Dolan Twins

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    We switched identities for a day and set each other up for some really bad and embarrassing things.
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    1. Noemie Ture

      Omg Ethan tbh u look slightly better with highlights lol 😆 😝 U know what after looking at it for a while it looks kinda weird 😂 😂😂

    2. Jaydyn Patzer

      did anyone else realize they had the same idea at the same time or did they plan that

    3. oofer nuggets

      once there was a skunk boy now there is a porcupine

    4. Allison Hernandez

      ()() || °

    5. Elle Reyes

      13:37 Ethan was right he does scream a lot

    6. Taryn Ward

      Why does it take them 5 minutes to think of or do an intro and then another 5 explaining what’s gonna happen in the video😂😂😂💀💀

    7. Ally Smith

      24 hours in a bouncy house pleaseeeee

    8. Nyimah Thompson

      I liked Grayson's goatee

    9. ale B

      What you guys are doing is called "identity thief" and it's a crime

    10. Morgan Turner

      I love Ethan’s hair

    11. Lorea Eguia

      I tried calling and they disconnetcted the phone! like if that happened to u

    12. Aylaaa Williamsss

      We gonna ignore how when Grayson said hi the next most used work after was baby... 👀 8:13

    13. butter_ baeee

      Am I the only one who can tell them apart easily 😂 👍🏾 if you agree 👇🏾

    14. Rhea Del Valle

      Ethan be like: 3:15 If you don't know what a zumba is... 4:53 If you don't know what a simcard is... so cuteeee

    15. tucker & Oakley

      My name is lily

    16. Little Duck

      Grayson dancing gives me life omg 😂😂😂

    17. Camila Tapia

      They look completely different in my opinion lol

    18. Miranda Wells

      I fucking love it when they just yell at each other “NO NO NO ! ,GET BACK HERE! NOW!” that’s almost like yelling at your self

    19. Abigail Campos

      20:34 omg my baby just jumping like my little goof ball he is😚😚😚

    20. Bethany Jones

      They should have set each other up for piercings

    21. Summer Lindblom

      😂 16:03

    22. Alyssah Delgado

      So weird that they shouted out someone with my name 3 days after my birthday!! Pretended it was me for a sec, also Ethan pls never do that outro again LMAO

    23. Alana Newman

      Honestly I'm worse at dancing then Grayson

    24. Petra Petra

      They actually look kinda different...

    25. Your home boi

      I love how they both book appointments at 10 am

    26. Dakota & Annalynn Forever

      I actually love his hair ❤️

    27. ladybug72607

      XD the voice message

    28. Nyzaiah Law

      Are you gonna do something with your mom

    29. Taehyung's kookie

      15:59 ?????😂😂😂😂

    30. Layla Howell

      When Grayson rented a bouncy house and was like “oH hE’s GoNnA bE sO mAd!” and Ethan literally bought a fake phone and leaked the number so 13 year old girls harassed him all day.😂

    31. Adilynplays

      His highlights actually look good

    32. Amberley Richards


    33. Beyonce Daly

      Tbh his hair didn’t even look that bad

    34. Caitlin Cunneen

      Did anyone notice that when Grayson was texting the “Kayla” girl, it said “Baby” after Grayson said hi? 🤦🏻‍♀️ 8:17 on the right

      1. Nicola Ferns

        I thought I was the only one that noticed that but yeah

    35. Sheeda Rose

      An appointment for a full hair removal will be perfect 🤣🤣 for this one.

    36. Crystal Ram

      i lost my shit when gray started dancing holy shit 😂

    37. Notana

      25:28 bro wtf

    38. sweetener

      Omg I don’t know why I just felt so sorry for the lady she was so happy with the highlights :(( I know they weren’t being mean but idk I felt so sorry for her

    39. Ęłłîē B

      I- Grayson omg lol

    40. Leshay Harford Gadiner

      love u guys sooo much wow i would of liked to get high lights

    41. Are you feeling it now Mr Krabs?

      i cant be the only one who thinks ethan's highlights actually look good

    42. Kaeli Ann Marie

      Do a video of you guys doin Zumba

    43. Emma Harrison

      No one: Me: “Ethan’s hair looks good”

    44. Willzo T

      Watching Grayson do Zumba made me laugh so freaking hard

    45. XwolfXGamer0408

      SKUNK BOY V2

    46. Riley K

      the fact that they spent this much money just to annoy each other

    47. Abigail Johnson

      14:54 I lost it

    48. