Vikings: Season 6 - Official Trailer



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    Vikings Season 6 returns following the battle between brothers which has left Bjorn victorious and a hero to the people who have been under the tyrannical rule of Ivar for so long. As the new leader of Kattegat, Bjorn struggles to fill his late father's shoes as king, while facing several dilemmas and wrestling with the idea that power overshadows morals. The two-hour premiere airs on Wednesday, December 4 at 9 PM ET/PT.

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    1. محمد كريم

      ماكو واحد عربي عراقي 😂😂

    2. raxzar

      The weakest season so far.

    3. Sheev Bac

      So ivar boneless joined what is russia? Cool

    4. Aj Ajm

      Season 7 kb ayega

    5. SIMA **

      What about season 7?

    6. M Zubair

      stopped watching after ragnar'ss death revenge

    7. Aliyaar Ali

      Season 6 released or not

    8. Mayank Awasthi

      Much much better than GOT this is masterpiece epic 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

      1. Crave Leaks

        Yes I agree. This is not just for entertainment and also should not be compared to fantasy-like GOT. Vikings is a great series, this series makes one, a different person once they watch it or at least make them think.



    10. الرصيد المعرفي

      Where can i find this season 6 it is not on Netflix


      Even here no one is talking about "ROLLY"

    12. Jose Rocha

      This show is a masterpiece!!!

    13. Infinity Walks

      am i the only one who doesn't like all the ragnar lothbrok's son?

    14. Siddharth Sharma

      Wait for 7th session

    15. ᴡᴀʟᴇᴇᴅ

      طلع المقطع هذا ب وجهي و دخلت وحبيت اقولكم ب العربي لعن الله ابو ابو الكاتب الكلب أبن الكلب يوم قتل راغنار ولليوم هذا من بعد موت راغنار وتأكدت ان مارح يرجع ابد كرهت المسلسل كامل ولا لي نفس أتابعه مره ثانيه بدون الشخصيه الي حببتني ب الفايكينغ اول مره احب شخصيه لدرجة اني بكيت على موتته 😭😂😂 وأحب اختم كلامي ب لعن الله ابو الكاتب

      1. no name

        شلون زعاطيط يربك وكانما راغنار هوه اله وابد ما يموت خو ما لبالك هذا كارتون حته البطل ابد مايموت

    16. Gux Rodriguez

      The best

    17. Giannis Stathakis

      Bjorn the Great!

    18. ahmed khaled

      Will be another part of this season As there is incomlete stories in the first ten episodes as who is katia And the alliance of ivar and dear

    19. Shubham Gawde


    20. Ravindra Rana

      Love the most big fan of viking

    21. Umer Javed

      When Ragnar died that's where the series ended for me.....😔

      1. Matis Pires

        Crave Leaks 👍👍👍

      2. Crave Leaks

        @Matis Pires Yes the story was over for Ragnar, we always loved Ragnar for the power and his intelligence. He got old and also after what happened in Paris I don't see how it could end otherwise. It was sad but better than seeing Ragnar suffer the pain everyday.

      3. Matis Pires

        Umer Javed he had to die

    22. Dhanush S

      Best series ever made

    23. rex evans

      After ragnar and rollo it's kind of boring

    24. Meral Tokmak

      Hiçmi türk yok aq

    25. Ram Choudhary

      abi tak ki sabse jbrdst web series hai ....

    26. Shrawan Kumar

      Love uh Ragnar lothbrok

    27. Shrawan Kumar

      I love Vikings ❤️🤟

    28. Tuan Dao

      i hate ivar

    29. you. tube

      The Viking raid on Išbīliya, then part of the Umayyad Emirate of Córdoba, took place in 844. After raiding the coasts of what are now Spain and Portugal, a Viking fleet arrived in Išbīliya (nowadays Seville) through the Guadalquivir on 25 September, and took the city on 1 or 3 October. The Vikings pillaged the city and the surrounding areas. Emir Abd ar-Rahman II of Córdoba mobilised and sent a large force against the Vikings under the command of the hajib (chief-minister) Isa ibn Shuhayd. After a series of indecisive engagements, the Muslim army defeated the Vikings on either 11 or 17 November. Seville was retaken, and the remnants of the Vikings fled Spain. After the raid, the Muslims raised new troops and built more ships and other military equipment to protect the coast. The quick military response in 844 and the subsequent defensive improvements discouraged further attacks by the Vikings.[2] Historians such as Hugh N. Kennedy and Neil Price contrast the rapid Muslim response during the 844 raid, as well as the organization of long-term defences, with the weak responses by the contemporary Carolingians and Anglo-Saxons against the Vikings.[2][6]

    30. Unification of Nepal

      Just came after the season6 mid season finale!💐👍

    31. THE RIZWI

      Can't wait

    32. Zahir Sha

      Without regnar viking story is not attractive.

    33. Extra Legend

      Indians hit like

    34. Wanderley Cunha

      People just cant handle Ragnars time, now its Bjorn time, and that's it

    35. Mor Chario

      Finally they are shiwing the rus'. They were also vikings, they were also originally scandinavians. Glad to see my ancestors in the show!

