UNBROKEN - Best Motivational Video Speeches Compilation (Most Eye Opening Speeches 2019)



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    UNBROKEN! Courage isn't having the strength to go on, it is going on when you don't have the strength. We will all die one day, but at least we will die UNBROKEN.
    Best Motivational Video Speeches Compilation featuring a new speech from Bobby Maximus and some of the best inspirational speeches ever from Les Brown, Elliot Hulse and Logan Taylor.
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    Bobby Maximus
    Bobby Maximus is one of the world’s foremost fitness authorities. He’s the creator of The Maximus Gym and director of Project Maximus, one of the country’s most elite and hardcore training programs. He’s also the Keeper of Authenticity at Lalo Tactical. This former UFC Fighter and BJJ World Champion has broken multiple power-endurance world records. Follow him on Instagram at @bobbymaximus and check out his latest book, The Maximus Body at www.MaximusBody.com.
    Bobby Maximus empowers you to train your mind, the true catalyst to change.
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    Buy his book Maximus Body: www.bobbymaximus.com/maximus-body/
    Les Brown
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    Logan "Y.B.Normal?" Taylor
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    Elliot Hulse
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    4. Go Hard - Elliot Hulse & Motiversity
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    1. Zeldas Place

      We are strong💪and we will fight to become worriors.. no one knows how we feel inside us..have faith in god hes with us if u belive in urself were unbreakable ..believe in your self ..i tell my self Stand Up..Talk Loud..Be Proud.. never listen to others but ur self ur one who will change just believe in gods faith good will come and youll be happy ✌🌈✝️🙏🙏🙏❤🙏🙏⚘🌈💯

    2. redstepable

      Look if you are your own mortality then ok, but your focus on yourself you will fail in life. there is more to life and afterlife than you so NO your video is not motivating it is discouraging

    3. John Lee Bass

      "Everybody is hungry, not everybody wants to hunt"

    4. Oscar Encinas

      This philosophy sounds good but it’s only one side of a coin with 2 sides. Hitler was also hated and feared by many. Just because you are ok with yourself doesn’t mean what your doing is right

    5. Nah Im Good

      Whoever is reading this I am going to come back and I will be a doctor. I am going after my dream!

    6. Xane Vidz

      Putting a taser to my head do u feel that???? What?

    7. Frequencies Of Change

      Very powerful video. Keep up the great work and contributions.

    8. Legendkicksass

      does anyone know the piano music at 25.00? please help! thanks!

    9. Rayne Boes

      Thank you, I needed this l don’t know how I got so lost so quick 🦈

    10. TOAN DUONG

      Motivation is good for a few days.

    11. Naito Gataari


    12. Oh Fuq

      "Whether you believe you can or you cant, youre right."

    13. slipmad

      "Man i got this! This grind don't stop till i secure these bags!" *ad plays* im garbage man...i can't do shit *video resumes* MAN I'm the K I N G of the world. Ain't no one got shit on me.

    14. Ferrizey

      I listen to this while doing 2 things: Working out and playing hard roblox obbies

    15. Jason B

      This is powerful and inspirational! Thank you for posting! I'm glad I found this!

    16. Anderson de Oliveira Alves


    17. Tanya Wright

      If you just started.... KEEP MOVING, If you haven't started START!! BE STRONG AND PUSH!!!

    18. Marlon adelio Rivera reyes

      This video makes me wanna tell Donald Trump he’s deported

    19. Paul mayaka

      This is amazing!

    20. nandemonai

      you matter, always🖤

    21. IT 2020

      Thank you... This hit pretty hard!

    22. Blake

      You called me a loser

    23. Benjamin Cordova

      Being yourself attracts like minded individuals what’s the point of acting a certain way to attract people who fall in love with a fabricated version of you. I’d rather be alone then have many friends who are friends with someone you aren’t.

    24. Will Iam

      Who speaking at time marker <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="840">14:00</a> -??

    25. Ashton Grant-Fisher


    26. Brady K

      Love u too, brother. Know that

    27. Loyalty Roofing Solutions

      Wow! Thank you for the inspiration. These were amazing.

    28. Fay Faynola

      Thank you for being such a positive influence on this world we need people like you I plan on watching this everyday

    29. Anurag Singh

      whoever reading this comment , i want to say you , greatness is witthin you . you can make your greatest reality .

