TXT - INTRO + 누난 너무 예뻐 (원곡 : SHINee) [2019 KBS Song Festival / 2019.12.27]

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KBS World

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    1. Santa Desyana

      With those sneakers and jacket style is truly Replay Era

    2. marisol cerna

      Sin duda 2:04 para adelante es mi parte fav , aparte de que me hace llorar

    3. P B

      Replay Replay Replay😍😍😍😍😍

    4. Fatima Khan

      How does this only have 1.6 million views

    5. meowing ssi

      i not and never will be over this, no seriously i wanted this since debut days

    6. samantha lynn

      taehyuns background vocals had me feeling some type of way😭

    7. Katherin Sandoval

      No supero este cover

    8. Sittie Alliah Sanggacala

      SHINee is back

    9. Mina Husz

      I can’t stop crying.... thank u txt for covering this beautiful song

    10. strawberi

      i might’ve possibly died

    11. Erika ja

      txt world domination

    12. jimins thighs

      It's almost the end of february and I am still here bawling my eyes out 😭 This performance is ICONIC stan SHINee

    13. Na Na

      Any Shawols here? I am🙌🏻

    14. T Magic

      I love u txt

    15. Ragil Putra


      1. Erika ja

        they sing live there is another video of this official presentation where you can hear perfectly

      2. Nyumi Liz

        They're actually not, as there's another fancam where you can hear them quite clearly.

    16. aS Ma

      the cameraman really has smth against beomgyu : 1:09 ; 1:38 ; 1:53 ; 2:28 ; 2:53 ; 3:02

      1. aS Ma

        @help tae find his bag, army yes it is but so frustrating at the same time :'')

      2. help tae find his bag, army

        I didn't realize this before it's so funny 😂

    17. Sowmya Elangovan

      It means a lot to shawols ...!!!! This song brings back thousands of memories...where it all started..! Thank you TxT for this wonderful cover...! Shinee forever..!

    18. Moonshine Catrina

      This is the second cover of this song that i love. The way they smile, sing and dance really reminded me of a younger SHINee. Really well done, i loved the way they sing Jonghyun's part, with so much feeling. They did it justice! It's a bittersweet feeling, but my shawol heart is happy ❤

    19. Kaylee Playz

      For Moas and Shawols TXT. ShineE Taehyun:Jonghyun Huening kai:Onew Beomgyu: Minho Yeonjun:Taemin Soobin:Key

    20. Hannah 10

      It makes me so sad that taehyun loves shinee so much but still shawols attacked moas and txt bc their lightstick's colour is similar to shinee's. Shawols are normally known as a peaceful and supportive fandom but idk what happened :(

    21. อัจฉราพร อิทธิกุล


    22. Meg Matsuyama

      2:08 - 2:17 look at yeonjun guys :(( PERFECTION

    23. Meg Matsuyama

      Yeonjun calm down UR TOO GOOD

    24. a hoe for blackpink, nct, & exo.

      this cover just made me stan txt and shinee even more )): why am i crying rn-

    25. ياقوت


    26. jimins eye smile

      This makes me sooo happy.. I miss jonghyung so much

    27. Jeet Jamatia

      Love u 😘 kbs

    28. Choi Sana

      shouldn't shawols apologize for us MOA about all the bullshit they made us go through dragging our boys and bh and that # they trended ??? or you big3 pride won't let u?? today our lighstick got shipped , and u all made a big deal out of a color that's it's not even similar + our lightstick can use many colors

    29. Lisa Kim

      This kind of song is kinda more fitting in them

    30. Xinger Army

      I like this😙😙😙

    31. Yan Zoo

      I haven’t even watched the whole video *and I already pressed “replay” 6153 times on just the intro*

      1. Yan Zoo

        Soobin TXT yass

      2. Soobin TXT

        Same 😂😂

    32. Nilufa kumkum

      *I really love how they didn't put their own style in it. Txt have their own style but we can clearly see their intention was only to remind us this that song meant alot to the kpop community..*

    33. Ashleigh Exford

      It's been almost two months and i just seem cant get over how they absolutely ATE this. I might be biased since I'm a balls deep MOA and Replay is one of my favourite Shinee songs, but everything about this is phenomenal.

    34. I V Y V I N E

      You don't understand the Nostalgia I'm feeling. Five members, these old outfit style, Aqua Blue, Yeonjun's cover OF Taemin's break solo. The adlibs. My shawol heart

    35. I stan tea

      Taehyun looks so much like Jonghyun He did it so well ☺️~~

    36. Just TXT ot5

      00:50 & 01:00 Taehyun's voice too soulful compared to huening kai's

    37. macandog마리안 레이

      the cameraman's bias is yeonjun

    38. Kauan Cracudo


    39. Kauan Cracudo


    40. Livia is a penguin

      Why does this cover makes me wanna cry...

    41. Dina Huaidah

      i wacth txt live.. im so happy... thank you :) :" :")

    42. Manel boudjellaba


    43. Army forever

      0:17 Soobin my boy is very shy shy

    44. Army forever

      This performance is very satisfying to watch

    45. Nonameup 2b

      I see Jonghyun in Taehyun


      MOA desde Perú

    47. dust_ jo


    48. KatarinaDreams

      it's funny that Hueningkai was doing Onew-oppa's parts since they're on the opposite ends of the age line in their respective groups

    49. this ain’t it chief

      I never listened to SHINEE but this made me love TXT more

    50. claudia zevallos

      Este es el comentario de español que buscabas, denle amor Moas ♡

    51. em h.

      that's Taehyun's voice at 2:37 right? his voice is my favorite, it's just so beautiful

      1. Milky Moon

        Yes it is :))

      2. em h.

        Taehyun* lmao stupid auto correct

    52. shinee jonghyun

      Why don't jonghyun 😭 😭 😭

    53. hakpop T.M

      moa aqui

    54. Tiara Faith

      SHINee would be so proud 😍

    55. bao nari


    56. Soog Yu

      MOA presente

    57. macandog마리안 레이

      this song really suits them well.

    58. P B

      I keep coming back to this.. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    59. Hiuying Lai

      누나 진짜 안돼겠다.

    60. adorable kth