Wham! - I'm Your Man (Directors Cut) [Official Video]



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    Wham! - I'm Your Man (Official Video)
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    Call me good
    Call me bad
    Call me anything you want to baby
    But I know that you're sad
    And I know I'll make you happy
    With the one thing that you never had
    Baby, I'm your man (don't you know that?)
    Baby, I'm your man
    You bet!
    If you're gonna do it, do it right - right?
    Do it with me
    So good...
    You're divine
    Wanna take you, wanna make you
    But they tell me it's a crime!
    Everybody knows where the good people go
    But where we're going baby
    Ain't no such word as no!


    1. val wolsey

      George Michael. An icon. Always was. Always will be.

    2. Birute Grafinina

      💖🌼💖💖🌼I very love Wham!🌸I very love George Michael!😢He will always have a place in my hearth!💖Lithuania,2020march.

    3. James Brannon

      I'm your man

    4. Michael T

      I'm a straight guy, but my goodness, George Michael was one hell of a good looking man! He looks smoking hot in this video, and just oozed sexuality! The world is a lot sadder place for his passing, he was a beautiful, talented and gifted human being, and I will miss him, always.

    5. Robin Keiger

      I wish this man was still around!!! He was the best!!! Miss you George!!!

    6. D C'mon

      Always loved the hair, George was sexy. But that voice was like no other. Missing you and your incredible voice.

    7. LucasDef Billany

      oh that hair :-) miss him and his music

    8. Devin Mitchell


    9. Michael B


    10. kc 10er

      i always felt george was murdered for his music rights... like prince and michael jackson. rip george

    11. alison norcross

      Love it

    12. Gino Baiocco

      I think Wham brokeup too early. They're last music of the final album was turning into something for an audience more adult and even sounds rock. This song... the edge of heaven.... battlestation... where did your heart go... were really good. But Mr. Michael was already to make a big jump to the Olympus of the big RockPop Stars. He had already joined Motown big singers and went live with Superstars of that Age. I think Andrew who was just a mediocre guitarist anyway... couldn't have held up.

    13. Lee Bruce

      Legends never dies

    14. Vool2go

      "if you're gonna' do it! Do it right!" and the numbers 6 and 9 flash up lol

    15. Adrian Campbell

      I'm going back to the 80s🕐🕧🕛 you guys need anything📝📝📝📝<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="206">3:26</a> my favorite part

    16. Clara Ann Nelson

      I come here because of carpool karaoke. I'm officially George Michael fan.

    17. H. Perry Scott

      "if you gonna do it, do it right. " and he did it right, rip GM Who's here in 2019?😎

    18. Xterryqpe Lenrhj

      I love George's accent when he's chastising dude on the phone. I love that scene in this video Who's here in 2020.....I am Who elses wishes George Michael was still alive!

    19. Croninvgh Humbertotsp

      Who's here in 2020.....I am Who elses wishes George Michael was still alive! Who is listening And Watching That in 2019?

    20. Lisa W. Camp

      ANDREW'S LAUGH AT THE END THO Who's here in 2020.....I am I love George's accent when he's chastising dude on the phone. I love that scene in this video

    21. Reece Agar

      Can anyone else see the passion he puts in to his singing THE GOAL IS NOT TO LIVE FOREVER, THE GOAL IS TO CREATE SOMETHING THAT DOES. RIP LEGEND WE LOVE YOU His death has really pissed me off today.

    22. Sammie I. Terrell

      His death has really pissed me off today. I love George's accent when he's chastising dude on the phone. I love that scene in this video

    23. K. Schumacher James

      George was so hot in this video. I love George's accent when he's chastising dude on the phone. I love that scene in this video

    24. Robert B. Hulsey

      I love George's accent when he's chastising dude on the phone. I love that scene in this video Who elses wishes George Michael was still alive!

