UFC Debut: Conor McGregor vs Marcus Brimage | Free Fight

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

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    Nearly seven years ago, a two-division champion from Cage Warriors named Conor McGregor began his journey to becoming the first simultaneous two-division champion in UFC history.
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    გამოქვეყნდა 2 თვის წინ


    1. Dehail38

      9 minutes for nothing lol

    2. Zo Kay

      Back when actions were greater than words.

    3. Kevin Kinney


    4. Jianwang Aran

      The octagon looks like a football field with these two midgets

    5. Charlie Hagger


    6. Saitama 22

      Was surprised with their height For once I don't feel short.

    7. Diell Berisha

      I read some comments and i think ppl dont know this was 7 years ago lol

    8. Webber Alex

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="524">8:44</a> best quote.

    9. Fetrik Austin


    10. Crown Crown


    11. Jack Yar

      Those days were the days I felt to the adrenaline watching his past fights ..

    12. Bruce Jordan

      This is Conner McGregor. This fighter was a young and up and comming legend.Its sad that he turned out to be such a pompous embarrassment. Dont get me wrong.Hes a great fighter.But he intentionally changed his true personality, and now I could care less if I see him fight or not.Prefferably not 😈👎

    13. Tipsy P

      damn conor beat a midget. what a savage

    14. PewDiePie Yepthomi

      Why that black dude so small tho?

    15. Vato68

      5'4 71" reach 😳

    16. kᖇᗩᖴt ᗪᑌᖇᑕᕼ ᖴᖇeᑌᗪe

      Conor said “not to let emotions get involved.” Then says I dont have a game plan i just let my emotions dictate where i take the fight... 🤔

    17. Fabrizio Barbieri

      Mc Gregor mi esalta li rivedo sempre con piacere i suoi combattimenti

    18. scooby 123

      weight classes are a joke

      1. Mason Stanford

        Tf are you talking about

    19. Koen Lunnie

      Marcus brimage looks like a pretty good banger but Conor was ready for him😆!

    20. Brandon Perkins

      go Amarica

    21. Lacocacolaman

      Before the roids

    22. Vrian Casmo

      What if conor lost this match?

    23. Vrian Casmo

      James Gallagher will take the same root....trust me

    24. P K

      Gotta love the commentators laughing at him saying he wants the featherweight and lightweight titles

    25. Bernie R.

      He sounds more Irish in the post fight interview

    26. kakadots

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="524">8:44</a>

    27. Richard P

      Think this Macquiefer kid is gonna be big if he makes it to ufc.

    28. big cat

      Is Connor fighting the baby version or Wayne Brady.

    29. andrew spyrou

      I wonder if his Ma still needs a caravan?

    30. Sar buzz


    31. Elvis Kudumovic

      One is Khabib Nurmagedov, you are big loser

    32. Mr Rizqi Channel

      Where is his tattoo??

    33. Mame Game

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="524">8:44</a> DANA Mojahed Fudailat

    34. ABSOLUT.

      Humans are designed to fight once in a life not like this

    35. Vikrant kshetri

      What is his entrance song in this?

    36. Mark Condon

      If only he stayed like this and not turned into the knobhead he is now....ah well.

    37. scouse nofeyzulla

      Very good at beating short people

    38. Moeshaak Shakur

      At 5'4, 145 pounds, that is a midget. Never gonna own respect from this.

    39. Brothers In Arms Sports

      Just shows how polished Conor already was. Crushing a solid TUF contestant who won his first 3 fight in the UFC, just absolutely smoking him. I wish he didn’t capture everything so quickly, that’s why he was so good, he had nothing and he absolutely had to do what he did. He’s still great but I feel the money and guarantee of securing a future for his family swallowed a lot of that drive.

    40. Licuidt Snake

      Muh muh muh midget

    41. Ethan Madigan

      "I didnt really have a game plan"

    42. leon drew


    43. DW DW

      Crazy to see how well he moves

    44. Truth Be Told

      Conor was fighting a midget. So unfair.

    45. Herbert The Pervert

      Fucking DELETED

    46. Dodge Ram

      Back when Connor could have been the Goat! But he let it get to his head man...

    47. Dodge Ram

      Bum vs McGregor

    48. nev billett

      Why do people watch midgets fight hahaha

    49. David Brallier II

      Wow how fucking stupid

    50. Marcos Adame

      vs khabib would be a good fight i hope they make that fight happen

    51. DOMINICK

      The birth of GREATNESS!!!

    52. NYTFHS Oh Yeah


    53. คนหลังเขา ฟ้าสางที่เมืองโสม

      บัวขาว/แสนชัย เจออย่างนี้ก็ไม่รอด_ตัวเล็กกว่านักมวยไทยนิดหน่อย_

    54. Stefano Naitana

      I thought I entered on GEsels and not on Internet Explorer

    55. Ashish Bhatt

      He is classic southpaw...in this entire fight he save his left hand for good punches.

      1. Ashish Bhatt

        @Benjamin Compson yep.

      2. Benjamin Compson

        Isn't that pretty much what he does in all his fights?

    56. p51abc

      Brimage is 5'4"? Conor is supposed to be the Leprechaun.

      1. Zo Kay

        Isn't he Irish?

    57. zee wee


    58. zee wee


    59. thebadseed90

      I like this kid McGregor. I see a 100 million payday down the road for him.

    60. Duck Fisher

      Definetly miss breakdown Connor

    61. Z M

      woah, he really cleaned up his act, he even removed his tattoos.

    62. Rusty Shackleford

      Conner's chest is weird, it's like wide yet skinny.

    63. gul

      every opponent connor beats, you dont hear from them anymore

    64. amrender singh

      Damn , how can someone be so calm while fighting........total concentration and calmness

    65. Denis


    66. Denis

      Она так и не продала свой форд фокус за 320000₽????😀

    67. AretnaP 3

      Connor Abuses Elderly Folks... Disgustingly Whore-Able.

    68. Susan williams

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    69. Lance Boncoski

      What was with his haircut back then 😂

    70. Michael Burness

      How stupid is when there's multiple cameras taking multiple view points up close and far and in perfect definition yet there's idiots still there holding phones in front of their faces instead of just enjoying the moment.

    71. Michael Burness

      Anyone know Conners intro song ? I know it's from a movie I can't remember yet know its a goodie, I'm thinking Ali but not sure.

    72. AldoBoomin

      Conor's body language looks so different

    73. shane jayasiriwardena

      When was this fight?

    74. Cezar Borres

      Excellent fight,,, ok

    75. DeFeCT CRow


    76. Thomas Vaatuitui

      Dam ....on point

    77. Dill Man

      What's with that jackass trying to take his flag... SMH😆😂 WHAT A F#@KING IDIOT!!!

    78. Dill Man

      Beautiful example of flow state. 👊

    79. Smko Kakai

      I have a feeling this kid can become a 2 weight division champ, I just feel it

    80. kakadots

      He’s 5 inches shorter then McGregor but it’s only 1” difference in reach 🧐

      1. Martin Jenik

        Volkanovski is like 5 inches shorter than Holloway and have reach advantage. Not so rare, also Jon Jones has reach advantage over Struve

      2. Keith Dang

        Goldie AKL Y’all don’t know what the ape index is, huh..?

      3. Goldie AKL

        Bs stats, conor rezch is huge for his height, no way a midget like Marcus comes close.