WE CAN'T LOSE NOW! Unturned Funny Moments!



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    Day 2 of surviving...We're starting to get really, really hungry.
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    1. Daniela Juhmane

      Funneh. Vat dis game sauc

    2. The Donut Birds

      i got mad when she started drinking the last water and food when she had 100%

    3. Brittany Hodges

      YOUR GOING TO DIE. plus like if you are whashing this in 2020

    4. princewill nah

      Can you play PK XD

    5. neilsa neeson

      Ok bommer

    6. Emily Delauney

      Funnel: kills lunar lunar: I hate you funnel: drinks water

    7. Emily Delauney

      It’sfunneh I love THIS. your my favorite youtuber

    8. Marian Gonzalez

      i love you fuunneh your the best

    9. Fluffy Wolf

      To take the bread for you self

    10. Fluffy Wolf

      That was selfish draco

    11. Keira Saqilla

      Hehe rainbow don't have a skirt

    12. BabySM Shop

      Also your dead☠☠💀

    13. BabySM Shop

      i like you itsfunneh i really really like you😍😍😘♥️♥️♥️

    14. Alicia Ortega

      how many people like funnel

    15. Alicia Ortega

      how many people like funnel

    16. moyperro1

      I love you videos can you make more

    17. Kai Tam

      Oh my gosh On that part everyone looks Dead

    18. PJ Chen

      [ OF]

    19. PJ Chen

      u guys shoud kick draco and rainbow out te the team draco shot and killed u at the end of the vid and rainbow hited u like almost the end of the vid but ya didnt die :D hehehe MUHAHAHAHA lol

    20. Felicia Easley

      Me:I can help you funneh:ok me: yay

    21. Dylan Jazean

      Draco: I'm selfish

    22. Charlie Thomas


    23. Francisco Luna

      funneh can you make more unturned videos pls

    24. cia chanel

      Luner sunks 😐

      1. cia chanel

        And deraco is wers

    25. Sisters EverAfter

      Funneh:this stuff is all bad. Me:You and the krew are bad at this game!

    26. Omni Wansley

      hello darkness my old friend to the zombies

    27. Quinn Recame


    28. AC Shoffner

      Funneh you are my favorite GEselsr! Your amazing!

    29. adrianplayz -Roblox

      Play some more unturned pls

    30. LUNA_ Foxy girl


    31. Bernice Pritchett

      I hate you rainbow nd draco

    32. Laura Vient

      Funneh:*eats all the food and drinks all the drinks* Me:* raging*

    33. I am AYA GAMING!

      I wish I was like you funneh

    34. Mayra Delgado

      Rainbow is a betrayer funneh: rainbow is out on us she’s planing something lol

      1. Braulia Reyes

        um Maybe

    35. Aɪᴋᴏ Kᴏᴢᴜᴍɪ

      I have played this game before! My brother told me to try it.

    36. Kossiwa Tchalla

      Your the best i wish yoy read my commet on tv

    37. Janet Rubio

      Or should I say zombie pig

    38. Janet Rubio

      Funneh stop eating the food you will turn into a pig

    39. Shaquita Dickerson

      i love the krew my name is zacarii my roblox name is zacarii11345

    40. anthony de sagun

      Your not gonna die I'm believing in you all

    41. Arif AAT

      I win avange funneh ill ban them

    42. Brxant J


    43. Milan Mathias

      Draco is a traitor

    44. Dr. Shively Smith

      Draco you I hate you your just mean

    45. Sandra Flores Sorto

      It was a good thing that draco the (The Toast Tiger that is) couldn’t escape earlier because the window was baracated thanks to funneh

    46. Ibnutaufan Wuz

      Destroiye derako

    47. Mod Piwluang


    48. Anne Patricio


    49. Monica Lemos


    50. Monica Lemos

      Lunar: GET on

    51. Monica Lemos

      funneh: ok guy's is time to go home

    52. Bella Cabrera

      Funny you didn’t die in this video we watching it🤟🏻

    53. Nolan Black

      Draco is mine booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    54. Luke Whitaker

      play more unturned plz

    55. Arelys Rodriguez

      Can you come to New Orleans in

    56. Terron Wilson


    57. Terron Wilson


    58. ̊ Sugar ̊

      Make day 3! I love this series

    59. Genevieve Gilmore

      happy new year!

    60. Ryan waz here

      Dracula out the group