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    From Kostas Manolas' goal in Rome, to Cristiano Ronaldo's stunner in Turin, to Gareth Bale's overhead kick in Kyiv; the 2017/18 UEFA Champions League season was stacked full of memorable and iconic moments!
    Kick back with the highs and the lows of the season with this epic season review.
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    1. Powerknallen

      Love this vid still it is two yours old😍

    2. Grig Kom

      Hala Michael Oliver

    3. Brayan Aguilar

      No team can compare to a 3 in a row champion ... to an unstoppable Ronaldo humiliating teams 🤫

    4. Gines Gallardo Naharro

      Reyes de europa. España real en europa real en el mundo real para siempre real madrid. Hala madrid

    5. Angel of Death EZRAEL

      Best match of that UCL session is Barca vs Roma

    6. Afruna Akram Nishu

      My Favourite club Real madrid

    7. Alan Jones

      Liverpool played better against Madrid than they did against Tottenham

    8. Hido BTW

      Roma was different that season.

    9. Erwin Rommel

      4:00 song ?

    10. Sergio_ 4

      Real Madrid The King ..king Slept 1 year Now tis time To woke Up Destroy Others Hala Madrid 💓🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁

    11. Oliver Hernandez

      Greatest team of the decade. 3 in a row and 4 in 5 years. All with the same core of players.

    12. Real Madrid


    13. Mayank Thakur

      11:21 Lazio flag upheld by Liverpool fans. These Scousers are proper sh*thouse.😂

    14. Ronal Avairo

      Cr7 the best

    15. Ilang Ilang

      5:32 for Alison Becker.

    16. Jamal Lobles

      12:58 klopp knows theyl be back to win and they did

    17. RAHUL DAS

      8:00 best moment

    18. Erxi Shang

      The fact that Ronaldo was top scorer and won UCL going through this kind of draw + scoring all group stage games..... And not winning Ballon dor is a joke

      1. Lvzxr ツ

        Erxi Shang robbery

    19. RONI kurniawan

      c.ronaldo 5-5barca 😋

    20. WeBareBearsNBCUniversalandSportsFanatic 2002

      Roma vs Barça 2nd leg is my favorite

    21. mohammad rifai

      the cheapest winning final , madrid has got 2 free goal

      1. Lvzxr ツ

        mohammad rifai whose fault

    22. Maria Alaradi

      Absolute beauty.

    23. Aswin Sibi


    24. Krapiva Mobile

      Qarabagh! 🐎🔥

    25. Sanyam Pradhan

      8:48 Ayes Roma : threeya Barcelona : nil


        Manila's the Greek god in Rome knock s. Barcelona out of champions League

      2. unofficially official


    26. Abdelrahman/Hamza Ahmed

      I Hate This Season! 😡🤬

      1. Christian Paredes

        Is it because liverpool lost

    27. Leo 04

      The 2017/18 season 🔥

    28. Dom Smith

      2018/19 review please!!

    29. ggy حسين البحبوح ggy حسين البحبوح

      صراحه مقطع جميل جدا ومحزن في نفس الوقت لما نراه اليوم في ريال مدريد

    30. Gonçalo Sousa

      2018/19 review where is it???

    31. krishna deshmukh

      Where’s the 2018/19 review

    32. Byron Iniesta

      Literally no one: Free goals for: Benzema

    33. Martin Trocmet

      zizou le s

    34. francis kisembo

      Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool's Kings of the Kop are Champions of Europe once again. 2019 Champions of Europe. And where did Real Madrid end.oooops Ajax Amsterdam thrashed you into pieces. We lifted the trophy in Madrid. Hope Mr.Ramos loved it especially seeing that Salah whom he deliberately injured scored the 1st goal. By the way if you observe the celebration of Salah after that penalty against Hotspurs, it is like he was pointing and assuring Ramos. You ended my game in 2018 Kiev, here i am you idiot.

      1. Unfunny

        Maaan this liverpool fans got a taste of glory and they already think they're the greatest team in the world. Liverpool have a long way to go before they can even compare themselves with Real Madrid

      2. Squaddeep3j

        francis kisembo 😂😂😂

    35. Prithvi Katari

      Still waiting for the 2018/19 season review!!!!!!

    36. Obinna Okolo

      The most disgusting champions league ever

    37. Deiby amaya

      Robo mandril

    38. Coloz_IYBC

      Who else is waiting for 2018-19 of this

    39. Sharvin #CR7FAN

      Ronaldo vs Juventus best bicycle kick Bale vs Liverpool best bicycle kick

    40. Shahzad Khuram


    41. Syahril Jaafar

      champion league back tonight 🔥🔥

    42. Jorge Pillar

      The namo of the 00:00 's song???

    43. Lagan zero :v


    44. Akram Zaoui

      Real madrid rey de europa⚪⚪💪💪💪💪

    45. Zaiariff

      ¡Hala Madrid!

    46. Roberto Gsalas

      ¡¡¡¡¡ME CAGO EN MIS PUTÍSIMOS MUERTOS A CABALLO!!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 (soy del atlético)

    47. sanobarzking


    48. Anid Bexheti

      Jürgen to Pep:Your 1 billon pounds team got clapped!

    49. TheBad Guy

      0:00 My days I thought there was an Insect on my screen

    50. Jet 710


    51. B

      I’ve cried after watching ronaldo’s bicycle kick and that pelanty😭❤️❤️ CR7 is the greatest

    52. rasqo1 rasqo2


    53. Deco

      real madrid winning the tournament easily again? meh nothing new

      1. Arthur Morgan

        @Deco by Barca for Madrid at the bernaleo

      2. Deco

        2-0 3-0 3-0 4-0 haha it keeps getting worse for uefalona... next year 5-0

      3. Arthur Morgan

        @Deco and 100000 dives by lord penaldo

      4. Arthur Morgan

        @Deco 4-0, 3-0,5-0, 6-2

      5. Arthur Morgan

        @Deco 5-1

    54. Ale Di

      Real Ladrid vs Juventus

    55. Willy Wonka

      Eagerly waiting for 2018-19 review

    56. Vitali Malendevich (vm1298)

      1:52 atlethico madrid don’t make it through the group

    57. PhoenixGames/ Guias y Tips.

      RIP Karius

    58. Abdalrahman Tareef

      Man I really know how bale felt at that final I hope his performance gets better

    59. Elijah Daniel


    60. Altrocool 2

      Liverpool got their revenge in the champions league this year🔥💪🏼