When Football Becomes Art

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    Some of the most artistic football moments of the last decade. Feauturing Mesut Özil, Cristiano Ronaldo & Lionel Messi to name a few.
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    1. Score 90

      It’s impossible to fit everything into one video, do you think I should make a part 2 of this? 🤔

      1. momtso

        @barry wallace exactly. I wasn't able to watch it to the end because of the editing.

      2. barry wallace

        It's overly cut/edited to me. Just let the clip play out from the best angle first, then some edits/close up angles etc. Each clip would be the same length too.

      3. Sahadh king

        What is the starting music

      4. H N


    2. wanraplang khyriem

      From beginning till the end.. it was just Un......believable wow😯😯😯😯😯😯 whatttttt a scores??

    3. Hotspur21

      And also thanks for not ruining it with the most annoying techno has to offer!

    4. Jokergamer plays

      This reminds me of how arsene wenger is so underrated rated like he made giroud and wilshere and a few average players play some of the most beautiful football just imagine if he had loads of money to buy the players he wants he could’ve made one of the greatest teams in Europe but the problem is the arsenal investors never gave him the money he needed because it was all payed on that new stadium

    5. Ibanroi Susngi

      Those who unlike this video they don't know a thing about football..

    6. havertz 29

      the best is ozil

    7. HKP KING

      4:25 The goal which was said impossible by science

    8. Find Bar

      Bad music

    9. Jonathan Middleton

      What about berkamp

    10. Satish Tanna

      2:36 - is that Chile? I don't remember this one and it might just be my favourite!

    11. rajshree multimedia

      Score 90 you are wrong.... Football is always an art

    12. Chris Zenier

      Thank you for the Arsenal highlights! Beautiful!

    13. R. H. Kingpin

      Oh yeah, more garbage music to ruin a decent video.

    14. Novi Racun

      Where is Grafit vs Bayern M. Awesome goall

    15. 1 1

      Art in football is more than just a goal. *Laughs in GKs-CBs-WBs position

    16. Matthaios Ntoukouzis

      It would be one of the best highlight videos, if not fast forwarded.

    17. Dipika Mondal

      India is my country and football is our religion

    18. Subin AZ

      Does anyone know the intro song...plz tell me...

    19. Las Campbell

      This is why we love football. ..x

    20. D.B Cooper

      I guess only Spanish & Uk teams from the South play attractive football lol . No Man City nor Liverpool 🤔

    21. Nick Evans

      Fuck that song

    22. Johnny Wilson

      Missed out 2 Mozart's x

    23. Lawrence Simmons

      Gascoigne to Platt v Belgium WC Italia '90. Bergkamp to Ljungberg Arsenal v Juve?

    24. David Kang

      football is art and messi is artist

    25. me only

      when you enjoy with what u do, u Will find every way to reach the best action... so enjoy your job then u 'll find the best way to show that u're love your job..

    26. Wanda Rebiejo

      Get rid of the music. I don't need melodramatic sounds to influence my emotions when the beautiful game is being played. It stands on its' own feet.

    27. Merketroid

      Jeffrey Bernstein did not kill himself.

    28. Rocio Benavidez

      nada que ver el tema con el video

    29. Oruj Valiyev

      I was hoping to see Guti's back-heel assist to Benzema too

    30. Junior 45123

      I like the goals where you can see the team working together best. The quick passes amaze me. It’s like they can read each others’ minds that’s how much and how well they play together.

    31. Charles Willmer

      Nice goals but stop chopping between cameras, you miss so much of the skill

    32. PES 111

      gesels.info/video/video/X9d5rq-zd6Fmrn8.html messi ney ronaldo

    33. jergoz

      Really, you should see the action of Napoli of Sarri...

    34. Painted Curb

      Too many replays. Cool plays, tho.

    35. I3 O R D O

      i would down vote the hell out of this videogame

    36. Lensflair

      Compared to the Premier League, a lot of the European goals which involve a lot of rapid passes in the box seem to have defenders who just stand around and make almost no effort to close the ball down. Check out 1:20 - most white shirts seem glued to the floor and just watch the ball being played in. Must be very frustrating for their fans to watch.

    37. Michael Jamieson

      Could the editing be more annoying?

    38. jhonel hashino

      What a shit song. Whoever remixed that has hearing impairments

    39. Silver7

      2 Song ?

    40. James Eastwood

      The music track must surely take the prize for the most insipid, inappropriate sound track in you tube history.

    41. Lebo Ntuli

      Quality video

    42. Pablo Larrama

      Faltó el gol de taco de Luis Suárez

    43. KP SUN

      Foot ball is a Team Game.

    44. Fusilli _Jerry

      3:17 the filthiest on the reel

    45. Elmer Wilber

      This 'When football becomes art' is not your idea!! ASCOMPS is where it's at

    46. Dutluk İstanbul

      The other head of the video: “when ozil writes poem”

    47. Sebastián

      Football is always art

    48. akar boy

      Imagine this video without ozil and messi...

    49. Dion Faiz

      Football is an art...Wenger told us dat

    50. George Clubb

      Should include Scholes back heel from Beckham pass 99/00

    51. Pepito Css

      4:22 messi show🐐

    52. Pepito Css

      giroud is a very good goal scorer he lacks playing time

    53. Pepito Css

      Ronaldo the goat🐐🐐🐐

    54. Jacob Currin

      Giroud’s scorpion > cause it was onside

    55. Erick Hernandez

      Don't over edit, let the first cut of the goal being scored play all the way through. Then go back and show diffrent angles, I didn't like how you cut right before the goal just to restart it from the first touch. Just my 2 cents.

    56. Devesh Todarwal

      so everyone's just fine with scientist playing in the back of a supposedly action-packed video?

      1. Har Simran Singh

        It's weird playing the scientist but somehow it worked. I liked it.

    57. Deleted Nub

      Damn a lot of them are Arsenal I miss that Arsenal man

    58. baozoubusi

      When Football Becames Messi

    59. HMz Bari

      Ajax ?? Ziyech and tadic and neres and de jong ?!

    60. Jeet Kotedia

      Can you just show each goal from one angle throughout instead of 10 replays