TXT (투모로우바이투게더) 'Magic Island' Official MV

Big Hit Labels

Big Hit Labels

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    TXT (투모로우바이투게더) 'Magic Island' Official MV

    Production : DIGIPEDI
    Director : Wonmo Seong
    Executive Producer : Moonyoung Lee
    Assistant Director : Hyesu Lee
    Assistant Producer : Yena Yu
    P.A : Minjeong Heo, Joohun Kim, Gibong Yoon, Bomjun Lee, Gyubeom Mo
    Director of Photography : Euikwan Kim @ACS
    Gaffer : Doosu Choi @Hong’s Lighting
    Art Director : Jinsil Park, Bona Kim @MU:E
    FX : Changi Min
    Phantom Operator : Sangrin Choi
    Techno Crane : Service Vision Korea
    Jimmy Jib : Yungu Ji

    Post Production : DIGIPEDI
    Edit : Wonmo Seong, Hyesu Lee
    Digital Intermediate : Seokho Moon
    2D : Seokho Moon, Hyesu Lee
    Section Illustrator : Heukmi
    Ending Compositor : Dohan Kim
    VFX Studio : VIXEN
    Supervisor : Younsoo Kim
    2D Artist : Sejun Park
    Hyoenhae Lee, Hyeri Jang, Byeonggyun Kwon, Seunghyun Lee
    3D Modeling : Bongman Jo
    Jeongryun Lee, Jaewoong Han
    Matchmove : Sangjun Lee, Segwang Jang
    FX : Kwanghee Lee, Jeaseoung Kim, Geunho Park
    Post Producer : Younhee Kim
    General : Kyongho Park, Hyoungjun Cho, Hyosun Jung, Hyewon Oh, Yeojae Shin, Donghyeon Kim

    Music Composed and Arranged by Myungsoo Shin
    Sound Design & Mix at KRAFT MUSIC

    Visual Creative : Nu Kim, Lee Hyun Ju, Kang Sung Do, Cha Yeon Hwa
    Artist Management: Kim Shin Gyu, Kim Ji Soo, Yang Jun Hyeong, Oh Gwang Taek

    BigHit Entertainment. Rights are reserved selectively in the video.
    Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.
    Manufactured by BigHit Entertainment, Seoul, Korea

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    1. 물망초

      색감 너무 이쁘다.. 사랑스러운 모습을 더욱더 돋보여주는 색감이랄까...?

    2. Soomi Salman

      I love this school mystery vibe

    3. 이하림

      클라이막스 부분일텐데 자꾸 그 강풍기 쓰는 세트장 생각나서 피식함

    4. -GyuGyu * Beomiee-


    5. 모아미 _Kim Angie 27


    6. ARMY _MOA

      vote.vlive.tv/vote/301 vote for hueningkai

    7. DANI-SE

      DIGIPEDI is flawless! Always doing amazing works!

    8. 모아미 _Kim Angie 27


    9. Zoe Evardone

      I think this is the second part from nap of a star cuz its like they wanted to be human and be normal again but it was temporary so just when they thought they were stuck being humans they slowly turn back into their own forms again

    10. Adrianna mime

      Seeing how much of a story txt and bts is.. Amazing Me: i am a fan of bighit now.

    11. your name

      Bighit should start producing movies now

    12. Yunki Min


    13. 김규링링


    14. Phoenix Kim


    15. 모아미 _Kim Angie 27

      3.369.729 ☆

    16. Jana and rian's vlogs

      They also said here something about a star that sings wherein Gfriend's Crossroads, they said "Unfurling singing star, will you hear it?" Okay my head aches.. btw, BigHit entertainment really made a good movie 😂😂😂

    17. 모아미 _Kim Angie 27

      Let's keep watching all of their mv atleast 3-5 time a day fighting moas

    18. 모아미 _Kim Angie 27

      Let's str3@m this beautiful mv

    19. Kitty Buns

      I had to skip so much because I wanted to just hear the singing

    20. 모아미 _Kim Angie 27


    21. Aroha_Army luvluv

      MV means MoVie guys calm down

    22. Aroha_Army luvluv

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="587">9:47</a> i thought it was a girl for a god damn second

    23. milkyway Bin

      세계관부터 쩔었구나

    24. شادو SHADOW

      #weloveyoujungkook 💜💜💜💜💚💚💛❤

    25. Amorphous

      Magic Island is unlike other mv's . It's so unique . The visuals , the sound effects and most importantly the storyline . We Moas are blessed to have this 😍

    26. Nisrina Izdiharrahma

      This is MOVIE not MV bruh...

    27. vliz

      I see u Big Hit👀 making this cool story I see ya👀👀 XD

    28. Zarith Sallyna

      At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="548">9:08</a> did anyone notice that the girl look like Eunha from Gfriend?🤔

    29. Nuridə Əliyeva

      Are you Moa? Are you Army? Are you Buddy? I'm ARMY/MOA/BUDDY/STAT

    30. -GyuGyu * Beomiee-




    32. 모아미 _Kim Angie 27


    33. Afruza Khatun

      ttukateom Rm's song that i cant remember the name of

    34. Shira Aki

      Hi! Please vote for txt ! We are a bit behind and for roty . Please vote for the rookie category Unlimited voting! www.topmusicuniverseawards.com/2019/03/top-music-universe-awards-19.html?m=1

    35. Priyadarshani Padule

      Why don't I see this earlier . This is really amazing the concept is really really good

    36. Anwesha Shahu

      Bighit and theories, a never ending saga.

