UFC Fighters React to Dana White getting EXPOSED for underpaying fighters, Jon Jones

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    UFC news today, we have #UFC fighters reacting to Dana White underpaying MMA fighters, Jon Jones comments on Jon Jones vs Dominick Reyes rematch and more UFC news!
    UFC News and MMA News:
    -UFC Fighters react to Dana White getting exposed for underpaying fighters!
    -Colby Covington says Jorge Masvidal’s going to duck Kamaru Usman
    -Jon Jones heaps praise on Jan Blachowicz, trashes Corey Anderson following UFC Rio Rancho and talks about Dominick Reyes rematch
    Khabib will only REMATCH Conor McGregor in the streets, Jon Jones vs Dominick Reyes, Nate Diaz: gesels.info/video/video/ntx8sbuao6hmpYs.html
    Conor McGregor REVEALS his next UFC opponent, Jon Jones going to WWE, Donald Cerrone: gesels.info/video/video/fdCJpKecjGqCs3c.html
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    1. MMA Zone

      Are UFC Fighters underpayed? Let us know!⬇️⬇️

      1. kissfanforever25

        Harry van der Veen dude they made it to the UFC they been preforming you can’t expect everyone to do those types of things plus they pick who they wanna be stars that’s why they make rematches so quick when they need their star to win

      2. Keith Jethro Franco

        Pay Up dude!!

      3. Ray Be kind to others, it goes a long way

        Fuck yeah they are!!!!! Dana White is a very greedy man, no need for that.

      4. Red Bike

        MMA Zone nope!

      5. Ben To

        @kyle mccoy No one is forcing anyone to sign a contract so I guess paychecks should be cut 50% nation wide expect for the top brass.

    2. Lilswoop

      Getting kinda close to March 31👀 ps4?

    3. Jay Smith

      Their pay has barely changed in the last 20 years of me watching it.


      🔥🔥 great fight <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="68">1:08</a> 🔥💘💘 👇👇👇👇👇

    5. Moe Aburahhal

      You guys are the best you tubers I ever watched

    6. MultiGoldLife

      What point of puting khabib Pic and that Pic in front.. Not watching your news anymore

    7. Nicholas Glasser

      I can't believe that ANYBODY is listening to a damn thing Clown Shoes Colby says anymore , dude's just a straight up lying douchebag with zero power in his punches

    8. lenz wrg


    9. Von Chubbz

      UFC is not under-paying their fighters...they are Completely ripping them off. Unless your Conor. Who Dana White has a man-crush on/for.

    10. Sudarshan Karthik

      I am recently into mma and I am loving it

    11. Károly Papp

      Who the heck wants ufc3? I've just got the refund for that crap.

    12. Creepy Countdown

      I hope to win

    13. Kiou Rhimo

      Dana shit

    14. Ernie Larkin

      The best time for them to walk away was when the Reebok deal came to fruition. We have our own sponsors or we walk.

    15. Paul Gardiner

      Love this channel!

    16. Ryan R

      Very interesting! these guys are risking serous injury and you find out they are getting srewed. SMH

    17. Bob Ross

      Give me that ps4 bruh bruh.my girlfriend convinced me to sell it. They’re both gone now

    18. Hassan Farooq

      loving these MMA videos

    19. Rick Nathaniel

      I think reyes earned the rematch but will probably find it tougher now Jones knows what to expect

    20. Aidan Cox

      I want the ps4

    21. Mysterious

      Hopefully the UFC start paying more to the UFC fighters as I am joining the UFC

    22. abcd xx

      I don't think izzy would be here without all the hype that ufc creates (same goes for others) so the answer if they are underpaid is not so simple

    23. Josh Lopez

      Fighters Union Now. Actual "Independent Contractors" are allowed to contract anywhere they want, whenever they want. Exclusive contracts with UFC, along with paying all their own expenses = UFC getting benefits on both sides of the deal. Oh yea, forgot about Reebok deal, I meant All Sides of the deal. Zero guilt not paying for their PPV, ever. And still watching every single fight I want😉🙊😘

