Twins Only Say YES To Each Other For A Day

Dolan Twins

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    We tried to fix our brotherly arguing problem but idk if it worked :/
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    1. Patrick Johnson

      Ethan told him to do 3 things before Grayson did his second lol

    2. Madeleine Aanstad-Hill

      Wait did he just put an uncrustable in the toaster... is that actually a hack

    3. Gabriel Iribar

      They said they are going to in and out and they really went to McDonald's donalds

    4. DJ diy's

      16:25 I would’ve just driven away 😂😂

    5. KitKat 2009

      What the fuck😆🤣😂

    6. gianna usher

      Lol my question is why they even have hot pink nail polish 😂

    7. anaya stewart

      aren’t you suppose to eat those pb&j’s frozen 😂???

    8. Mia Gross

      im watching tis is 2019 sooooo My toe nails are pink and gray~-ethan 2019

    9. Mia Gross

      i know how ethan feels with the dairy stuff im lactos it sucks like its bad R.I.P ethan died of drinking milkshake

    10. Olivia Potoma

      “What a man. What a 19 year old man he is” lmao 😂😭

    11. -tea Sis-

      Can we just talk about E’s singing real quick 😂

    12. Sugnightk 2

      I totally watched the end because e is so rude to gray

    13. Sugnightk 2

      Anddd e is not alternating

    14. Sugnightk 2

      Sorry e but your FUCKING LAZY

    15. Mia Miceli

      when grayson literally grabbed ethan’s hair i -

    16. nyleen the queen

      I kind of wish someone says in this challenge "can yes now mean no when I say it but still mean the same thing for you?" And all they have to say is "yes."

    17. Nadia Malik

      I'm bleeding 23:53

    18. malthe petri

      why didnt they say "can i not do that" and they would automatically cancel their obligation

    19. Jon Crawford

      Grayson: why do you like that Ethan: I don’t know Me: Toxic masculinity? Lmao jk I love these guys😭😭

    20. 100 subs with no videos lets try

      😆 I'm dead

    21. Lyn Rios

      I hope everyone knows what Ethan’s pillow was doing up there....

    22. c

      hey, can you guys bring your own grocery bags to the store instead of using plastic bags

    23. Da Bananananana

      Can you come to the store with me? Yes, but can I change first?

    24. Mckayla o_o

      the pillow on the headboard💀

    25. You'll never Know my name

      Am I the only one who used to eat the uncrustable pb&j sandwhiches with the peanut butter hard?😂😂 I like it like that

    26. *Ny4n c4t M4st3r*

      You could’ve just said, Grayson, Will you let me do your question then mine then yours and so on.

    27. Abby Reyes

      It’s funny how it takes them 5 minutes to go throughout the intro.

    28. Yi Hong Ng

      Y'all should make each other but cars

    29. Lanathya Lafond

      Aww Grayson I understand I’m lactose intolerant too

    30. Lanathya Lafond

      Bro this is so funny

    31. shania freeman

      16:06 My god 😲😲🤔🤔😮😮😮😯😯😂😂😂He snatched his head 😂😂

    32. sickokate

      i only liked this video for ethan’s toenails

    33. Ami Solorzano

      Grayson: ok lets do it together Ethen:ok Grayson: one two a one two three Ethen:peace- Grayson: Ethen:f**ck you bro Im dead😂😂😂

    34. ELITE TEAM

      9:35,you could of told gracyson to where your outfit Ethan

    35. Diego Garcia

      This video was kinda boring NGL

    36. TwineMeaningTogethe r

      I like how they are listening to "Toxic Waste" by trippie redd nice vide ig?????

    37. Marron Brennan

      lmao did anyone else realize that Ethan went twice MULTIPLE TIMES THEN SCOLDED GRAYSON WHEN HE DID IT😂😂😂 WTF BRO🤣🤣🤣

    38. GreysAnatomy4LIFE

      Ethan is so hot when he is annoyed, he’s like the guy you date. Grayson’s the guy you marry.

    39. PFTU_cheetah

      For a video can u give ur self's the same hair cut and the same beard.

    40. Amanda Anasiudu

      16:07 and onwards KILLED ME😭😭😂😂😂

    41. aysiah_arts

      Ethan could've asked to change before they went to the store tbh

    42. HyperzFlameo

      I thought it was supposed to alternate

    43. Madelyn Hewey

      When Ethan sang the first five words... I was so impressed. It was actually really really really really good.😘😘😉😉

    44. Naya Shaaben

      I would've said "can I say no to everything you say?"

    45. KS QUINO

      Ethan should have said: can i change?

    46. Sho'Shanah McBride

      The most sibling thing ever was when Grayson pulled Ethan’s hair so he wouldn’t leave

    47. Mya Parson

      Grayson chase chasing after him like a concerned father

    48. Casserole cat G

      the outro though

    49. Lilsavage Jo

      Who actually was nice enough to click off when Ethan said ✌️

    50. Aaliyah Vallejo

      When he sang at the end I cried