    36. Neelam Fans

      Best one

    37. aRyan Bhardwaj

      I am excited season 6

    38. Vijay Kumar Yadav

      Without Ragnar it is like cup without tea

    39. vimal nayan

      Plz hindi language dub in India.

    40. zeytin gz

      Ivar is the worst son of them all i can agree with that

    41. Sal Man

      I hope the ending is better than GOT

    42. PNL


    43. Roman Azeem

      The consequences of Ragnar's death have not yet played out.

    44. beatriz oliveira

      Eita série boa

    45. Жданов Марк

      Ты тупой 2минуты ролики вылаживаешь

    46. callmeNG

      What is to do with Paris and Rollo?

    47. August Mitchell

      Hitsvert is losing his mind 😰

    48. Gaurab Manandhar

      Will season 6 be on netflix???

    49. tempting Baguio

      I miss Rollo I hope they will show him.

    50. Alfiani Firdaus

      Ragnar and Ivar are the best character in Vikings TV series, the rating and views for both of them are the highest

    51. Shen Says! 🙂


    52. Jacob Avraham

      Ohh noo... this show is turned into a money grabbing

    53. Электроинструмент

      It’s interesting why the Russian, and not the Ukrainian actor was invited to the role of the Prophetic Oleg? In the ninth century, Rus-Ukraine was in Kyiv, and in the territory of Moscow there were impassable swamps and Russia has nothing to do with Rus!

    54. amad. N10

      vikings video subskryip

    55. meteHaN ogeday

      Vikings denmark or norway? When i was child i learned denmark

      1. Winning Bigly

        Both and from other country's too, viking wasn't a race it was a way of life

    56. عباس قاهرهم

      Love ❤ you Vikihgs season 6 from🇮🇶

    57. Roni Sazdar

      In season 7, ragnar will reborn as a son of Björn Ironside

      1. عباس قاهرهم

        Season 7 VS IVAR and ALFRED

    58. king kigu entertianment

      Best tv serie ever

    59. Андрей Андреев

      Season 6 - говно

    60. TecPG Paschal Green

      After all the killings their population isn't threaten! 😂

    61. mellon37

      Я точно знаю что у них завялялась, куча китайских доспехов, и они решили их отбить. Дурацкая идея, клянусь тем богом, к которым вы руссов приписали, при Олеге, хоть я и не крещеный. )))

    62. Захар Попов

      Хороший сериал где русские комменты.

    63. Aarón Marcos Jiménez

      Season 35: Bjorn and Ivar set up a restaurant in New york.

      1. Indian Badass


      2. Shashank Pearce

        Wtf... so random

      3. dinesh negi


      4. Mehran Butt


    64. gabriel brito de araujo

      O Montanha poderia participa nesta sexta temporada

    65. Александр Вагнер

      Прости Рагнар, мы все проебали...

    66. Why So Memes?

      Hey producer or writer or whatever you are make Ragnar alive through any magic or trick we need Ragnar i can't even imagine how can i watch this series anymore without Ragnar i know No one cares but you lost a one viewer 😔

    67. Urooj Islam

      I will see this season only for ivar..

    68. Masha Zwahlen

      Кооооозлоооооовский!!!!! Ты чё!??????

    69. mazhar hussain

      When ragnar died thats where the series ended for me

      1. Awais khan

        same for me

      2. Sagar Ahir

        You're right

      3. JetNightBooster

        You guys don’t know what you’re missing

      4. Luis Adolfo Gonzalez Paez

        @Fatih Yildirim x2

      5. Watch Your favorite videos

        Same for me

    70. Chriael Samuil

      I thought they shout "Ulla Brita"

    71. Prashant Paudel

      Bjorn Ironside

    72. Jean Lim

      I can't be the only who watched <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="59">0:59</a> like a 100 times

    73. Zoltan Gyulai

      More and more meaningless brutality, less and less story, I am loosing intesest. Should have been stopped watching at Ragnar's death

    74. SebMeister

      Rus = Swedish vikings from Roslagen who traveled down the rivers and founded the Kievan empire and ruled it for hundreds of years.

      1. Robert Barkan

        You are partially right. Yes there are Vikings descendance BUT there are Mongols also which played a major rule in Russians ancestry. :)

    75. Кирил Петков

    76. Кирил Петков

      Væringjar-only this who serve like Varangian guard in Miklagard-or have ever served

    77. Débora Raquel

      caraiooooooo por que choras br?

    78. Lex Zamyatnin

      how is that the björns mother look so young. The only thing that bothers me is the age gaps 😒🤷‍♂️

    79. Bubble Warrior

      Kyiv pictured like orthodox christianity architectural city guarded by huge load of guys in mongolia and persia armors. Oo... And this people from most flourishing regions in Europe agreed to invade rocky fiords in Scandinavia? What da fuk i just watched? It's the dumbest thing i ever seen

    80. Underrated Inventions

      After 5 sessions of killing I'm surprised there's anyone left to kill. 🤔