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Mateusz M

Mateusz M

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    Eric Thomas:
    Will Smith: WillSmith
    Lindsey Stirling: lindseystirlingmusic
    Sylvester Stallone and Greg Plitt
    (00:35) Ludovico Einaudi: Nuvole Bianche
    (05:37) Steve Jablonsky: Battle
    (09:04) Steve Jablonsky: I'm Just the Messenger
    (09:43) Steve Jablonsky: It's Our Fight
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    1. Abraham PA

      I came here to see that girl on the thumbnail... Sad I missed her..but fuck yeah..I got highly motivated.💪

    2. vandyck95

      soy gay

    3. Deep Mirani

      bro I have been waiting for a new video from you for years now. I don't know where you are, but you have made amazing videos. Hopefully we'll get to see something from you soon.

    4. M maher

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2">0:02</a> what´s the name of the movie?

    5. Danial Sadiq

      What's the name of the violinist in the video?

      1. Dawn C

        Lindsey Stirling : )

    6. Jonathan Almarez

      I want to beat the shit out of that art teacher. Useless prick

    7. Nicholas Cheap

      Screw you hv- 19 ! or whatever tha fuck....

    8. Kite Games

      Whenever You Find yourself On The Side Of The Majority, it Is Time To Pause And Reflect.

    9. Zarbas Geo

      If nobody believe in you, I believe in you.i have seen miracles happen.

    10. Baba Black sheep

      I’m going to do this. Even if no one else sees it for me...I must see it for myself.

    11. Lyndon Johnson

      Fuck piers morgan.

    12. Son Lee

      My mom got really sick when I was 13, I was abused by the people that I was left to be raised by, when I turned 22 she died. I watch this from time to time when I can't breath and it helps me see the future... What life can be if I just embrace life and what has been given to me to learn. What I can show people who have had it worse or just like me, and I thank you for making this because I've been watching it for about 3 years now and I thank you because most days none of it makes sense, and it helps me remember there is a reason for it all...

    13. watching failure

      Ten days ago I joined a gym, I lift weights twice a day, Walk 7 miles a day. My whole attitude and out look has completely changed . Only you can change your life. You have to decide.

    14. Taga Way

      Ok but around <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="270">4:30</a> that teacher was unnecessarily mean.

    15. İlker Acar

      I have a problem i dont have a dream i only have a feel of responsibility for me and my family just that. That just keeps me going only a feel of responsibility towards my family and my brother

    16. E

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="471">7:51</a> .... douchbags

    17. Life is beautiful

      Thank you for beeing by my side at my toughest moments in this life Everytime I feel like quiting I watch this it's been 5 years since I'm watching this but it never loose its effect 😢

    18. Sevda

      4 years...Came here after 4 years with my dream.Together.I made it. You can do it too my friends...Just keep goin!

    19. Zaki Ess

      I got goosebumps when i saw Eminem 😭

    20. Lucas Fernandes

      The collapse of the wave function (Quantum Mechanics) is more powerful than visualizing your goals. . Those who understand how to collapse the wave function reach their goals much faster. . I suggest you look it up on Google. Big hug, guys and girls!

    21. Respi

      Where’s the scene of the kid painting from ?

    22. Matthew Hoke

      I hope that everyone that said that they WOULD, made their move and eventually DID. /\_Ekoh Sol_ /\ - Jan 1 2020 1357 hrs Peace, Love and Harmony

    23. M3M3 Life

      this came up in my recommended and I remembered watching it and I'm watching it again now and damn...

    24. Cker

      This vid changed my life. I make a point to rewatch it every now and then to remind myself.

    25. Jaybriel Akoi

      I’ve watched this video hundreds of times.

    26. Carlett Badenhorst Project CB Please watch and subscribe! We all need vision for 2020. May you run this year with Hope, passion, faith grace and kindness. When you are running the 2020 journey, don't try and run it alone. Run this journey with Jesus to be your focus, your center in every day living. What is your vision for 2020? Write it out, proclaim it, speak it, declare it! Your words have power to create what is in line for your purpose.

