Vocal Coach/Musician Reacts: DEMI LOVATO Anyone Live At The Grammy's 2020

Nina Schofield

Nina Schofield

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    Wow wow wow! What can I say about this performance except she gave us her entire soul? What do you think of Demi Lovato performing her new single Anyone at The Grammy's 2020?
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    Watch the lyric video here: gesels.info/video/video/h56li8ybo6aWzmI.html
    Watch the vertical video here: gesels.info/video/video/p8mFsqi1k5iSpHs.html
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    1. Edwin Semidey

      Great performance and Song hats off to her. We all have issues just different degrees.

    2. Uechi Ryuk

      ...I feel stupid when i sing....nobody's listening to me.... feels so real and raw, deeply feel this song. What a beautiful performance. Music has always lifted me up, I hope she is doing well. Peace everyone

    3. Smarty The Pants

      No soul ever born has been above humanity. We're all human and we all require love. I've never heard a more moving performance.

    4. About Facts

      If I was God, I would certainly hear every word Demi sang in this raw, powerful performance.

    5. Joop Berkhout

      This song does'nt need a review.

    6. Kylie Goodnight

      Thanks Nina all I can say is WOW and it's so good to see her back God Bless her for that song

    7. mrrandom45

      Demi will always be my hero she helped me get through bullying when the school didn’t do anything about it i fell in love with her music

    8. Edgardo Paredes

      Nina.. .reacciona con una de #Tini Argl🇦🇷 Saludos 🌿

    9. James Fluker

      Honestly, I love this performance so much. I don't think it's the best song in the world, but it's such a carthatic release. I love Demi, and I love hearing her sing her truth - no matter how raw and brutal it is.

    10. YourFan

      Really want to see you reacting to camila singing first man live at the Grammys

    11. Mary Ciraso

      That morning Kolbe Bryant died and she knew him along with her other pain...I'm sure it all came to a head...She did an emotional Masterpiece!

    12. Swathi Samyuktha


    13. Liemwel Cuison

      i almost cried while listening...all the emotion all the pain...i can relate...i can feel...luv u demi...

    14. Kayla Mc

      To think that we almost lost this beautiful soul, I’m so glad she is returning to music and her music and her life has had a huge impact. I know that her album is going to be 🔥. I missed her voice so much, it’s so fire. I am a huge fan of hers and this is such an epic and honest comeback for her. She has always been so open in her songs and about her life, addiction to relationships, I have such a huge respect for her. Her voice has been underestimated and it is so authentic and real. Thank you for doing this.

    15. Bayron Pena


    16. Ford Talk

      She did the whitney houstons cover of the athem and did an amazing job.

    17. Rudolf Lutsch

      I think her closest friends didn’t realized how much she struggles when it was recorded. Her being an actress and a singer I guess they saw in her like. Wow u r so talented and this song ismgonna sky rocket. But nobody was filtering the truth. Now a lot of them will be filtered by her. Good girl. Bravo. Absolutely stunning

    18. Scott Hoffmaster

      And.. im crying again! im a gruff 48 year old married man with a 14 year old and just watched her sing this before stopping here. I was balling then as i am now! That was one of the most powerful and beautiful performances i have ever seen! completely love what you have to say as well! Completely secure im my masculinity and proud that my heart is open enough to feel this the way she wanted people to!

    19. Pauline Eversole661

      Truly an amazing song thanks Demi Lovato

    20. Kelly Sheridan


    21. Moon

      Thank you for your amazing review

    22. Meghna Vikram

      Can you please react to Camilla Cabello’s Grammy performance of First man??

    23. devita krysta

      music is back. Periodt

    24. CharlesMcneill VEVO

      Every singer from the Grammys was so good

    25. Linda Dahl

      Please react to this GOLDEN BUZZER on Sweden’s got Talent 🤩 gesels.info/video/video/gNinjZScqnZ-uoM.html

    26. Kurt Reyes

      React to Ariana's performance in GRAMMYs!!

    27. LittleMix Lyrics

      Please do Taya smith songs!!

    28. Skallia Ray

      I had the same reaction when i watched it for the first time myself. When she stopped i was like COME ON GIRL, YOU GOT THIS! YOU CAN DO THIS!! ughhhh i just want to like hug this girl. She keeps coming back with a force, but i do worry about her. My brother was a drug addict and honestly i think i feel a human to human connection to her through that. I don't even care she is Demi Lovato i just want her to know she is worthy as a human being first and foremost.

    29. Aizen Kendra

      Hey coach can you react to Sam Mangubat sing Secrets? gesels.info/video/video/YtWVgpW5k4eZ1ak.html His vibrato has a unique vibrato and also do an analysis of his voice

    30. Tamra Jean

      I wrote this song in response to Demi Lovato’s song Anyone, I pray it blesses those who hear it it’s called “someone” gesels.info/video/video/gZqdkMjMnKOM26U.html

    31. Podéis llamarme Angie

      Can you please send that performance video to me? It's blocked in my country

    32. Podéis llamarme Angie

      Can you please send that performance video to me? It's blocked in my country

    33. Ivy Lynn

      I am so mind blown at this amazing performance. The first time I listened I fixated on the lyrics and wanted to shout Demi I am listening!!! I am right here! I hate that she has ever felt this way when she gives us so much. Moving, chilling just no words.