    25. Whitney Olson

      I wanna touch his hair... The World sucks now...... I want to go back to the 80's. THE GOAL IS NOT TO LIVE FOREVER, THE GOAL IS TO CREATE SOMETHING THAT DOES. RIP LEGEND WE LOVE YOU

    26. Pham Cao Nghiep

      Who's here in 2020.....I am Who elses wishes George Michael was still alive!

    27. Ava Van Adams

      I wish I was that tambourine slapping against those super sexy hips. He was so talented. If you read about him he played all the instruments on his albums. Sorry that he's gone.

    28. september simmons

      I love this song regardless what he was. Love it.

    29. J. Scott Devin

      His death has really pissed me off today. what a loss to the music world. fan of his since he debut with wham in the 80s rip sir gm Gay or not, I don't care, George Michael is gorgeous.

    30. Reagan Ward

      It is funny in the beginning

    31. Mr Sam

      We fans need 4k of all Wham and George Michael Videos Just like Last Christmas!!! Please!!!

    32. Rene L. Kirkpatrick

      Can anyone else see the passion he puts in to his singing George was so hot in this video. Who is here in 2020. ❤️ 💕 😎💯💯✔️

    33. Harold Sweathead

      Why is a man playing a jug? I can play the jug. Anyone want to hire me? I'm cheap.

    34. Amanda Donna Longhurst Jackson

      The memories! Had a major crush on Andrew as a teenager... Not bothered about him now.. But George will always have a place in my heart forever ❤️ When an oak tree is a sapling it needs a wooden stake to hold it firm against strong winds. This was Andrews role in yogs life... Then the tree grew into a massive oak tree and we are still resting under it. R. I. P. YOG X

    35. Polly Van Blaricom

      I LOVE George. So bad he's gone

    36. Gabriella Spurio


    37. William febles laracuente

      Marquee the temple of music history

    38. Frozen Lotus

      This was my favorite GM video, the one that made me get butterflies as a young pubescent girl hee hee

    39. Alex Murray

      Anyone else here after drag race uk finale?? Lol #StillTeamDivina

    40. Monster Mom

      My all-time favorite WHAM song ❤️ George is so sexy 😍👍 I'll never get tired of watching this video 😘 2020

    41. dawn burger

      I hope the man who looks like him comes back to me I pray

    42. Danielle Solomon

      Love Love Love

    43. Chinese Woman

      GM is too sexy, so hot for all woman. He is my man.😍😍😍

    44. Ντίνα Ντίνα

      Perfect song..

    45. Connie Byes

      I think he was lonely his whole life.

    46. Rebekah Clayburn Lewis

      Lol I wish he was my man lol LMFAO 😂 I take care him give him real love and happiness nothing else with out money cuz u can't buy love or happiness it comes from the heart

    47. Rebekah Clayburn Lewis

      I am and still kicking and alive I wish was here too but he's not he was wonderful singer and person

    48. Ted Soriano

      R.I.P : Mister GEORGIOS KYRIACOS PANAYIOTOU 1963 - 2016

    49. Elaine Lakin

      Call me good. Call me. Bad 🥰🥰🥰❤️💕

    50. Jayne Goddard


    51. Cheri Whitaker

      yes u r George

    52. Kati B

      This song still rocks..🌹

    53. Leslie May

      I don't watch this video very often,and I wonder why it's pretty cool,just finished Andrews book and I have to say I was a little disappointed I thought it would be better.But my poor George did he ever had a hard time,if only he could have admitted he was gay alot sooner he would have been so much happier.But that's on us societys stupid views.I sorry George that society let u down.We miss you You💋💞❣️💘

    54. The Champ

      Wham! Music never gets old ... been listening to it over 30 hrs and still love it

    55. Ingrid Johansson

      George Michael looks here exactly like my teenage crush. His name is George and is Greek as well. 💗💗💗💗

    56. Tim Farney

      His voice just made me happy...

