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Dolan Twins

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    GEselsrs come in many different forms. Here are a few that we know and love.
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    1. olivia chamberlain

      I can't with like the last minute

    2. Shannai Rainford

      “Then it’s a million cheese balls bitch”💀💀💀

    3. Haley Jaimes

      6:37 not hating Ethan looked like he was thrusting in Graysons face

    4. Reanna Tyska

      The second in the Paul brothers 😒

    5. sarah Yo

      The best and the funniest video of dolan twins omg the ending 😂😂😂😂


      I feel like this is just all shots at Jake Paul

    7. Zoey Wagner

      3:36 your welcome

    8. Haley Williams

      why do i think the first part of the video where e has gray hold him is adorableeee

    9. Ariii _Peters

      This was posted on my birthday like 2 years ago😂

    10. danica larsen

      3:35 all grethan fans are SHOOK

    11. Leah Gurshumov

      Grayson spelled arrested and dying wrong😂

    12. Harmony Watches

      Aresstit 😂BOOBies?😂😂 ah I see I get it haha, wtf I’m done hahah😂😂

    13. Isobel McKay

      7:30 gOtChA b*TcH hO hO hO mOtHeRf*CkEr

    14. Nameless Person

      Maybe the vlogger who vlogs a littke too much is emma now?

    15. Gwyneth Wong

      1:35 when everyone in the group chat is spamming.

    16. Brookelyn Holte

      2019 anyone

    17. Fading _ Dxpression


    18. PB

      Hi💖 Be brave🌸👑 07/07/19

    19. XxNekoBo xX

      The click-baiter is literally troom troom

    20. buffalo buddy

      Why did the fifth one annoy me so much😂

    21. Zrycc

      2:48 ImJaystation anyone? Hah, totally the type of youtuber he is.

    22. Paris Goss

      5:57 Grayson why are you so cute❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    23. Megan R.

      Is no one going to say that they spelled arrested wrong 😂

    24. Paris Goss

      They are so cute❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    25. Amari Robinson

      I feel like the only GEselsr that keeps it real besides the Dolan Twins is MrBeast

    26. Shagun Sharma

      Ethan looks cute in a nerdy outfit

    27. Alice Jeong

      1:36 thats me when I see Gray with a girl at a meet and greet

    28. Elianna Trestman


    29. Elianna Trestman

      the second one is literally Emma Chamberlain

    30. Lacey Smith

      Ares-tit Gray trying to spell I'm ded

    31. Alva

      Grayson’s floppy hair😍😭

    32. JENAVEVE Rios

      1:50-1:52 looks like me trying to play the piano

    33. zianka camilla

      grayson in this🥺

    34. Rainee Hewett

      2:20 Emma Chamberlain be like

    35. Priti Kiefer

      sorry i meant first and third ones

    36. Priti Kiefer

      was the first one supposed to be filthy frank

    37. Feyi A.

      You guys are literally the funniest people ever OMG

    38. Things By Sofia

      grayson’s face when cheese balls gets thrown at him lmao i can’t-

    39. Things By Sofia

      4:22 ur welcome

    40. DaWoop Dawg

      Y’all forgot bout the gamers

    41. Phoebe Connor


    42. Lesly Sorto-Ventura

      The prank one was too accurate 😂

    43. FaiFai


    44. infinityhunter 101

      1:28 Gray: tell me tell me tell me tell me Ethan: afjghfbcyjk

    45. Just Sarah

      The click-baiter aka david dobrik

    46. TEAlation sksksksk


    47. Frida Renco


    48. Andria Houhoutas


    49. Naomi Hebble

      3:36 did Ethan just hump Grayson’s head?💀

    50. Juliana Walsh

      i’d eat those cheese balls