      1. Rrast Min

        True I am so excited for their upcoming comeback

    37. 모아미 _Kim Angie 27


    38. Nae Caipang

      Did anybody notice a reflection of a GIRL in <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="549">9:09</a>??!! I can't see a face but i can see a skirt so I know it's a girl.

    39. 모아미 _Kim Angie 27


    40. y3onderella

      this mv deserves much more than 3.3M

    41. 모아미 _Kim Angie 27

      Yes this MV is long but i love watching it everyday! I feel like i am watching a short movie

    42. 모아미 _Kim Angie 27


    43. zuey human

      nobody : leterally nobody : my mind : *is this some kind of japanese fantasy teen movie that have to do with secret island, supernatural power and friendships with some dramatic climax at the end ??*

    44. 모아미 _Kim Angie 27


    45. 이소민

      이건 명작이야. 역시 배운 변태들 므흣

    46. jimina mochi

      txt love 좋아 나는이 노래를 좋아했다

    47. Nastya Ruzik

      Wow! Today I spend my acquaintance with "TXT" and I can say that all the videos that I watched attracted me with their extraordinary and uniqueness! I really like choreography, visual and effects! So cool! And this video is generally very beautiful, I plunged into the whole story! I am very glad that I met such a beautiful k-pop group :) (I write this text with the help of a translator, so I apologize for possible mistakes)

    48. Abby Huang

      I take 14 minutes to watch this to find out they die at the end? I need the whole movie!! I need to find out what happens! Maybe make a webtoon? Or something? Don’t leave us all hanging

    49. txt princes

      everyone should watch this at least once in their life

    50. Mitzy Reyes

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="549">9:9</a> and <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="556">9:16</a> can you guess who it is

      1. John Andrei Stanford

        Eunha from gfriend

    51. 모아미 _Kim Angie 27


    52. A MOA le gusta el pepino de 25cm 7w7


    53. Aiseemaa Gogoi

      Txt playing happily in the forest Sis: Aww, this so beautiful and heartwa- Txt getting hit by the train Sis:😲 Me: Plot twist girl

    54. тυ aмorcιтo

      Okay, today I'm not going to think about theories, just to enjoy 🙏❤

    55. space duck

      After watching a video about how every little detail connects magic island with Gfriend, BTS and TXT’s universes makes me get as paranoid as Sherlock when watching these art pieces, legit cannot see these the same Damn you Bighit and Source

    56. Betsy 0622

      This MV is simply a movie... this is beautiful

    57. Aisyahanis Zulkifli

      I appreciate the aesthetics but we. need. THE. SUBTITLES.

    58. 모아미 _Kim Angie 27


    59. *Waeng GYU*


    60. 모아미 _Kim Angie 27


    61. 모아미 _Kim Angie 27


    62. PurpleKawaii 786

      I swear everything is some how connected bts, gfriend, txt there all in the same universe but different storylines like they are all connected to the magic island Bighit just wants us to use our brains😂😂😂

    63. BeamingEyedGamer

      It's been a few months since this masterpiece and I just want to add what I've noticed and seen. We know that they've referenced Harry Potter in Run Away, it's clear here too with the subway train instead of the Hogwarts Express. Passing through the tunnel at the exact moment they need to they open up their own Magic Island to get away from ashy gray city to place where they are free and where they can only reach. However it seems that they aren't alone and we see the chaos happen with the fire in their island, i don't know if this is a leap but in Run Away there are three specific scenes that stood out to me that just feel like it'd connect here; the burning book, the burning classroom and the burning door. The burning book and door to me seems like another way they get into they're island, and when another thing burned here it seems like they've lost a way to get out in a way, the burning classroom maybe a parallel to the burning island, they're trapped the door inaccessible. The dragonfly in Huening Kai's hand seems to be their freedom and easy-going life of youth that has been destroyed by the chaos, starting into their painful journey of adulthood. Also I think one of them were badly injured in the fire because the doll in Run Away was burnt. It also seems there's a Jester that wants to harm them in some way hence the ringing in Soobin's ear and Yeonjun's wariness. That's all I have for this beautiful cinematic piece and honestly I'm not ready for the theories yet because Bangtan Universe was confusing enough and now we have TXT Universe.

    64. 모아미 _Kim Angie 27

      3.348.062 ★

    65. 모아미 _Kim Angie 27


    66. Iann Flores


    67. Am I Wrong?

      I am a new moa and I realized that they are trying to forget about their miror ghost fear so they stat to spread fire and get rid of darkness. But later the fire spreads and affect them. So the things they are hiding are hurting them? It may be something from past because in my opinion the train represents the time line and they were inside of it when it was going ahead. Later they arrive to a bright place so maybe that's their debute. So after their debut the things they are hiding are hurting them? Btw I am an army and I produce theories. :)

    68. 모아미 _Kim Angie 27


    69. ᴊᴜɴɢᴋᴏᴏ Kᴋɪᴇ

      TXT CROWN 👑

    70. 모아미 _Kim Angie 27


    71. sweet ari butera

      thats not a music video thats a whole movie

    72. Jocelyn Porras

      Okok but dose anyone know if there’s any shows that could be like this lol I want to see one

    73. 모아미 _Kim Angie 27


    74. 최수빈보조개

      이거보면 기분이 오묘해 진다..

    75. 유림YOULIM

      헐ㄹ 영상 대박이다 ㅜ❤❤❤❤

    76. Daphne Angela Marzan Rapada

      What's the theory of this? can someone tell me? 🙏🏻

    77. 모아미 _Kim Angie 27


    78. Yui Tx

      Sin duda esta canción es una de las más hermosas de estos tiempos.....y el vídeo.....como si fuera hecho una obra de arte para alegrar los corazones

    79. 모아미 _Kim Angie 27


    80. Ana Lu