luca

      Nice pyro, bois

    34. Following The Wolf's Path

      The singer style kinda reminds me Blackie From WASP .. not talking only bout the vocal style , maybe the dressing style but i dont know ! Nice work dudes \m/

    35. Tears of Finality

      I am noticing a lot of new bands like this. Is there some kind of retro 80's heavy metal revival?

      1. Allen Ellsworth

        Twisted Tower Dire 1995. Bullet 2001. Metal Inquisitor 1998. Slough Feg 1990. Wolf 1995.

      2. The Rageaholic

        Wolf started the whole thing. Back in 1999.

    36. The Manamal

      Great jam!

    37. Mario Muñoz

      Pop metal

      1. Allen Ellsworth

        How so? Is all Traditional Heavy Metal pop? Does this really sound like anything popular right now?

    38. Nolan Smolarz

      Didnt know bear brown from alaskan bush people had a band

      1. WolfMetalTV

        Nolan Smolarz you learn things every day.

    39. Oather Sampson


    40. ΑΘηνά Συρεγγέλα Αθανασιάδη

      love the sound .....

    41. Joshua Martinez

      Fuck yeah!!! My boys from wolf are back!!!

    42. LouMan

      The music is great the vox sound a bit like Mike Howe from Metal Church


      great, cool, how can someone not like it?

    44. new opethyou

      James labrie?

    45. Brian Koncyk

      The mighty Wolf has Cranked once more in traditional Wolf fashion! Killer tune! Can't wait for the CD!

    46. Forty Bounce

      The editing really let this video down. Cinematography is dope though

    47. snakepitguy

      Where's the old power???? Sounds quite weak to me... hope the other songs are BETTER!

      1. snakepitguy

        @Hatemystikal thanks I'm so tired of the groupies.

      2. Hatemystikal

        I thought exactly the same, really weak, what the hell happened? I'll give the disc a spin when it comes, but in the meantime I'll put on Black Wings instead of this.

      3. snakepitguy

        @Brandon Koncyk Not to the ears of a WOLF fan from the first hour. Sounds WEAK.

      4. Brandon Koncyk

        Old power? This riff is heavy as any they have ever done. It stills sounds undeniably like WOLF.

    48. Julio R Benitez


    49. Vegmarg SWE

      Killer as always!

    50. Alexandra Blommengren

      Varför sitter han fast i en tältsäng?

      1. robin jansson

        @WolfMetalTV hahaha😂

      2. WolfMetalTV

        Alexandra Blommengren han hade varit och tältat och så trasslade han in sig. Tokigt.

    51. Wolfenmond ART

      Finally, the waiting is over! A solid Wolf song. I am satisfied!

    52. kenetrator

      excellent track. been looking forward to new Wolf! :D

    53. travis reynolds

      A very solid track!! It gets me excited knowing such great material is forthcoming 🤘🤘

    54. Dr. Masque

      First time hearing these guys. Great stuff!

      1. HP Films

        @DarkArterialGore yeah it´s my favorite LP too, ravenous and evil star are really good too

      2. Brandon Koncyk

        @DarkArterialGore That one and Ravenous are my favorites.

      3. DarkArterialGore

        The Black Flame album is a banger all the way through.

      4. HP Films

        @Brandon Koncyk they have obviously some really awesome LP`s but not everything is pure gold .. they do have some generic lame stuff on some albums too but all in all a really cool group, i will always listen to them from time to time

      5. Brandon Koncyk

        @HP Films Everything from WOLF is really good man! My dad got me into these guys when I was a kid. He has all the CDs.

    55. Dave Redds Music

      Esa voz suena muy Kai Hansen!!! Excelente!!!

    56. Yaşar Süha Kalaycı

      The intro sounds just some random notes, no melody. The main riff is catchy tho so idk

    57. Brandon Koncyk

      I've been waiting so long for this new album! When I messaged the band last year they told me they'd be working on a new album soon so I was instantly psyched. I'm glad they are still good as ever! Super heavy riff. Swedish Traditional Heavy Metal done right!

    58. QAZ OMEN

      Great metal song to stumble across first thing in the morn. Should b a wonderful day

    59. social newtwork

      i never bought anything of that guys that sound cheesy and zero heavy

      1. Allen Ellsworth

        More of an Extreme Metal kind I guy?

    60. Mohsen Fayyazi

      Fuckin' A!