    27. Poor Boi

      Eric Thomas is a great speaker, but doesn't understand the human brain, Imagination is how we communicate with our subconscious, the Subconscious who is a super computer and control everything in your body, breathing, motor skills, emotions, Fight or Flight etc. "If you lose in your mind, then you will never win in reality" said often but never understood. When you 'imagine' your Subconscious can't tell the difference of what's real and what's not, that's why many motivational speaks say the same thing, stop thinking negative, also a thought creates emotions and a thought posses vibration power (Yes science fact) The only way you can communicate with your Sub who contains every information in the world to succeed is by visualization, body language and the most important "What else" the more question you ask yourself the more you engage your sub to find solution, Motivation serves for our Conscious that control 5% of our brain, so Motivation wears off, what you need to do is learn to use your Sub which controls 95% in ur favor, like making it a habit to work smart and resilient, so stop watching Motivational Clips and start researching how to use your Sub and how the human brain functions, in order to get ahead.

    28. Your Thought Is Your Wealth TV

      Vision is powerful, it kept me going when I lost my mum. Listen to my story it will Motivate, & Inspire you to keep pressing on

    29. UG 11

      No one to motivates me, that's why I'm here, thank you @mateuzm

    30. MegaMissfitz

      That was a wonderful vision when I came out of work... the look on your face was fucking priceless 😤😤😤

    31. Ahlun Yung

      Video of boy and teacher?

    32. Sneha Mourya

      Please come back.

    33. Jalín Bodorosking

      Whats movie <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="358">5:58</a> min ?

    34. Fokwa Divine

      If you keep pushing , one day is going to be your day. Guys don't just listen to this video, embrace the message. I was in a down place years ago. This video pull me through. I listened to this video multiple times a day for many days.

    35. Fokwa Divine

      I listened to this video all day every day 5 years ago. It helped me through trials and my life has never been the same again

      1. Sultan Abdulhameed II

        How have you changed in those five years now!!

    36. Enas Zack

      the fact they used Ludovico Einaudi - Nuvole Bianche piano piece in the first half is awesome

    37. Random LastStand

      I always come back to this video.... I know that ONE day will be MY day!

    38. Prashant Pr

      T h a n K S ✔️❤️

    39. Adil Shah

      اكثر من خمس سنوات اتفرج علئ مقطع

    40. Ben C

      What movie is the boy painting and his teacher keeps ruining it from?

    41. Zoya Nid

      The name of the film in the beginning?????

      1. Lucas Fernandes

        War Z

    42. King 1

      life ain’t perfect but it’s the ups and down that make life worth it. Don’t give up on life please don’t it will get better with time. Let your light shine⭐️❤️

    43. Ajay chauhan

      U make me 😢 cry

    44. Tech Soft

      1. Tech Soft

        watch this

    45. Scott Todd

      No matter how bad your life is JUST like mines ,,,am now charge of everybody's life every night on railway in trust me '....had bad bring up or was it ...... coz it made who I am just like my brothers pure warrior's...... u cant beat somebody that's willing to die for wit believe in 💔😂👌⚰👿👿👿👿👿👿👿 dont let someone's opinion define you 1 . 2 BE HAPPY 3 APPRECIATE WHST U HAVE 4 HEALTH BEFORE WEALTH 5 MORALS COST NOTHING 6 BE YOURSELF 7 TREAT OTHERS WAY U EXPECT TO BE TREATED 8 BETTER WAY SORE FACE THAN RED FACE .🦁 9 SUPER SWALLY FOX IN THE BOX X

    46. Robbie Licari

      Listened to this everyday of freshman year of high school with one goal in mind: to make it to the state tournament in swimming. Now I am listening to this as a freshman in college, struggling with classes already . I made my goal in 2015 thanks to this, I hope it gets me through what I am going through now too.

      1. Sultan Abdulhameed II

        Me too it's helps you're imagination

    47. Berk İpekoğlu

      Hey Mateus!, please come back.. We need you.


      This video and the others revival and awaken stopped me from dropping college 4 years ago no I have a master degree in organic chemistry and bachelorette degree in process engineering , technical English deplome and I'm starting psychology this year all thanks to God

    49. TS's Billiard Supply

      One day, I will make it happen. One Day! #dreambig

    50. Ruvio Steady wit it

      I will become rich to help those around the world. I will archive peace of mind and help others. I will become great and help others. As one we can walk

    51. Prashanth J.K.

      Can't find the Love emoji on my laptop... Love this video!!!

    52. common man

      I used to watch this video back when I was preparing for my medical entrance examination. Back then I didn't know whether I will get a good rank to get admission. Tomorrow I am writing my final theory examination of my final year. Thank you.

