Watching Our First Ever Videos (Bob and Rob Season 3)

Dolan Twins

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    Bob and Rob are back, older, and more mature...
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    1. Vargas Family

      Is it weird that my birds name is tico

    2. Harneet Kaur

      We ArE iN hEaVeN aNd We LiKe To PeE iN oUr PaNtS

    3. Maddison P

      0:01 you can see the hot peppers on the bed 😂🌶

    4. Betty jug v arch Is my world

      Season 4

    5. E K

      We are in heaven and we like to pee in our pants 👖

    6. Bee Boop


    7. Monica Gonzalez

      7:35 why did he jump on it like that it made it funnier because of the wig

    8. Monica Gonzalez

      at 2:48 he said three episodes but held up four fingers

    9. Ellie H

      The twins being extra for 8 minutes straight

    10. Goat Simulator

      5:55 I swallowed

    11. Sheeda Rose

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 j’ai tellement rigolé

    12. Taliah Duplessis

      i love how when the disc shows up, the theme music plays 😂😂

    13. Halogirl92 _

      When Grayson said are you Ethan Dolan... I felt that tho

    14. Things By Sofia

      the crunch when they ate the pepper s was like wowow

    15. Things By Sofia

      4:15 the crunch was satisfying

    16. Things By Sofia

      this is how many people don’t care what year u watched this in: ⬇️

    17. little_ escimo

      Who's wondering where Ethans tounge piercing went?!?!?!

    18. Sophia Loiselle

      October 10 2017 Gray-my ears are in my shoulders

    19. Trinity Delima

      0:07 anyone else sleep like that as a baby lmao

    20. Valjeca

      7:42 😂😂 “vroom vroom wIEEEEEE” “nOOOOOooOoOoOo”

    21. Valjeca

      how extra was that intro tho 💀

    22. Marissa Kinney

      The poor parakeet; I had one, that one looked terrified. Love u guys tho

    23. turtle_man 101

      E and gray back then when they were younger they kinda looked Asian 😆

    24. voices matter

      that poor bird what the fuck was that my cring meter went up so fucking high that i fell from a tree.and yes i was watchingon the balcony of a treehouse my dog literaly cringed so hard it started to squeal

    25. Unheolysspirit_

      5:21 i actually snorted out my water and chocked on it i-

    26. ambrosia toay


    27. Today I’m Doing

      First part almost like a horror movie

    28. peterwitch

      1:26 left me speechless they’re gorgeous

    29. Lily Castillo

      7:13....i just can't..the whole time ethan is me

    30. Lily Castillo

      5:55 I just cant

    31. Lily Castillo

      6:09 when ethan say [email protected]!K he looked a little different. . .😳

    32. Lily Castillo

      7:26 is literally me when me and my sister have been fighting and I dont wanna hear her no more so I disrupt everything she says...i watched this part FREAKIN 200 tines I cannot stop stomache hurts so bad😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    33. Lily Castillo

      5:55 all the noises had me dead😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀

    34. Lily Castillo

      0:42 is so funny because when the camera faces the CD again ethans feet are all twisted and grays is the other way..😂 2019 anyone else😊😊😊

    35. curby . wurby

      2:13 HAHAHA LOOK AT GRAY idk if hes scared or didnt finish what he was gonna say

    36. Kerry M

      The intro was so cool

    37. kaia sullivan

      “are you ethan dolan” i may have ugly laughed a little

    38. Paige Cooper


    39. g e n n y g

      my only question is that how didn’t that disc scratch?

    40. Danna Morales

      3:52 I used to have a bird that looked exactly like her:))

    41. Latasha Moodley

      0:43 I died, their feet positions 😂

    42. Keelin Wallace


    43. Sami EDITS

      " My Ears Just Ate My Shoulders " - Grayson Dolan 2017

    44. imtoohappy

      *we are in heaven and we like to pee in our pants*

    45. nathalie 2311

      How can they tell witch is witch

    46. SaniyaTrinity

      It gave me anxiety when they didn’t say peace at the very end 🥺

    47. Hannah Jabiro

      everytime ethan eats a pepper he eats the seeds which are the hottest part. 🤦🏼‍♀️

    48. paige greer

      why did i find 5:53 so funny

    49. Nate Lamipeti

      Hahahahahahah thats you guys and you guys are funny when you watch bob and rob and it was Funny love you guys and pes out dolan twins love your bob and rob love you bye

    50. random me