Vikings: Season 6 - Official Trailer


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    Vikings Season 6 returns following the battle between brothers which has left Bjorn victorious and a hero to the people who have been under the tyrannical rule of Ivar for so long. As the new leader of Kattegat, Bjorn struggles to fill his late father's shoes as king, while facing several dilemmas and wrestling with the idea that power overshadows morals. The two-hour premiere airs on Wednesday, December 4 at 9 PM ET/PT.

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    1. Darth Vader

      Rus people were Swedish tribe who conquered Novgorod and then founded Kievian Rus, Leader of that People Rurik founded Dynasty, the Russian guy in series play son of Rurik Oleg. So in Kievian Rus royal family, nobles and small part of population were Rus.. other were Slavs-main part of population. Ruriks by the time become more Slavic and then also they had big part of Mongolian and Tatarian blood- as many Slavic people. So last Rurik man and king died in 1610- and in 1613 Russia Elected Romanovs.

    2. Mlondolozi Mbambo

      Y'all dropped the ball by killing Ragnar that early...his talent was clearly under appreciated by the production team

    3. Gabriel Fernandez Parmo

      I thing that ragnar loothbrook should't have died

    4. trokoro

      In the US it is compulsory that 70% of the Vikings have to be black, latinos and asians.

    5. NO NEWS

      Камон, это же Козловский (с) Саша Бортич

    6. lawrence kit

      Love this movie 😭❤️❤️

    7. Aldope Puntocom

      Де кат из андер де теивл

    8. Александр Шишеня

      Ахаха !! Козловский ?)))

    9. Fatih Boşnakoglu

      Neden bu kadar kısa sürdü, beklerdik bir iki sene daha

    10. Will Superação


    11. имя фамилия

      Козловский? Серьёзно? Такой сериал испортили... Буэээээ



    13. چمران کیانی

      من عاشق بازیگری راگنار بودم حیف شد خیلی زود مرد امیداورم این فصل جدید فصل قشنگی بشه

    14. Shantykoff

      Козловский? Чегооо блять?

    15. Damian Andrade Soriano

      The winter is coming

    16. Алексей Иванов

      Как ныне сбирается Вещий Олег отмстить неразумным Рагнарам.

    17. paulo pedroso

      i can't wait for that

    18. Adrián Gonzalez

      Skäl !

    19. le fils d'hier

      I don't care now Ragnar is dead

    20. Daniel

      I was amazed by Vikings at the beginning, then I watched Last Kingdom.. and now - cannot wait for season 3.. I stopped watching Vikings after Ragnar died.

    21. Deni Reyes

      Omg! I cant wait the 6 season!

    22. Станислав Попов

      Your serial was my best because of historical true but in the season 6 I got the issues: - Oleg never fight vikinngs. As the vikings never fifght Oleg - All folk russian kings was vikings. - Danila Kozlovsky (Oleg) shown by christian, but Russia took a christianity 200 years later - All russians in mongol clothes... - In trailer Lagerta kils Oleg, but in the legends (if you call yourself the historicfl serial) Oleg die by his horse.

      1. Станислав Попов

        Jesus Christ on the Oleg ships? ....OMG. That was 200 years later

    23. Alla Lorelai

      Wtf Козловский???

    24. Tony Khoza

      Ubbe! Ubbe! Ubbe! Ubbe!

    25. Максим Г

      season 30: Bjorn's sons meddle in US election...

    26. Никита Савченко

      Козловский портит весь вид, нахуй они взяли русских кретинов блять...

    27. yahya akbar

      the Vikings ended. when ragnar died

    28. Толяныч

      мне показалось или там наш актер?

    29. Hammerhook12

      Revise our History or please don't. Don't

    30. Hammerhook12

      Lesbianic warriors in the viking age never exited. Skjoldmø'er or Shieldmaidens, were only in Saxo Gramatikus poems. They didn't exist.

    31. Claudiu S.

      I swear, the Vikings series is the "How GoT should have been" reason.

    32. Real Life Neanderthal

      Hopefully this won’t pull a Game of Thrones and turn into a massive pile of shite.

    33. Zeus Castro

      I was expecting more from Vikings and from Ivar as well, but common another season fighting for Kattegat? 🤦🏻‍♂️ They must be finished the TV show at season 4 with Ragnar's dead

      1. Omar_ Elattar.

        Zeus Castro It’s clearly not a fight for Kattegat. The battle doesn’t even take place anywhere near Kattegat. It’s the Rus’ vs Scandinavia and Christians vs Pagans.

    34. صالح محمد الكشميمي

      متى العرض

    35. ishimwe bonheur

      I like Ivan, may he comeback to take his Kingdom

    36. Vigo El Carpatiano

      Women did not fight in the viking age. This series is not accurate.

    37. Manel Yacoubi

      Ragnar still dead?? i'm not gonna watch it..

    38. A Tree

      Does anyone notice Hvitserk once? timestamp?

    39. Anayida Madomedova

      спасибо что не Безруков, хоть ...

    40. Eduardo Flores

      Excelente ¡¡¡

    41. OdinProductions

      Gonna make a new tribute Beat when it’s released! :)

    42. Carl Jones

      When are they going to show 2 nd half of last season? I haven’t been able to see it yet?

    43. ba chiko

      I stopped watching when ragnar lotbrook was removed as one of the cast

    44. Veronica Obiglio

      Quien es quien en el mundo

    45. Veronica Obiglio

      Cest la vie

    46. Joe Phillipr


    47. Shihab Haque

      I am a big fan of ranger

    48. Awarapan

      Bjorn will carry the legacy of Ragnar. Ivar could've been the one but he's too egoistic... Excited for the last season of Vikings.

    49. Dottor Grow


    50. dezericka

      My favorite part about the show was the interaction between the saxons and the danes. I guess that’s why I like Last Kingdom better, despite all its faults

      1. Omar_ Elattar.

        dezericka You’ll see a lot of interactions with Northmen and Christians. The Rus’ will be Christian.

    51. Peter R de vries

      Spoiler alert be like

    52. E M

      do not convince

    53. Avery

      Bjorn will turn down the crown and make King Harald King of all Norway.... until he dies this season

    54. Ropida Utami

      Viking Crazy film

    55. Matias

      Argentina es vikinga !!!!

    56. Banana Sudaca


    57. M i n e ø y n e

      Это блять Козловский?

    58. Jason Polk

      I know season 6 has been shot already but I have an idea about how it should end. In the final episode, ragnar should come back from Valhalla, visit each of his sons, and offer a critique of how they've lived their lives

    59. eduardo mejias

      Esa serie nos es igual sin ranark

    60. Vladimir Smith

      I thought they cancelled this!!! I cant believe the new season is coming!!!