Twins Vs. iPhone X Face ID

Dolan Twins

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    We hack the new iPhone X.
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    1. Sephora Charles

      I can Open my sister’s phone and we’re nine years apart. The system is broken 😂😂😂

    2. Oluchi Emukah

      so are they identical or fraternal twins?? i’m confused

    3. Nichole Dlp

      What did I just watch...

    4. charlotte x


    5. larryloudpax dingle

      Bro me and my twin do the same and he has a galaxy 8 and I own the I phone xr so apparently android and apple think our face are the same

    6. muhammad hafiz nor ariffin


    7. Hannah Le

      Grayson wore the hoodie backwards!!

    8. Ange Alexiel

      Apple warned ppl about the twins situation , and 2nd point, Face ID learns more and more about your face everyday... it's not similar to other manufacturer"s process.... your hair, glasses don't matter, the scan is a 3D scan of the face... are u really this dumb ?

    9. LilahWorldlol

      Ethan Grayson: We don’t look that identical Me: Pffttt that’s true

    10. LadySif1999 FanAccount

      Grayson looks like that Noah guy in The Kissing Booth while Ethan looks a bit like Ashton Kutcher in my opinion.

    11. kayla brock

      1:39 E lil face smirk 😏

    12. Abby Woroniuk

      Lol when my sisters with me and she takes my phone and she shoves it at my face so it unlocks then I just cover my face and run away

    13. Maya’s ASMR

      My sister can get into my phone, by entering the password🤓 (Were not twins)

    14. Shadow_Fall

      2 0 1 9 anyone? (also I might be on a Dolan Twin Marathon...)

    15. Ada Aroyo

      1:38 thats the cutest face of ethan

    16. Camilla Snake


    17. Yaneli Rivera

      Fake ass shit

    18. Olivia Rose

      “we are grethan”

    19. Cooper Kleinke

      It’s 10 not x when you say it

    20. Jada Crews

      Roses are red Violets are blue Ethan Dolan gray doesn't trust you 😂😂

    21. Jada Crews

      From 3:10 and dying 😂😂😂😂

    22. - PineappleDolan

      Anyone else realise that it was 9:41 every time they went in the phone like on the lock screen it was 11 or something and then on the home screen it was 9:41

    23. Georgia de Man

      They both look so good in this 😍😍😍 especially Ethan

    24. Dunja Vostic


    25. OneJohnSon

      Anyone watching this 2020? *PLS ZERO LIKES*

    26. Hopefully Sunshine

      *"Make facial recognition twin-proof."* lmaoo

    27. Anneliese Thao

      *0:37** PAUSE 😂😂😂✌🏻* *Ouu yeah 💀💀💀*

    28. Noelia Gutierrez


    29. Lexi Garza

      That’s funny when ethan put on Graysons Twitter I started in my pants Grayson is going to be so mad at ethan and he can’t take the tweet down

    30. Peace Of Her OliveTree


    31. drippin love

      ethan needs to have his hair up more often i

    32. Fi P

      Am I the only one in 2019 like if 👍

    33. キンタラックQuintarrac


    34. Chyanne Toppin

      Ethan's hair looks like how me and my sister tried to do our baby sisters' hair when we were younger.

    35. Boris Brown

      Also read this guide to know how to unlock iPhone X without Apple ID or passcode.

    36. Sofia B

      MY MUM got into my phone when I had facial recognition so I took it off 🙄😂

    37. Asher Angel FAN

      1:35 - 1:40 ethan surprised and smiles lol

    38. Nut Tella


    39. Terrence Canales

      it thinks my mom and my brother are the same too

    40. Patricia Arroyo Estevez

      That’s not gray that’s nolan 😂

    41. door knobs at grama’s house

      Iphone be like 😳👀

    42. Allie Glaszcz


    43. Red Panda

      Why is graysons hair so flat 😂

    44. Elizabeth Cortez

      they have different eyes, nose and upper lip

    45. Lexie Love

      I wasn’t ready for Ethan’s ponytails!!!!! 😂😂😂

    46. Cassidy Berry

      Ethan is a freaking little snitch

    47. Spid

      I didn’t watch the video yet but I’ll just say it worked for us lol

    48. Lydia D.


    49. Hüdanur Şen

      Grayson: I don't think it's gonna work *Ethan unlocks phone* Ethan: OOHH.. It worked *Grayson is shocked* I don't know why, but it's funny 😂😂😂❤️❤️

      1. Haiden Miller

        Hüdanur Şen and I'm in! Biiish lmao

    50. Haley Malloy

      3:12 his hair makes it 10 times better😂😂