    57. Joure-Ellex

      Jorge Miguel hahahahaha, guy is hilarious!!!! I got too kids hahahahah

    58. Lisa Venezia

      He is a beautiful being in every way. Heart n soul. God bless you sweet love 💋

    59. Tonio Miklo

      This has always been my favorite Wham's song. If you pay attention to all the variations there are in this song... It's basically 5 songs in one. Unparalleled song writing.

    60. sauquoit13456

      On this day in 1986 {January 18th} a video of "I'm Your Man" by Wham! was aired on the ABC-TV Saturday-afternoon program, 'American Bandstand'... At the time "I'm Your Man" was at position #12 on Billboard's Top 100 chart, two weeks later it peaked at #3* {for 2 weeks}, and it spent eighteen weeks on the Top 100... It reached #1 on the United Kingdom's Singles chart... Between 1983 and 2019 the English duo had thirteen records on the Top 100 chart, six made the Top 10 with three reaching #1, "Wake Me Before You Go-Go" for 3 weeks in November of 1984, "Careless Whisper" for 3 weeks in February of 1985, and "Everything She Wants" for 2 weeks in May of 1985 Besides their three #1 records, their other three Top 10 records were "Freedom" {#3 in 1985}, The Edge of Heaven" {#10 in 1986}, and the above "I'm Your Man"... * And from the 'For What It's Worth' department, the two weeks that "I'm Your Man" was at #3, the #2 record for those two weeks was "Burning Heart" by Survivor, and the #1 record was "That's What Friends Are For" by Dionne and Friends...

    61. maestro h

      Nothing. Nothing tops the way this song lifts my spirits. Thank you George, we still love you

    62. luna semplice


    63. Ted Soriano

      Goodbye The Wham’s : Mister Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou & Mister Andrew John Ridgeley

    64. judgejudyrocks1

      Who is guy on the bongo drum?

    65. Tatinator Terminitor

      Ooooo, If you gonna doo it whith me😧

    66. Maria Nimis

      I love George and his humor

    67. gooberz19

      Best vocalist ever. Love this George and Boy George too!

    68. Diane Moody

      Who is here in 2020. ❤️ 💕 😎💯💯✔️

      1. Dennis Dennehy

    69. Lucy Matilda

      Dead or alive George will always be our fuckin no.1 man😢🥰

    70. Mike Clements

      Jimmy Somerville in the audience

    71. Тина Тиночка


    72. i s

      In fact, I hope if God agrees to give my life to George Michael to make him alive again because he deserves life and because he was so giant. Greetings from Amman.

    73. wilmarobertson


    74. Patxi Garrido Delgado

      The song is dedicated actress Brooke Shields 👏

    75. nicolotte sheridan

      Always been addicted to George. Saw Wham Sept 1st 1985 in Oakland Ca. Still love them Jan 2020 ❤

    76. Val cantu

      Who's here in 2020.....I am

      1. Ruth Lawrence

        Val cantu I DEFINITELY AM !!! Absolutely fabulous song, has to be one of WHAM'S best , fantastic lyrics everybody enjoying themselves. LOVE LOVE FROM AUSTRALIA, 🇦🇺💟💛💜💚💖🕶❤💋💋10.02.2020

      2. Ruth Buckingham

        Me. Luv this song. Gorgeous gorgeous George!! ❤️😍💕😪🎄

      3. Peaky Blinder


      4. Sonya Ataou


      5. Sonia Phillips

        Yes, so thankful for the beautiful music , this amazing man left behind for all of us to ienjoy! What a truly amazing man and a truly gifted artist!❤️

    77. Katerina Nicolaou

      3 years on and I miss George so much 😞💔

    78. Jenna

      At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="77">1:17</a> I love that ohhh it’s just cool lol 💞

    79. Jenna

      When George is using that tamberine thing tho that’s great I always watch this <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="84">1:24</a> over and over again to see that bit

      1. Clive Bindley


      2. Delma Barrera

        Jenna turns me on every time. Loved him then, still love him today!!!!!

    80. Johnny Cordoba

      Who is watching in 2020!