We Fought Over A Girl...

Dolan Twins

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    What do you hear?
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    1. Adriana Mostoghiu

      Yaurelle is what I heard the first time he played it then Yerry then at the end I heard Laurelle

    2. Adriana Mostoghiu

      Lol at the beginning I heard Yerry

    3. Esperanza Contreras


    4. Esperanza Contreras

      Srry earth and I hear yanny

    5. IOS NeenjAH

      I was so happy that merrell twins were in this I love there "runner runner song" And I hear laurel not yanny

    6. keilea johnson

      Im with ethan its loral

    7. Layla

      Am I the only one who here's *Yanny*

    8. me me

      bros before hoes became twins before girls lmaooo

    9. insane kaity

      I hear laurel

    10. Mariah Rose


    11. Emmaxmarie

      I heard laurel

    12. Katie M

      Ok but why is this really smart.....?

    13. Priscila Garcia

      So are we not gonna talk about how at 3:40 grayson looks like that possessed girl from scary movie 2 😂💀 (not hating I love the dolan twins)

    14. Isabella Kahn

      How does this recording work. It is so interesting

    15. Isabella Kahn

      I hear Yanny

    16. Valentina Abad

      I hear Laurel

    17. bughead 0918

      Am I the only one who thinks it is Yammy instead of Yanny?

    18. Hannah Avinger


    19. Jessalyn Garza

      For Emma right

    20. Alyssa Morfin

      3:20 your welcome

    21. Gabi Woods

      I hear yanny

    22. Violet Beukemann

      i here yanny

    23. Evan Chau

      3:20 the way the *slap* sounded lolol

    24. Madelyn Bickerstaff


    25. Olivia Kazeem

      Lmaooooo the way Grayson said Oz"açai"

    26. designing with haram

      I can hear laurel

    27. Malorie Rodriguez


    28. Zaira Jewel

      Well um I thought 💭 they were gonna wear wigs lol

    29. Harley Ra

      I can hear both

    30. lauren gracce singings

      that was really funny🤣🤣🤣🤣i hear laurel

    31. Ricardo Garcia

      Its both mix together yhats why

    32. Lomani .c

      ITS YANNY!!!!I don't understand how it's Laurel?

    33. Olivia Mauracia

      About a year ago, I heard Laurel once, then like a second later, I heard Yanny. I've heard Yanny ever since.

    34. Jaiden McKenna


    35. - PineappleDolan

      I hear yanny and sometimes yerry

    36. Mackenzie D

      I can hear both lol. It switches between the two

    37. Ellen Roblozz


    38. Alondra Zavala

      I heard laurel

    39. Lps KrystalCat

      I hear Yanny 100%

    40. Seahorse Queen

      I hear yanny

    41. Alesha Pilmer

      I hear YANNY I try so hard and I can still hear YANNY

    42. Samantha Murphy

      Who hears laurel

    43. Song Pictures

      I heard Yanny the first time Ethan was playing the clip but when it went to Grayson, I heard Laurel

    44. Zoe Wheatley

      Grayson at 5:10 is hilarious 🤣

    45. Adelailah and alyssa

      I hear yanny

    46. Sam Samawi

      I hear Laurel

    47. Typical Keira

      I hear both

    48. Georgia de Man

      I hear laurel

    49. Ęłłîē B

      Yanny not Hannah

    50. Ęłłîē B

      I hear Hannah more often but I can change to laurel sometimes