    24. Jedi Da Force

      I’ll give some basics and then talk about how fighters can make more money. MLB, NFL and NBA are obviously going to make more money because they’re more active in their league compared to UFC. MLB players play between 182-200 games per season depending on how their season season ends. NFL players play between 20-24 games with preseason and if they make it to the SB. You get the point for the NBA. A UFC fighter isn’t going to fight between 20-200 times per year, so that’s why their earning is lower being in the UFC. The UFC is not a sport; it’s a league. MMA is the sport. When you’re in a league, your earnings will be dictated on your popularity and the amount of games/action/contract. Boxing is different because there’s no boxing league. There’s no Ultimate Boxing Championship. Boxers find promoters, or promote themselves and find fights. This can work for or against a boxer. For top boxers it works for them because they bring in millions per fight. If MMA fighters want to make more money, they have to ditch the UFC and start promoting their own fights. They could try to make a CBA with the UFC, but that would never work because there’s no limit to how many fighters the UFC can have signed, and it would also bring down the level of competition. The UFC keeps the fights competitive because they’ll cut a fighter that loses a few fights in a row, and/or they’ll cut a fighter they don’t think is exciting; even if that fighter is winning his/her fights. As for money, if the fighters had a CBA that guaranteed 40% of revenue, the UFC could just sign more fighters to bring down the fighters’ share, or they could put on less events. Business is a cruel world. Everyone has to fight for their own share of the money.

    25. Miguel Torres

      I never win anything 👍good luck everyone 💪

    26. Anton Duvenage

      Fighter's are overpaid, if you not happy get a job.

    27. judgebarney

      You can’t beat a Hall of Fame DRUG USER.... fight a honest clean fighter.. You can’t fight the UFCs cash cow, the fix was in against Reyes.

    28. Brian Huter

      It's his company. If the fighters don't like it, then don't fight in the ufc. There are other options

      1. Kiou Rhimo

        Fuck his company he is wrong in all aspect

    29. Brandon Bridges

      Yeeaahhhh booiii

    30. Mr. I FAR I

      Yes, the UFC woefully underpays their fighters....I knew that when Anderson Silva was the supposed Best and his largest purse at the time was $600k = Ultimate F#@%in' Chump change compared to The Best athletes in other sports.

    31. Rocko

      PS4 🤟🏾

    32. Bast Heating & Cooling

      Wasnt really a reaction video at all..... Your video SUCKED!!!

    33. Mike Stumpgrinding

      I remember when there was no UFC . Anytime anyone wants to take the risk business wise to startup a new better UFC type company step on up . Perhaps fighters should get better deals bye learning the art of negotiation . Connor seems to got that down . Dana is a tenth degree black belt at business . He has provide a arena for combat sports that wasn't really there before

    34. Red Bike

      Bunch of bullshit... no UFC....these guys are doing something else! Suck it up, or go do something else!

    35. TheSpy InTheCab

      Covington is such a fake ass crybaby. His "image" is lame and such an obvious attempt at making a name.

    36. TheSpy InTheCab

      yes they are. . . .

    37. Cecil Miller

      It kills me that John Jones is so delusional about his Reyes fight

      1. THAT GUY EYE

        He seems scared of reyes

    38. Travis House

      Simple, MLB, NFL & NBA all have Players’ Unions. These guys (and women, albeit to a lesser extent) completely wreck their bodies getting in the Octagon and beating the shit out of one another. Not to mention training camp injuries and cutting weight. Each of these UFC athletes ultimately has a finite no. of fights. They need to get their shit together and Unionize.

    39. Travis House

      Simple, MLB, NFL & NBA all have Players’ Unions. These guys (and women, albeit to a lesser extent) completely wreck their bodies getting in the Octagon and beating the shit out of one another. Not to mention training camp injuries and cutting weight. Each of these UFC athletes ultimately has a finite no. of fights. They need to get their shit together and Unionize.

    40. The Shape

      Jones lost. On what planet did he win the fight? Its a joke. Absolutely a joke. Jones lost and ran the whole fight

    41. PJ Authur

      it's BEEN known that dana rips off the players for his own personal profit

    42. Caleb P

      I deleted my lengthy thought out comment; I’ll say this instead: your frustrations with the UFC is directly linked to making a full time job out of this kind of entertainment. It’s not a job, it’s entertainment. It’s sport. Making a living by doing this is historically a novelty. You say that you are payed less than you are worth, but your worth is directly tied to the organization that employs you. Leave the UFC and see if you can make “what your worth,” or even what you made while in the UFC. The only reason that you think you are worth what you think you are worth is because of the large entertainment value platform provided by the UFC.

