We Tested VIRAL TikTok Life Hacks... **MIND BLOWING** (Part 3)

FaZe Rug

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    Another life hack video! We tested to see if these tiktok life hacks are real or fake.. The results were so cool!
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    1. FaZe Rug

      150K LIKES FOR PART 4!! LET’S GO

      1. Syn BBlueGreninja

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      2. Diego Escalante

        The controller life hack was my idea

      3. a08soccer 03

        You needed viniger and it will actually bounce

      4. Ismail Malik

        154k likes, whens part 4????

      5. Owen Wallace

        FaZe Rug where the heck is part 4

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      you can go and make part 4 lol

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      Hello tug I love you

    6. Milkyboy 204

      Life hack 7 sometimes works 12:36

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      Give me my $

    8. Al Yan

      Life hack #8 is supposed to be viniger

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      $100 for me

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      your the best

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      Part 4

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      I love your video

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      May i have 100 euro

    16. Zara Banaras

      your meant to use vinegar instead of zero coke

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      3:16 did anyone catch what he said 😂

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      ?? 0:44 ❤ ? ? ? ??

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      Legends say that she put a dent in a Mercedes

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      Hey faze

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      You're the only best

    26. WS JT

      Really I hope it works

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    28. Gavin the Ostrich

      The controller one doesn’t work

    29. Matt

      Is it just me or do you call 'flat irons' 'hair straighteners'

    30. RANI Zvlo

      But it was not from the ‏ Life hack it was from my cousin

    31. RANI Zvlo

      I already know the PS for controller life back because I am done at once on my iPad and it worked

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    34. og-clan-on Ytmsg

      Rug you are amazing

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    36. GarduminsLv

      looked like a hard video ;)

    37. Extreme.

      You used the same life hacks Brennen used

    38. Kayden Kee

      3.20 there is no pope

    39. Steven Ortez

      Can you give 777 dollars

    40. Jaden Lathrop

      Nope did not work

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      What is your call of duty mobile name

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      faze rug da beast

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      rug: so if u ever have a dollar and u wanna make it look crisp. proceeds to use 20 dollars

    48. tripp global

      me wondering: how tf do people think of these life hacks

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    50. SwavyFN

      12:32 the rubik’s cube has to be solved first

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      Your name is brian??

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      Do you have a TikTok account?

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    57. I am the next ree kid

      The egg one try it with vinger

    58. I am the next ree kid

      The controller one with the ps4 controller xbox one had it long ago

    59. Haydon Allan saunders

      I love faze rug

    60. Aryan K. R

      The rubic cube hack works bro I tried it many times in my childhood