    30. Sean Pilgrim

      My employer is pain without him I will be unhappy in life so I'm THANKFUL for the bad&the good that come with this journey call LIFE THANK U PAIN😉👍

    31. Vitaliy Moskalenko

      Great Video, really hit home man... I grew up without a dad, lost slot of close people and became a heroin addict.... Got kicked out of the house by my own mother when I tried to go to rehab... So no matter what you guys go through just know it's ok to fail or feel hopeless. You are stronger than what you are going through...❤💪

    32. COBRA

      At minute 26.. Hit home... God bless all and let's FUCKING GET IT!!!

    33. awil Suleiman

      thanks again and iam waiting my day iam STRONG iam believe iam happier

    34. SavannahDianne

      Logan Taylor’s speech was seriously FIRE. 🔥

    35. Doran Runeblite

      The ghosts at your deathbed known as unborn dreams hit me hard.

    36. Ian Gifford

      Thank you today ❤️I felt like I matter ❤️thank you so much I need this

    37. ava singletary

      “you will win if you don’t quit”. “I want you to know that you matter”. “what you do could change someone’s life”. Whoever is reading this I want you to know that you are an important person and I know that it might not seem like it and you might not believe me. But trust that you can be anything you want to be and are able to complete anything. you matter, you mean something to someone even if it doesn’t seem like it right now! Life can be a complicated thing but trust the process. You have the strength to keep going don’t give up on yourself. I want you to know that I’m here if you feel like no one else is. Stay strong!

    38. follow me

      Reading all these amazing comments while looking at this video and understand it is AMAZING. Thank you everyone for the positive vibes. I love you all and maybe god be with you on the walk of life . ❤️

    39. Daniel Miller

      Listening to these everyday Leave for boot camp in a few months mos 0300 usmc

    40. Adrian Kulesza

      U matter part is on point

    41. Bo Swansen

      So I should tell my family to go f##@ themselves. I need to do what I need to do?

    42. B&B FISHING

      If you don't have time for it then make time for it

    43. David Seals

      Great video. Yes focus on yourself, your goals but help other people, I'm not saying to focus on them or lose your focus. Help others by your actions. Lead by example. Talk less, listen more, never be negative to you or others. And I don't give a shit what anyone says or thinks. I like being alone. It keeps me from the negative. But I do love helping people in need. This is my focus.

    44. Kay Bugzzz

      Anyone here reading this, hope you have a amazing day! I’d something bad happens remember EVERYTHING happens for a reason! And I’m just seein this for the first time and I’m insecure and I’m pretty sure this might help! Just stay positive folks 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

    45. Zach Schneider

      Went from ultra fit in high school to grinding out dead end jobs gained fifty lbs was just generally unhappy to straight motivated with one decision to go into airforce spec ops lost the weight got my mile time down from 12 munites to 6 flat my pullups went from two to 16 all in one year and I feel these vids have helped me get there I listen every morning on the way to the Gym wake up at 4 am every day and workout until 6 thirty work all day then run 2 to 6 miles every day after work people at my work ask me how I do it and I just tell them everyone wants to be a beast but no one wants to do what beasts do so I wake up every day and do what beasts do one desicision can change your life for the better I would never go back to unfit and unhealthy hopefully leaving for basic training in a few months and then onto pararescue basic training 4 out of 5 guys dont make it but failure for me is not an option.... these speeches will be on rotation every day through my journey with motivation and drive you dont need luck

    46. Jasmine Delee

      Wow, this hit home😢😢😢

    47. Alex Gomez



      Motiversity your videos have inspired me to inspire other and i want to change lives. Thanks for your positive encouragement!

    49. MaxReckless99

      masterpiece of a speech

    50. Maria Jaimez

      Thank you so much I needed to hear this I really feel special and like I'm needed and I have to keep going I want to be a strength for someone else when they're down I want to be there aspirin I'm not joking

    51. brayden.541

      don’t forget a iron sword was never an iron sword till it went threw fire and being beaten up. that’s how it was forged just like us you will never be your greatest till u go threw your worst.

      1. Lexi Inscho

        why do i feel like this quote was taken from brave...lol you’re speaking facts tho

      2. ViperAction

        I love that statement so much because it's so true and it's amazing how that connects and relates to us

    52. Simply Eli.

      I really like this!🔥

    53. Ihsan Mohamad

      I'm coming to you

    54. Roberto Williams

      Control how you respond to things sent to destroy your peace...

    55. Guy Sky

      At the gym listening to this, trying not to cry... You matter..

      1. Aaron S.

        You matter

    56. Jesse Pereda

      Needed to hear this today

    57. Omer Zahrani

      Great speech

    58. Aileen Brazeau

      Thank you for your heartfelt inspiring motivational message. I needed to see this.

    59. Always Winning

      I need these motivation videos on my phone

    60. Bryan Pereira

      Elliot Hulse - fucking phenomenon of a wise man.

