Dolan Twins

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    For years we have been arguing about which one of us is smarter. IN THIS VIDEO WE FINALLY FIND OUT THE TRUTH.
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    1. xo Seeyaxo

      6:30 is just awwwwwww🥰❤️

    2. Gabi Woods

      Grayson says your stupider then me and at least I don't think stupider is a word and call Ethan dumb....... Classic


      at 3:34 i thought of gastronomy

    4. MK Plazs


    5. *Ny4n c4t M4st3r*

      For the “Be broken before being used” I said a pencil. 🤔


      the only one i got was the egg😂

    7. Preethy Rajesh

      If you liked☺ and subscribe it's good for you 😆😄love you Ethan and Grayson😘😍

    8. Ariana Labra

      For the riddle "It's yours, but everyone uses if". Am I the only one who said "your face"?. Cause it's yours, but people use it to recognize you.

    9. Ariana Labra

      Grayson: "...would have to get something tweeted from their account--.." No one: Literally no one: Not a single soul: Ethan:"Woaahh!!...BRROO....NO FUCKING WAY!!...AWW NOOOOO!!...NOT A TWEET!!!"

    10. Michaela Huber

      I'm also a twin I'm smarter .


      Lol I said a glowstick

    12. Kjaelynn Khope

      it’s triggering me that they are using a pen to write the answer when we can’t see it

    13. Leysa Thompson

      Ya but Ethan is hotter

    14. HaydenFerreira

      THE OUTRO!!!!!! 25:54

    15. faiz hosain

      Oh my god Time

    16. faiz hosain

      Who broke ethan's heart

    17. Libs Coles

      I still believe they are both smart

    18. Libs Coles

      Poor ethan

    19. Lauren Rycroft

      But you're not the better looking one Grayson :P

    20. Emabait Ibrahim

      I am a twin if you are a twin like my comment 👇🏾

    21. Danielle Shaffer

      i got silence right

    22. Leila Kniffen


    23. Leila Kniffen

      Gray is mean

    24. Mandy

      Why did when they took the IQ test did it remind me of a standardized test??

    25. Ruby Nuno

      10:27 Ethan- getting all deep Grayson-talking about air 😂😂

    26. Kristen DiGioia

      Watch the video where they take finals and you'll find out that neither of them is the smarter twin 😂

    27. Quentin Bowling

      Instead of tall to trick or treat you put talk to trick or treat you aren’t that smart ether but we all still love you both

    28. Quentin Bowling

      Instead of tall to trick or treat you put talk to trick or treat you aren’t that smart ether but we all still love you both

    29. Yo Gurl G

      The next generation of the human race is... LIVING IN MY BASEMENT!!!! 0:41

    30. Ugnė Kuklevaitė

      I'm 5'11 and only 14 :')

    31. Aislynn Phillips

      10:32 Grayson saying people have been using your heart? My heart😖

    32. Aislynn Phillips

      “I promise I’m not going through some sh-t”

    33. Aislynn Phillips

      Grayson looks disrespectfully good in that outfit

    34. Banana person 22

      This belongs to you but everyone uses it My Netflix password

    35. Saree Freitas

      "you're going through some shit"

    36. Ela Aydin


    37. Keiran Grant

      I got 80 percent on the riddles

    38. Mishti Shah

      for the iq test, #2 is 19 because the pattern is: 4 6 9 6 14 6 4+5=9 and then 9+5=14 and they just stuck 6 in the middle of each one

    39. Gage Knapp

      Nobody noticed that Grayson said stupider twice lmao

    40. Stacy Burns

      I got EYE for the first one

      1. Stacy Burns

        I hate myself 💀💀💀

    41. Daisy Sotelo

      7:25 fin: fucking stay there we're coming to get you

    42. Sara Hickerson

      18:34 Me: cringing

    43. Caseybaby

      10:47 it’s ok Ethan we are all here for you

    44. Jaz J

      I got all but 1 on the riddles

    45. Me.Myself. Nd I

      It belongs to u but everyone uses it "carbon dioxide"🤣🤣🤦

    46. Saidbh MacLean xx

      G : " There s nothing Ethan's better than me at . Well he's better than me at skateboarding, I'll say that " E : " IM BETTER AT SKATEBOARDING THAN YOU!! " 26:14 😂😂💖💖

    47. ••Jazzy• •

      Does anybody know the website they used for the IQ test?

    48. Gacha Life_ potato

      And egg or a glow stick

    49. Kate Fitzpatrick

      Grayson I am dyslexic too!!!!

    50. Larissa A.

      23:07 - 23:10 Grayson being F*CKING ADORABLE😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😭😭😇😇😇😇💙💙💙😚😗😙😘😌😌💍💍💍💍💍💍💘💘💘💘💘 ur welcome😇😇