    53. Ahmad h

      What is name of the movie

    54. pavi g

      Plz come back MATEUSZ. We r waiting for you to make new videos

    55. Athira Pius

      I discovered this video during one of my worst times and I couldn't be more grateful for that moment 💕 honestly, I still come to this video when I find myself confused and suddenly it fills me with hopes 💕

    56. LIGHT GamingYT

      I have a cat name shadow and you see shadow watches and listining motivational with me and guess what. Shadow is now a lion ☝️

    57. threeii one

      I am going to be the greatest boxer of all time.

    58. Ahmad h

      what is the name of the movie ????

    59. Michael Petry

      Wake up, work hard, and live your dream!

    60. Vision

      on god?

    61. Nitroman 97 bittlent

      I’m scared that I will never achieve my dreams. My dream is to work at Rooster Teeth in Austin, Texas. They helped me shaped me into who I am today, it may sound like a causal comment and what not, but it is my dream. I’m also scared that I will never find a girl who would love me for who I am, I’ve gotten anxiety about both of these things. I promise to never give up on either of those things, we must never let depression take over our lives or end it. I don’t want to give up but sometimes I feel like I should. If your still reading this thanks for hearing me ramble on. We all have our own issues whether they be big, small, or trivial.

    62. Draven Deleon

      I’m a struggling barber trying to save up enough for school and get my official license and living off fades and I know I can do better and get better by more practice and this video helped me stay focused and work on my craft everyday 🙏

    63. dhruvpatel 0281

      Name of video or movie that starts from <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="85">1:25</a> ?

    64. Razul Kiram

      I first watched this video 4 years ago. I was unemployed and suffering from chronic insomnia. I was in the darkest of my life. With my situation, i thought i can never achieve anything in life. Then i came across this and it moved me deeply. I am now in my senior year in law school!! I will become a lawyer no matter what it takes!

    65. Caroline B.

      What i wanted to know is who is the heartless bastard that crushes a boys dream like that? Like seriously dude wtf

    66. Random LastStand

      99k Likes, let's get this to 100k!!!

    67. Erkal

      I could not watch more than 1 minute because the person who speaks is black I think and I dont recognise myself because the Black have known a different life from the White in history so maybe it impacts on me unconsciously, so i dont feel much like I should be concerned, plus it is English language , hard for me to understand, and I think it is too moralist ''dont quit dont quit or there will be no your day", or maybe my depression has reached a point too far that I am already beyond a certain point..

    68. Self Love

      The guy who makes these changed my life forever 4 years ago i was being trafficked . I use to be stripper . i struggled with suicide i still do. But i was staying with my narsastic boyfriends. I heard this. And my life changed that day . i left everything cause he said if you not doing what you love then your not truly happy . I realized i hated my life and where i was . slowly and painfully i have fought my way out of the cult . the handlers told me id only be good for one thing . a stripper a gay porn star . im better then that now . i know who I am . i love myself. And this is my year . And it's ok if I make mistakes . I just need to learn

      1. steelp32


    69. M X

      Wait why do they have Dexter...... A movie serial killer lma

    70. K LaCoste

      Greetings from 2019!

    71. Random LastStand

      My vision is keeping me moving forward. Even at times when the results are close to nothing. The Journey makes you, not the destination.

    72. Bella Padin

      My favorite since 2015 peace love out to all beautiful soul

    73. Alejandra Reyes


    74. northsouthbirdy n.

      Mateusz, , why did you cut this Video😰❤, i miss the beautiful emotional part on <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="318">5:18</a> when the boy finished his work with the big picture of his f *** teacher ... pl. Who knows, where is the original Version?🙏🙏🙏thx❤

    75. Jalín Bodorosking

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="366">6:06</a> min movie ?

    76. Rajinder Kaur

      Never Ever Give Up - Hit Hard -

    77. Klevis Pepa

      I dream of becoming an actor.Im 16 yrs old. But my parents tell me that is not benefitial to become one because in my country arts are not well developed. And now i dont know what my dream is.I have lost interest in everything.Dont know what to do with my life

    78. xChissy

      This just changed my entire perspective on everything.

    79. Ivana Bojanić

      I see myself as succesfull person wich book of poetry changes the way anybody looks at friendship. I see myself connecting with different people and expand the idea of friendship through poems. - and I am going to make it. From now. I already started by writting this.

    80. Mr. Marseille

      what movie is that in the beginning of the video?

      1. Hải Lê

        It's Taare Zameen Par in India