What Is Our New Fandom Name!?!

Dolan Twins

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    We came up with a fandom name??
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    1. Jasmine Masters

      What about the Dolanares

    2. Jack Marcott


    3. butter_ baeee

      moist people 🙋‍♀️🤘🏽

    4. butter_ baeee

      I have one... guys🤔🙋‍♀️🤔

    5. butter_ baeee

      Hey team grethan we're back 😂🙋‍♀️🤔💙🔵💯

    6. Grethan Imagines

      Where are my bromiomies at?

    7. Aurora Ahah

      Why I fell like Grayson likes the name "daddy's girls"

    8. cerys sinclair

      you guys arent videospeos, youre more than that

    9. Reese Wisdom

      Lets be called bronomies

    10. Reese Wisdom

      1:45 Turtle man!!!!!!

    11. Sophia Villa

      6:32 LMAO “oH sHuT uP gRAy-” IM SORRY I DIEDDDD😂😂

    12. Andre'a Kirkpatrick

      "FaN nATiON"

    13. Emely Jimenez

      What about Dolan fam

    14. eman qaisieh


    15. Jill Mcgregor

      DT Sqaud

    16. Buggies world

      how about our name be guys

    17. Saraiah Macumber

      we are the bromie-omies 😂💕

    18. ASMR Sister

      I'm so glad that you guys are practically the only youtubers who thought about that

    19. Dance_life_ Hockey girl

      8:30 Ethan:We are the Dolanskippers! Me: Ok time to change my username😂

    20. male lmm

      ok but ethan looks fine af in this video

    21. Talise Noble

      Dolan Army is what we could be called ?????

    22. heyyitshayleyy

      "Grandma A"

    23. Kali Jones

      The tishes 😂

    24. Natalia Villasenor

      No we should be called sleep fuck. ahahahahha

    25. Madalyn Goff

      Dolan squad lol😘

    26. Samantha Medina

      the only names your fans and friends should have is there birth names love you guys 👌❤️

    27. Abiha Mirza

      I really like "daddy's girls" its nicee😏😉

    28. Paris Goss

      5:53 Grayson looks and sounds so cute but so uncomfortable at the same time😂❤️

    29. Paris Goss

      Ethan-"I think nephews is the closest we're gonna get" Also Ethan-"But Grayson's more of a daddy than an uncle if you ask me" Grayson-"oh shut the fudge up" 😊😊❤️❤️😊😊❤️❤️😊😊

    30. ponthea

      4:51 the italian accent JUMPED out of him

    31. An Unknown Girl

      Fuck i love u guyss

    32. iPhone User

      “How bout the Ethan Dolaner’s” Yes.

    33. Xx.dolanfan.12xX 1234

      I found 2 fandom names SizzlinDolans ChatTwins And finally LegendDolans That’s what I found

    34. Fuck A HOE!


    35. Angelita Brown


    36. Irha Key

      Ethan:"you guys are the..." Me:"the most beautiful and kind and amazing and talented people in the world! "

    37. Emma Is shooketh

      Aren’t we already “guys”?

    38. Carrie Colyer

      honestly, i liked "daddy's girls"

    39. Alisson Naranjo


    40. Brianna Leach

      We she be dolan nation

    41. Katy Sue TV

      1:45 turtle man strikes again



    43. Millie Walsh

      9:23 “ how about the Ethan Dolaners.” 🤔 sound familiar 😂😂❤️

    44. depressed star

      4:07 😂😂

    45. Bailey McLean

      4:53 the jersey accent there oh my god

    46. Sam Feliz

      This video is under rated

    47. BlueFace Jay

      4:13 - 4:20 🤣 why did I die laughing

    48. Ethan tea Suger

      İ mean *daddy’s girls* is good hehehe

    49. Cat Catastrophe

      I thought we were the bromieomies

    50. alexis Schmidt

      NEPHEWS E: 3:07 🤣