What Our Tattoos Mean 2

Dolan Twins

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    A lot of you guys have been asking what our news tattoos mean and to film this video so we tell you what our tattoos mean and filmed this video
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    1. Jacinta Sinclair

      Do a part 3 please!!! 😋💓💓 PS I love you guys, you literally changed my life, I wish I could tell you... Have a great day!! Xxxxx

    2. Eri Alexandridou

      everybody: i love your tattoos me: ethan is better at shaving legs.

    3. eva diaz

      What about the heart tattoo from the where am I challenge :/

    4. Margaret Garcier

      I have a bunny named Gizmo Is anyone watching this is 2019?? Like if u r

    5. iixBluez Roleplayz

      Grayson: I was like this, 👇👇👇 for an hour.. 😐 Me: yea I bet you were babe 😉

    6. im always overthinking

      When the twins have the same rare sign as you 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😳🤭🤭😅😅😀😀

    7. DD Random

      Gray didn’t show the tattoo he got in the vid guess where I am challenge

    8. Elise Guerra

      july 2019? 🥺

    9. its simply DOLANS

      1:25 he ain’t no virgin

    10. Laura Morrison

      We need a part 3

    11. Ariana Matijevich


    12. Sarah Molitor

      watching ethan shave his legs is giving me a lot of anxiety idk why

    13. Sophia Battaglia

      L'italiano Vero!!! True italians my brothers!!! Sono l'italiano hell yeahhhhhh victory b*cth

    14. Pietra

      they look so happy

    15. Joanna F

      Woah I didn’t know he was a little OCD. He’s never mentioned it, seems so random

    16. jozephine valencia

      Who else thinks it's cute when they fight ? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    17. Alix H

      you guys are the most weirdest , most funniest,most goofiest, most beautiful people in THIS WHOLE FUCKING WORLDDD😭

    18. Elyse Stachewicz

      Awww they smack each other for no reason 😍❤️

    19. cy official

      6:02 All siblings relate

    20. Blessy Gnanamani

      WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABT 2:20 🤯🤯🤯

    21. Kyle Parrett

      They’ve never apologized for enabling a pedophile, but you can bet your ass this video is monetized.

    22. Kyle Parrett

      They are the one who gave Romeo Lacoste the biggest platform. Girls were raped because of them. This is not cute. It’s sick and disgusting; they’ve never even admitted or apologized or enabling a pedophile.

    23. Kyle Parrett

      Our tats mean that we love pedophiles....

    24. Allie Stafford

      That intro is the definition of siblings

    25. Cheyanne Skidmore

      U gReASy F*%k -Ethan dolan🤣

    26. hatia mahama

      hi dolans

    27. Bby Chloe

      yoooooo I'm a sagittarius ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    28. Dear Future me

    29. Karen Ann Volpe


    30. ponthea

      6:19 gray: *WHO GOT A MOON ON THEIR THIGH A YEAR BEFORE YOU* e: *probably a lot-* gray: *ME* 😂 😂

    31. Sama A.

      Vicious into lol🤣🤣🤣🤣

    32. Talia Dubrino

      Please make an updated version. Love you guys

      1. Talia Dubrino

        Thx for the likes!🤗

    33. The Galaxy Cats 2000

      I’m just happy u guys are better and got out of ur depression

    34. Lps Alyvia :3

      HEY did you guys know that boys are born girls that’s why they have nips

    35. Leonie Lauren

      I feel like this was filmed during delirious hours

    36. Gaby N Reyes

      we need a part 3 now

    37. Amaya Johnson

      Oh I remember day and night lol

    38. Ashley Keef

      you guys should do a part 3 to this now that you have more, like if you agree

    39. Esther


    40. Esther


    41. A A

      They were on crack this entire video

    42. Blue Vivian

      Dude throughout the whole video gray and E were on crack 😂😂 I love you guys so much !

    43. Shraddha Potti

      Did anyone notice they spelled “tattoo” wrong on the thumbnail? No, just me?

    44. Evan Lindblom

      At 2:21 my ears were brutally beaten

    45. Yelaina Turner

      Ayeee Seven is one of my lucky numbers too

    46. Kennedy Reneigh

      updated tattoo?

    47. WhereAreTheFreshAvacados

      Gray:who got a moon on there thigh a year before you??!! Ethan:well probably a lot of ppl 😂

    48. WhereAreTheFreshAvacados

      Ethan:Oh there’s a moon rn 😂 Grayson:shut up 😂🙄 😂😂

    49. Husseina

      My lucky number is 8

    50. Rachel Worthy

      who else noticed that in the thumbnail... they spelled tattoos as “tattos”😂😂