UEFA Short Film | Incredible never-before-seen footage of Liverpool's Champions League triumph

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

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    Watch UEFA's fantastic documentation the Reds' victory in the Spanish capital, as they beat Tottenham Hotspur at the Estadio Metropolitano to secure a sixth European Cup.


    1. Sander Christensen

      I come here once a month just to get those goosebumps

    2. Martin Wilson

      Incredible video.

    3. Monotok Channel

      everytime i watch this,its give me a goosebumps👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    4. Red Under Rain

      Goosebumps, tears everything LIVERPOOL LIVERPOOL LIVERPOOL

    5. kevin williams

      The bit at the end with his all fella gets me every time

    6. Brian Steele

      As a neutral I miss smiling Poch and his battling team. Misery Mounis not the same. Great film

    7. Charlie Bishton

      How does the Spur on the Tottenham badge keep balancing on that ball? You should totally see Van Dijks reaction when Origi scores... 🤣

    8. Youman

      Anyone watching this again, March 2020 while in quarantined?


      🔥🔥🔥🔥 🏁🏁🏁interesting race🏎️🏎️🏎️ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="110">1:50</a> 💘 👇👇👇👇👇💟


      🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🏁🏁🏁it's a real pleasure to watch🏎️🏎️🏎️ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="53">0:53</a> 💛🔥 👇👇👇❣

    11. عبد الله εïз

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="246">4:06</a> Your mission is to win secret agent .

    12. Aditya Chhaniyara

      As a Barcelona fan I totally agree that Liverpool deserved to win it, they were brilliant but I feel bad for Spurs, they work so hard but never get the recognition they deserve

    13. Piotr Walczyk

      co za GÓWNOOOOOOOOOOOO! nienawidze LFC!!!!! Liverpool to Gówno!

    14. Mahzaib Aziz

      I’m tearing up watching this after Atletico sneaked past us and the coronavirus put a stop to all football. Hope everyone is safe and we get the football season back soon! ❤️

    15. Del Delly

      Love this video...love Klopp ❤❤

    16. asep

      Watching this after liverpool lost from atm

    17. Bernard Afriyie

      who else is crying when he saw the tears in the eyes of the players, hit the like

    18. Ásgeir James

      Watch this every monday before football training

    19. Pericles Pedrosa

      Lindos momentos

    20. Daniel Grindrod

      later that night babies where born

    21. Fa'a rme


    22. Qiara zee

      Nevert get tired watching this

    23. VFL ALAMA

      It’s weird how I support Liverpool and Dortmund lol. Idc reds will always have my heart

    24. Jati Gumilar

      4 match again we win the league 🙏🔥

    25. Dimas viandanu

      Hope you make this kind of short movie in the next final, I really enjoy it

    26. Azally Aubdool

      Let8s go

    27. Susilo Wardani

      MasyaaAllah tabarokalloh

    28. Atte La

      Who's here watching this before tonight's match?! Great memories.

    29. Wilson Macharia

      i keep coming back to this moment i hope liverpool triumph again this season. it's a team full of respect to their opponents.

    30. Saeed Alshehri

      I believe Henderson needs his dad again to hug him for EPL tittle 😁

    31. yosef mohamed


    32. Aneesh S Rao

      Love from india Liverpool!!

    33. Shane Kelley

      Fantastic video! In my lifetime I have seen my beloved Aston Villa win the European Cup and it's a huge part of the history and fabric of any club, It's a rare club to belong to in England, Liverpool 6, Man Utd 3, Nottingham Forest 2, Aston Villa then Chelsea on 1.

    34. Erebus dark

      크 멋지다..

    35. martynh

      Please watch Goal the official film of the 1966 World Cup - great doc

    36. Mando Beshlawiy

      I love this

    37. Allan Chong

      gotta say liverpool is such great club, great manager great players,watching them wining the tittle is so damm emotional.. god bless this team and hope they can do their best in this year

    38. Irham Fauzi

      what a film😍

    39. Lintang Abimanyu

      Fans berat liverpool hadir ....