    61. Brandy Flores

      Sometimes people will do anything and everything to make people happy. 2020 lets start focusing on ourselves and make ourselves a better person! Never give up on your goals even how many times you face rejection. GOD is on your side.

    62. persia Franklin

      Discipline will lead you to success fear not life it's full of challenges but your strength it's greater than any opposition. Be brave enough to make a change😁🙄

    63. Mafia's Finest TV

      There isn't a substitute for hard work. Confidence in yourself is key to a successful life. Success must be defined by you. Mistakes and failure will not break you, they will, however, make you. Stay motivated and go after your goals.

    64. Fedorchuk Maksym

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1723">28:43</a> it’s winner songs

    65. Fedorchuk Maksym

      Song at the end for the winers song

    66. WaXted

      Guess I’m a loser

    67. Donna Silverthrone

      The Devil has no hold of me no more..no more medication stand up for what I believe in..I'm getting up earlier and I feel so much better in myself..I know I have a long way to go!! I'm willing to change my life for the better. Love to all my fellow brother's and sisters ❤️🙏✝️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

    68. Francisco Escobar

      Exactly what I was looking for I’m very low in my life rn but I’m starting to fight now, literally gave me chills listening to this THANK YOU 🙏🏻. JUST A REMINDER U GOT THIS FIGHT UNTIL U GET WHAT U WANT DONT STOP 🤜🏻🙏🏻

    69. Jonathan Gatica

      I listen to this when I workout, can’t wait till one day I can look back and think about how I always listened to this to motivate me and how it helped me get to where I wanted to be #ConsistencyIsKey

    70. Miss V

      Great morning motivation!

    71. Nnela Baptiste

      Listen to this everyday when i work out

    72. Marcus Carter

      GOD made us individually for a major purpose in life. He didn’t give us life just to waste it in the little time we’re here. Seek him and trust him and you’ll realize it.

      1. Marcus Carter

        jay Rosa He puts us through these trials to prepare us for the blessings that are to come and so we’re able to help others with their problems because we already have been through them. And you have a good heart and want to help others so you’ll end up fine. Just keep your faith💪

      2. jay Rosa

        I have a dream of becoming someone special..i have always let others and myself bring me down..I have health issues but i must trust God that everything happens for a reason..and whatever i am going through is to help others out

    73. Larry Gill

      The “you matter” speech was pretty emotional for me when I listened to it

      1. Rich Rolen

        AMEN LARRY!! Sometimes we simply need to be reminded that.

      2. -TheRealNat -

        Same lol

    74. Semphis Rythorn

      I had a crush on a girl, we spoke a lot but untilmately someone else beat me to the punch because I never had the courage to ask, my heart is broken because of it. But I saw what was wrong with myself and now Im doing what I never thought I would do. Excersise, returning to the lord for inner peace and i plan to return to my studies to finish what I started. I saw myself and I said "Never Again". Yes it still hurts, yes my body gets nerves once in a while but I must do this.

    75. Christopher Poole

      Man I love these videos on my way to work to the gym.

    76. Joey Voyles

      this is just so awesome because I have anxiety and depression to where I'm pretty much homebound and man I'm just sharing it with everybody and anybody I can

      1. jay Rosa

        I am the same way..I need to go to the doctor Asap,have many health issues and i have been ashamed of myself and weakminded for about 15 yrs now ,I have prostate cance,no Tleves have made me destroy myself..i must somehow overcome and go to doctor and prosper in life..ppl out there dont care if i die today or if i become succesful..its self fullfillment and God will help me if i move..but its so hard to take action..there is days im ready to go..and then i back down,its a sad cycle that i go trough letting that little voice control me that i am nobody and i am worthless..but i need to change now..i have one more opportunity today because i opened my eyes..and i must do it..its life and death situation..i must not let anyone or myself put me down because i matter,i am human being and everything i am going through is for a reason and i must be successful in life so i can help others

      2. Marcus Linson

        I have the same issues man..but we gotta get up and get out there or one day we'll regret not having the courage to do so..imo that's worse than anything other ppl can do to us.NIKE..JUST DO IT!

    77. Freddy Torres

      How does this video have dislikes

    78. Curlyhead Meechie

      I’m a GEselsr and I’m trying really hard to stay motivated and get to 1k subscribers these videos really help me and not give up and listen to others tell me I’m not going to make it the enemy wants me to give up but I’m not bc im doing this for my mom

    79. Yegor Alexeieff


    80. Ghost 116

      Just had my first run hopefully this keeps up wish me strength guys