    34. Heida

      I'm not a singer but I can barely talk when I'm crying so I can't even imagine how hard this must've been. She let it all out and didn't hold anything back.

    35. Clarissa. Soeiro

      react to Ariana's performance as well please ♡

    36. Abraham Jesse

      What the actual fock

    37. Simmer Pete

      She wrote 4 days before we almost lost her. So if you have anything negative to say bout it in the comments you don’t have a soul. 💔. Love Demi ❤️

    38. Sef Mhyll

      ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

    39. John Abbott

      How did you not cry watching that... like the rest of us did?

    40. Brenton Wolf

      That was the best Grammy performance ever.

    41. FaFa Lucy

      Hello , I don't know if you ever listened Portuguese music style Fado, I do recommend you to do it ( whatch it till the end). It's about emigration, unfortunately it's a big part of our culture. Maybe you could react to it if you want to 😊😉 gesels.info/video/video/hZh7qZHYh5yU0Xs.html

      1. Joana Alves

        @FaFa Lucy bom fim de semana

      2. FaFa Lucy

        @Joana Alves de nada, bom fim de semana 😊

      3. Joana Alves

        @FaFa Lucy obrigada 😉 vou ver/ouvir 😊😊

      4. FaFa Lucy

        @Joana Alves gesels.info/video/video/f851g7SqZqmAqYc.html É isto foi em 2012😮, in case e warrior tb são muito boas

      5. Joana Alves

        @FaFa Lucy ascendência 😏😏 tuga sim já li 😊 É muito boa cantora sim. Tenho estado a ouvir outras musicas e wow estou sem palavras 😊

    42. ilythia

      I have to admit... I have never really listened to any of her songs, but I remember reading about her life almost ending and I felt the need to listen to this song. My god what a message she delivers. And what an instrument she is. She has a new fan from now on. I kinda feel stupid not giving her much attention. I actually shed a tear and I have watched the original without reaction so many times now. I wish her the best and I thank her with all my heart for open up for all of us. She doesn't do it for fame - she does it for herself and a massive amount of other people. Be kind to one another and if someone reaches out for you - help them!

    43. Bet 365

      she is slightly out of tune on few parts, but anyway excellent live performance

    44. kevin ospina

      Please react to Ariana's performance at the Grammys

    45. Dalizia Demke

      Are you still going to react to the Sweetener Tour Live Album (K, bye for now)?

    46. Randal Taft

      Anyone else have goosebumps from start to finish? This song personally touches my heart in many ways

    47. Vinícius Ferreira

      Can we appreciate the blessing that it is we having Demi actually singing this song? How terrifying would it be if we lost her and then they released the lyrics to this "cry for help"? Puts things into perspective to me, and makes me appreciate life a lot more.

    48. Narginnio Rojer

      she is the besr period

    49. Melissa - W

      i’m so proud of demi. she’s gonna be singing the national anthem at the super bowl too!

    50. Sally Davis

      I want her to know that I wish that I could have held her when she felt so gone. I have felt that way, and it's a feeling of pain where your soul feels gone. It's like pain so bad that you can't feel anything and you know deep down that it's a run away train thru hell in a bottle and isolation from being an alcoholic holds you hostage from all things good! Demi, I give good strong mom hugs. I WOULD HUG YOU SO MUCH IF I COULD!

    51. Ty

      I’m not a huge fan of her and some of the things she says about others. I’m a huge Swiftie and Taylor and Demi aren’t exactly friends, but one thing Demi knows how to do is PERFORM and MASTER a song. This was absolutely stunning and incredible and one of the best performances I’ve ever seen of anyone anywhere at anyplace.

    52. elsa elsa

      I was listening this music until 3:am in the morning over and over again I was crying like crazy it's just an amazing music thanku Demi love you

    53. Violet Phoenix

      I cry every time I hear this

    54. Nat Cat

      Whether or not you can relate to Demi's issues personally, everyone has felt that sense of hopelessness before. Everyone has wanted to scream and cry out for help but not known how to do that. Beautiful lyrics and a beautiful performance. So much emotion!

    55. Hxm00n_light

      Ok but the "I feel stupid when I sing" hits way too differently y'all, my heart sinks everytime I heard that part.

    56. Ced Chim

      Loved this reaction. Pls react to Ariana's 🤗

    57. Susan Morris

      I wish people would shut up about Arianna because she is nowhere the person, singer, or soul that demi is.

    58. loumarlaria

      Can you react to Miley Cyrus Vmas performance of Slide away?

    59. Anda Gail Andreu

      I loved it. I played it in my mind at work today.

    60. RebelHeartt RebelHeartt

      This is Demi bearing her soul my heart breaks for this poor woman and what shes been through 🤍.... This song is absolutely beautiful the vocals are a whole other level...great review 🤍⭐🤍