    40. Umar Surawijaya

      Very stunning video Well done, sir YNWA

    41. luda cris

      Spurs deciding to start Harry Kane clearly proved costly, it looked like they only had 10 men on the pitch.

    42. Huz Ib.

      The First of many to come. We are the Champion of Champions. YNWA.

    43. Lee Joseph

      9 months on and 2 new born babies.. I'm still watching and tearing..

    44. sonto loyo

      Bravo LFC, YNWA, this year will win the league

    45. Abuu Moha

      He should benched Kane and started Moura tbf

    46. Henri Lloyd

      Why i see the tittle of this video in Polish language?

    47. Stefano Mancuso

      I am true: one of the best document of the history of football, a great bargain for us. Thank you Liverpool FC. This Is history👏🌹❤️YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE honour to Coys👏🌹

    48. kenny brydges

      That was awesome ! 👏🏼👏🏼

    49. Giorgos Abso

      '' My dad always told me one day we'll be up here. And look at us now. We're in Madrid. '' I'm a Liverpool fan, but damn if that isn't touching.

    50. ChrisMisc1

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="294">4:54</a> had every fan in the stadium wishing it was in England lol

    51. Palestine Exists

      “Fucking Mentality Giants” -Jürgen Klopp

    52. Diks 90

      everyone cried, some cried happily and some cried because of sadness

    53. 8fold path

      Thank you

    54. Alec van der Vliet

      can't wait for this video but for when we win the premier league

    55. James Buxton

      The comparison of culture difference between us scousers and the rest of England is absolutely inconceivable, it's like night and day.

    56. Hei MK

      Just watched it again and I still can’t stop crying

    57. hugo hugo

      such a boting final thats why they are not showing us perfect actions emotional moments but only funs and referees talking toveach other XD

    58. Qendrim Spahiu

      Best short film i ever watched in my life ❤️

    59. kashattack

      These last two seasons have been a miracle. Thank you Jurgen.

    60. Dominic Lim

      we used to be laughed at, mocked at now look at us. i’m prouder than ever.

    61. Roy Clay

      So where does Allison keep his phone during the match???

    62. The Official Tard

      Damn Liverpool why you gotta make me cry like that? YNWA

    63. A A

      Jurgen, thank you for being an example to millions of fans around the world, thank your for motivating people who are not necessarily football fans, thank you for showing us what setting goals and milestones is all about and above all, thank you for being a legend as you deserve it.

    64. Surya Lathif

      Im not a liverpool fans but this video got my tears down........ thry deserve it tho

    65. Bro OzEnX

      Do it again The reds this is your era 👍🎉

    66. Lazar Ikač

      Uefa mafia Kosovo je Srbija


      Amazing !!!!

    68. Meh Meh

      Lucas Moura bring me in tears bro :(

    69. Julian ilyas Fadillah

      True sight :)

    70. Andrio Purnawan I'freak

      Moment luar biasa' bukan hanya untuk liverpool tapi juga untuk club" EPL' berhasil merajai eropa di semua kompetisi... good Job...👍👍

    71. andresitodemivida

      Can't believe I see this video in 2020 and I'm still crying... That Origi's goal... YNWA!

    72. Waleed Salem

      To each player of Liverpool.. Really thank you.. From my heart.. U guys have made the beautiful football come back. I really enjoy very very much while watching you.. By the way i am arsenal fan.. Since 1998, but i do love you guys. All the best

    73. Mr Meow

      Mane reaction when salah scored is gold

    74. Pritam Ball

      Sorry for Pochettino !!!

    75. Christine Dahl

      Jeg heier på Liverpool

    76. Alvin Firmansyah


    77. Rangga Srinoto

      I really2 love the atmoshphere

    78. Wolf Sunuwar

      Being a liverpool fan from so long... this video made me emotional i want to say thanks to liverpool and all those fans who stood by liverpool and never let liverpool walk alone. YNWA

    79. joseph idoko

      Emery Can? My bad!!

    80. saiful islam

      Never walk alone