    43. acadian101

      if Jones thinks he won rounds 2 3 4 and 5 ,,,,,, Make sure Jones NEVER becomes a judge because he's as blind as the judge that scored it 4 to 1 for jones.

    44. Daniyal Khan

      He has been underpaying fighters for a long time

    45. M 2

      For Jones own legacy, if he wants to be considered the best ever he has to beat Dom clearly. If he doesn't rematch him there will always be that question and I don't know if Jon can live with that as a competitor, I hope he can't. Even if you think Jon won... 49 46? Come on, insane.

    46. Al Flores

      Dana and Conner mc cokehead snort it all that's why everyone else is under pay

    47. Nvidia Powah

      coby such a dickhead. dude doesn't wanna fight. il wait out lol. you're owed nothing you wannabe

    48. Joshua Taylor

      Great video! The style reminds me of one of those body hack health videos lol

    49. Cole Imbrogno

      PS4 please i need to use McGregor VS Khabib

    50. salty burger

      less than 16% ? fighters risk losing their brains and getting dementia or other shit eventually forgetting how to even talk or even take a shit. Dana made his money, give ufc fighters their due

    51. sexy_grandpa

      cough* the whole reebok deal

    52. Mental Alchemist

      Jones is full of shit

    53. Jesse Donnelly

      Which makes conor the GOAT.

    54. shane131 44

      ps4 plzzz xx

    55. Aaron Reay

      He is fuking delusional

    56. Aaron Reay

      He lost 123. Won 45

    57. Daniel Paras

      Can I have the Ps4 please 😍🙏 #MMAZone🔥💯

    58. Joel D

      Jones is a punk, period. He doesn't want a rematch with Reyes because he knows he will lose. We will see a Mayweather-like ducking fest until he is forced to either fight Reyes or go HW.

    59. gypsygib

      Settle at no higher than 28% or give options. White/UFC's going to pay more in law suites short term and eventually probably lose long term. Lawyers only win in his scenario.


      🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 strong fight <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="92">1:32</a> 🔥💞 👇👇👇👇💝

    61. Joss Angeles

      I always felt these fighters are underpaid. Boxers get paid way better

    62. Staci Garlington

      MMA Zone, thanks for your videos. Many are underpaid... Especially compared to Conor McGregor. 🤷‍♀️ For what they endure (a lifetime of permanent, repetitive injuries that last forever), they are very much underpaid, in my opinion. The split needs to be more fair.

    63. cc sports fan

      Yes absolutely underpaid

    64. VisInvis

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="391">6:31</a> Nobody is surprised, we all know that the modern day gladiators are underpaid. This profession is NOT easy, it's not even standard, it's fucking hard work. Compare any top american athlete to the UFC and yeah, they're underpaid. Dana White has established his vision and is set for life. Pay the guys what they deserve and I don't just mean the top two of each division

    65. TheTaralovesmakeup

      Love this channel!

    66. jamaica michael

      Like commented and subscribed, love the vids

    67. Joe Badgley

      U cant just pay across the board certain amounts like u can for other major sports, there is only a small percentage of stars who yes should be paid most!!! One superstar in Conor and then the majority is left, who should only get paid what they are worth AKA what they bring in...which is really nothing!

    68. Jan Day

      It's not even DW fight. He sold it right. Ultimately not his responsibility anymore

    69. Cochran Deep

      UFC is crooked

    70. David Pryor

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="465">07:45</a> and Kobe Bryant.

    71. John J


    72. Rxb Lxx

      Jones lost that fight straight up

    73. blaze 2019

      Espn is floating them pretty much

    74. Chris Macias

      I liked, I comment, I subscribed #winner

    75. Chork MaLork

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="540">9:00</a> so he's saying he knows how terribly fighters are treated in the industry so he's ok with taking advantage of them just slightly less than most...

    76. Julian Papin

      UFC is a piece of shit and Bellator is a piece of journeymen.

    77. Abderahmane Kara

      Dana! 50 cheese baby 😂

    78. Jill Alexander

      Well if the fighters know about the scam or feel under paid well hey just move on to another who pays if not then stay your later years of damage will surface an no money to compensate you

    79. Nixon Hax

      This underpaying thing has got to be stop.

    80. roshan chhetri

      Great channel with whole knowledge of MMA