Dolan Twins

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    This was a very interesting video for us to make. Throughout our lives, we've gotten used to being grouped as the same person by others because of how "similar" we seem being identical twins. People will say things like "you guys" or "you two" when they're only talking to or about one of us. This doesn't really bother us too much tbh but after switching lives just for 24 hours we realized that we are really NOTHING like each other.
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    1. The Emma Show

      Oof Ethan lazy pants and Greyson working pants Ethan dose nothing and Greyson dose everything Oof

    2. Annie Mata

      why does grayson have a crop top

    3. Emma Martinez

      hahahha im a mixture of both

    4. Cynthia Gonzalez

      Honestly i have a little bit of both lifestyle Grayson - i can be a productive ass bitch (in my good days) Ethan - i can stay in for hours and be a lazy ass (and watch the Dolans obviously )

    5. Juan F Garcia


    6. Patrick Johnson

      Honestly, Grayson is more fit, and has a better bod, no homo

    7. OG_JosephKogan

      Grayson lifestyle is better

    8. Glamorous MSP

      I have my own lifestyle lol

    9. Messi Best

      1:40 that’s what she said

    10. Sunny Smiler

      Why the heck does Grayson have a crop top

    11. Sof I

      Why is Ethan such a mood?

    12. Precious_ GachaBaby

      Ethan but with mine craft cause for tnite SUCKS

    13. Shee Khan

      I’m more of Ethan’s life

    14. Claire Brooks

      Ethan.....WTF why does that pizza contain dairy !!???

    15. Alyssa Fregoso

      I definitely have Grayson’s life style

    16. Jolexis Camacho

      Ethan looks better than my friends with a croptop

    17. sina fitsum

      I more of a Grayson cause I’m the one that makes breakfast for my older siblings

    18. Lucy Riley

      Ethan literally has like 3 outfit changes for no reason

    19. YDG_god 23

      I have ethans lifestyle

    20. nathan damiano

      I have Grayson's

    21. MidnightBee_ wolfy

      I have both

    22. Esther

      pause at 24:14 look at gray’s face 😂

    23. MidnightBee_ wolfy

      This is great

    24. Natalie Renee

      nobody: Not a single SOUL: ethan:😛

    25. Nikita Daily

      Did anyone see the Tory lanez album

    26. mike abela

      Nice video , my friend has a crush on grayson😂

    27. beauty stuff

      I definitely prefer Graysons lifestyle but I’m Ethan lifestyle wise

    28. Official Tumbler

      1:41 « i cant find the hole »

    29. Rachel Morales

      Ethan made 🍌 eggs

    30. Emeline Gaming

      I am like Ethan but more emo

    31. Crystal Meza

      Low key Grayson looks kinda cute

    32. Dhanya Aggarwal

      Ethan lol but, why is Grayson's just like my bother he plays fortnite all day lol

    33. Emily Rodarte

      Bruh I'm 8 I know how to play Fornite and u need me to explain it to u

      1. Addiethepenut

        Emily Rodarte Your also underage to play Fortnite

    34. #TIM_BOW RULES!


    35. Michelle Sayers

      Grayson, all the damn way 🙌🏻🌞

    36. Jariyah Murphy

      *Twins freak out because they have to use each other’s toothbrushes*

    37. Pooh Bear

      Girls get you a guy that loves you as much as Ethan loves fortnite

    38. Paige -Low Key-


    39. Zoe Dalessandro

      I have ethans

    40. Pooh Bear

      Did Ethan change again?? 16:48

    41. Fan Chat Story

      6:28 Ethan 😂😂😂😂

    42. Fan Chat Story

      Ethan 4:33

    43. Armando Ramirez

      I fell like s*hit

    44. Mercedes Benz


    45. Noella Nnebocha

      U guys should do 24hrs in boxing gloves

    46. Anna Shaw

      Grayson: *Housewife raising a son on his own* Ethan: *Son who plays video games and relaxes all day* Me: *Ethan my god, what's it like to still live with your mom*

    47. Addison Fields

      Only eat red things for a day

    48. Avery Crawford

      8:58 what a lucky boyyyyyyyyyy

    49. it's me c vlog

      I have grayson style of life seems more interesting.

    50. Shantel Mabuza

      this video confused the isht out of me