What Our Tattoos Mean

Dolan Twins

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    We explain what our tats mean.
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    1. IzabeeB

      Can you guys do a part two of things about your tattoos

    2. Haleemah


    3. Claire Brooks

      Love the way gray openly talks about his dark times and about kid cudi it’s amazing ❤️❤️❤️

    4. Tia B

      That just showed up in my recommendation and I thought it was a new vedio but I am not disappointed 😂😭💔

    5. o k

      0:00 in the background, the painting is also on fire because it was green from a green screen sorry that probably didn’t make sense, sorry about my grammar

    6. Ashley Williams

      They would get a tattoo of a jolly rancher and b like “it’s because everyone needs to be jollier and happier and ranches are a special place”

    7. Alejandra Ochoa

      A wolf

    8. נועם גולן

      Does anyone know the exact name of the hoodie ethan is wearing???? Plssss help me out I’ve been trying to find it for the longest time :(

    9. Kyle Parrett

      They’ve never apologized for enabling a pedophile, but you can bet your ass this video is monetized.

    10. Dear Future me

    11. Kassidy Weller

      woke white boys

    12. Maddie Eldridge

      they look exactly like each other in this 😂🥰

    13. Frankie Bowie

      1:09 grayson: with my stoopid brother ethan: *takes a second to process* ethan: heyy! he said that so adorably i-

    14. tacosR1 Gaming

      It’s annoying hearing the same voice two times speaking to itself..

    15. Karina Uryasov


    16. Emma Xo

      You can get tattoos when you’re 15 in America?! Wtf the uk makes you wait until you’re 18

    17. Nicole Hernandez

      hahaha “scandalous spots” 💀💀

    18. Jordyn Johnson

      Gray your cheesy nest Is like my dad and i am daddy's girl 😋😍

    19. Hildegarda Halka

      Who has more tattoos ethan or grayson?

    20. Cherise Viljoen

      Is no one gonna talk about how Ethen got his first tattoo at 15 ( not that there's anything wrong with it I don't really think there's an age for a tattoo but just wondering how he got it)

    21. Cherise Viljoen

      We're all just gonna end up in the same place...........dead....

    22. Hope Ortiz

      I’m not an animal,I’m made in gods image and gods not an animal

    23. 34amme34

      you guys should get something about youtube. like the youtube logo or gray gets you and ethan gets tube or visa versa or you get the channel name and do one gets dolan and the other gets twins or you both get the entire channel name or you both yet youtube fully tated on you.

    24. karlee !


    25. so cool

      ethan should get one that says dairy with a line through it

    26. Persia Tanner

      Grayson should get a tattoo of his car lol and Ethan pineapple pizza

    27. Carsyn Kettner

      The crescents kinda got me 🥺

    28. e-tee-wee-tee and bailey

      2:42 did ethan just look at someone and laughed??

    29. Naya Grahn

      Well.... 10 MILLION people think you guys are amazing

    30. Brianne

      I know this was a whole year ago but I feel the need to say...that is NOT what “tit for tat” means...like at all. Lol

    31. Chaylee McCleery

      please someone make an ethan edit @ 5:01 - 5:10

    32. Maddie Boyle

      I’m here in 2019 but oh well😂 I would think it would be so cool if they got a matching tattoo of both of them with their hands around each other. Idk how to explain this but they say they always got each others backs so that would be cool I think. Or if they got something that has to go with their fans❤️

    33. Dilara X

      At 4:18 I had to laugh because it reminded me of the grind on me vine😂

    34. danae3xi

      those moments when grayson tries to defend himself but ethan takes advantage of his editing skills and edits them out 😭

    35. Zoey Sanchez

      6:27 when he went “like wtf where r we” i died but also made me think like wtf where tf r we😂💀💀💀💀💀💀

    36. ThatGirlCx x

      we need a new one

    37. Juju bee

      Same spot *aggressively point towards hell* Same grayson, same

    38. Olivia [] Besson [] Dolan

      6:36 gosh Grayson

    39. Olivia [] Besson [] Dolan

      1:21 the way Grayson says ‘dead’ had me ‘dead’

    40. mu

      Hmmm so u a cynic ein? Etah?

    41. Aaliyah Khan

      I think for your next tattoo you should get my face😌😌

    42. Emmy Stephens

      I didn’t know they had mouth tattoos

    43. Solomiia Skorokhod

      0:37 it looks like he Shaves his legs?

    44. Broooclinn Trash

      "The moon is just a floating ball in the sky"

    45. Cole Mcchesney

      I have a tattoo on my face of a penut cause i like nuts....

    46. emily

      *”i don’t matter, he doesn’t give a shit about me.”* that was so sad :(

    47. Beth M

      I’m not really into tattoos. Is that bad?

    48. Sian Thomas

      You guys make me laugh too much LOL😁😁

    49. alex randlett

      Professionnal dumbasses with such wisdom! Like your way of thinking guys!

    50. jaelynnn

      “AND THAT IS..ded”