We Swapped Credit Cards For A Day

Dolan Twins

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    We finally got our own bank accounts so we decided to swap credit cards for the day... here's what we bought with each others money... lolol
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    1. bubblestudy

      Every other 2 minute long intro: Hey GUYS WELCOME BACK YATTA YATTA YATTA YA.... giveaway with my favorite stationary and a MAC BOOK PRO!!!! Just like this vid and comment #yayfamgiveaway and subscribe and hit the bell! Like me on tumblr too! The Dolan Twins: Hey (hey) guys! Welcome back- yeah guys. DUDE I WAS TALKING!!! Whatever... So today we are switching credit cards.... I need to sneeze....

    2. Kristen Miller

      Okay but robot vacuums are exactly fantastic and a great purchase lol

    3. Rita Weddle

      Idk why grayson is complaining about what Ethan got as grayson spent 500 dollars on a toaster!? Like WTF

    4. awfully good


    5. Anto Nicolau

      Gray: I'm tired of your irresponsible spending Ethan Ethan: I don't spend irresponsibly!!

    6. Haillie Jade

      I have the t-rex and unicorn sprinkler because my little sister wined and cried for me to buy them for her

    7. Peep gang Peep gang

      You guys are not stupid

    8. Erin McGlade

      Who’s says Ethan’s name at 24:53? Is it his mom?

    9. Sydney Nakas

      i have that toaster...

    10. Life with Amber

      18:10 Grayson has a tooth gem diamond thingy

    11. No chicken nuggets

      20:15 who started laughing until they cried 😂 like if you did ⬇️

    12. Hayleigh Hadsell

      I kinda want that toaster ngl

    13. Abbyy_R 08

      The panther was more icy than Graysons old bedazzled iPhone 😂

    14. King Kwon

      it does not take 4:22 to intro a video

    15. B my Gf

      my childish self wanted to play in that pool 😎

    16. B my Gf

      Do you feel the *POWER* ? *DO YOU FEEL THE POWER* !

    17. Sienna Angus

      lmao i'm dyingggg

    18. Hiba OUANICHE

      ethan your 24K for 1990$ is sooooooo cool

    19. Huncho-Z

      E shoulda kept on buying vaccums😂😂😂😂

    20. Chris McMahon

      In the first round Grayson should’ve gotten a butt load of cartons of milk 😂

    21. Yael Heimann

      Is it just me or are the Dolan Twins really hot?!?! Make this (👍) blue if you agree with me?!?!?!

    22. Star Light Gacha


    23. leah farrugia

      Ethan why did you spend $59 for a $500 limit Grayson your so lucky you have a awesome brother!!!! I wish I went to your wherehouse and went on a shopping spree. I live in Australia in perth?. Love you guys seen you in next vid.👋👋💯💯💓💓😘😘

    24. imperial cado

      ethAN deADAS spends without any fuckING thOiuGHT DHDXH

    25. imperial cado

      i'll just fucking get the front row tickets to a concert lmao thats all

    26. Mari Rainbow

      Grayson about the 500 dollar limit: Can you just stay like nice and below the limit. Ethan: (does that and buys 60 dollar sprinkler) Grayson: (does the opposite and buys 420 dollar toaster))

    27. Dani Kissinger

      20:42 my dream pool

    28. abby

      i love y’all

    29. Da Bananananana

      Milk frother

    30. Zara Joe

      Ethan: I dont spend irresponsibly grayson spends grays money on fighting vacuums

    31. emily triem

      HOw MucH iS iT EtHan!?

    32. Ava McMillin

      I finally can like ur videos I’ve been watching u and finally got an account!!!!! So happy 🤪👌👌

    33. Cletus_ AndBuddies

      Grayson is the best

    34. Kate Dmuchowski

      Who else wanted to go in the water park 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    35. Shantel Mabuza

      I like how Greyson always gets angry at what Ethan buys.. Y'all so cute

    36. joanne ryu

      i just realized that ethan makes a whole ordeal about eating dairy and he says how it messes up his skin and stuff like that but his favorite food is a pineapple pizza which has cheese on it and cheese is dairy... lol not hate just saying

    37. Cyierra Lloyd-Davila

      I literally struggled to breath I was laughing so hard when Grayson started to at the end

    38. Paige MJC

      So. This just proved Ethan DOES spend irresponsibly.

    39. Rose Fall

      can i have the extra vacuum

    40. Tobias Dont matter

      I’ve gotta admit, another robo vacuum would have been hilarious 😂😂

    41. salata overdoze


    42. Mackenzie Smith

      Greyson “let me put some TOAST in the toaster oven”😂

    43. miaya _3

      That robot vacuum contest was the saddest thing I have ever seen😂

    44. Lizette Short

      As a Mom of 6..4 grown and two young kids I cringed watching you two spend like that! The best things were the useful ones like the robo vacuum and the toaster. Those two things can cut down on house work and cooking! You can make a lot of great meals in that while the robot cleans your floors and carpets.

    45. Sukhwinder Dhillon


    46. Gaby delmar

      They called me poor in 60 different languages.

    47. The Daily Rokit

      I WeNt To tHE saMe cOsTCo

    48. Caitlin Roux

      Why doesn't Ethan eat dairy?

    49. Julia Marie

      If I did this challenge you’d find me in Gucci the whole time 😂😂😂😂

    50. Kiara Dorrell

      They practically spent there own money 💰 😂