Dolan Twins

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    We babysat Elle from the ACE Family and found out which one of us she thought was the better babysitter...
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    1. Citlaly Rodriguez

      Grayson- Elle does it looks like cookies?! Elle- no! 😒

    2. stanning dolan

      If i were Grayson's daughter, i'd always wanna go to uncle Ethan's house because he's really fun😂 i feel like Grayson would want his kids in bed at like 8 while Ethan wouldn't really care lol

    3. R. Wright

      Elle: andhsbdiodmeksk Gray: yea

    4. Emily Reeve

      Make a part 3!!!!

    5. Savageunicorn Hoff

      Greyson should be a dad. I think he would be a great one. Ethan would be a good uncle

    6. Miranda Wells

      Grayson can we just get married?!

    7. ami weird life

      Elle -shfygjjhbjdu Grayson -....... yeeaaa 😭😭☠️

    8. Aliyah Martin

      Grayson: who's the most fun dad? Me: *smirks*

    9. tasfia begum

      At the end I'm pretty sure Elle was trying to say I want to show you the new house

    10. Aakriti Adhikari

      12:51 oh Ethan.

    11. salma berrahal

      7:32 i relate soooo bad when someone says something that you don't understand you just say yeah 🤣🤣

    12. DirtyDan !

      98% of the comments : Grayson 1% of the comments : how Grayson is better than Ethan 0.3% Of the comments : Elle 0.7% of the comments : Grayson’s so cute! See how everyone favorites Grayson? I like both twins (no homo) but let’s just treat them equally okay? Thanks.

    13. cutie

      I literally watch this video everyday* sorry I listen to it to go to sleep

    14. Kyleigh T

      can someone make a compilation of ethan telling grayson to stop yelling

    15. why. not.2006

      I love this video

    16. Nicole Hernandez

      thAt mArk oN His nECk neEdS oInTmEnT

    17. Jenna Saylor

      if you're here watching grayson be a daddy😏 ⤵️

    18. Naya Shaaben

      Grayson: Do you know how turn on the oven or do I need to do it? Ethan: No I think I can figure it out.. 38 secs later : house catches on fire

    19. unicorn queen2069

      How and

    20. Dani Major

      grayson is dad ethan is fun uncle

    21. Brandy Cantu

      Why do I have a crush on them sence I was 8 and I am 15

    22. Jocelyn Ceja

      Elle is so cute and I can just image when she realized as she gets older that her collab was with "the dolan twins"

    23. ashley chevez

      E: “can you guess what i made?” Elle: “a hand” E: “its a dOg”

    24. Space Girl

      It’s like elle is grayson’s daughter and ethan Is just the uncle

    25. Joanna Binti

      Im dyingg watching this 😭😭💀

    26. Samantha Garcia

      Elle kinda have them clout

    27. Sephora Charles

      Ethan is gonna be a good uncle and Grayson is gonna a great dad👌🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    28. nana the robot

      5:25 aww

    29. Anj Rana

      grayson is such hubby material omfg

    30. LifeOfEmma

      Grayson can’t wait to be a father someday he’s is going to be a gorge at dad

    31. Yo Mama

      Ethan steals Grey’s slime and still thinks he’s more fun

    32. Darshana Dhital

      LOL y’all are so funny

    33. MEI YAMADA

      orange slime "you know what that is" elle- "mama" HAHAHHAHA

    34. Nasam Abu Ahmad

      when Elle grows up she is going to realize that the Dolan twins held her and gave her a HUG!

    35. James Hendrix

      You should do how to tell twins apart

    36. Kathrine Naruto

      Omg those glass doors yeah no one will break in or if your trying to hide so they don’t see you it might not go well hahaha

    37. Kassadie Lee

      Grayson: *brings out cookies* Also Grayson: look what I got!!! Elle: SLIME!!??

    38. Kassadie Lee

      Nobody: Absolutely NO ONE: Ethan: "I brought the glitter, that's more fun!"



    40. Paula Crnolatac

      How lucky can you be to Dolan twins babysitting you. That will be AWESOME

    41. Freeman crew Can prank you too

      That look on his face when Elle is running with Grayson says oooof

    42. Bravadobxbe

      No one: Absolutely no one: “I wIsH I hAd A tOy RoOm”

    43. eva diaz

      Oml its so cute that grayson wants to be a dad so bad I cant *I would gladly be a mother with daddy grayson*

    44. briana monkey

      Grayson is such a dad

    45. ariana torres

      and this is where the slime all started 😂

    46. Alyssa Claire

      They should have done it at different times instead of together bc they would be able to do it better

    47. E Caitlin

      I love how they are both so different as well, and both trying to be cooler while also trying to “co-babysit” the whole thing was the funniest and cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Grayson would definitely be a great dad though. I think Elle is confused also cos two identical, tall men in all black just walked into her house, they seem nice and her parents left her with them 😂

    48. E Caitlin

      Grayson is like that really good dad everyone wishes they had, Ethan is the dad who’s more like an uncle cos he lets you do literally anything, also trying to make up stuff on his feet to entertain you lol 😂

    49. Reza

      Why do i think they are gay.. but are good as dads, but scream like girls when theyre little brothers break there highlighter

    50. Emily Melendrez

      Damn even the little kids underestimate Ethan 😭😂 lmaoo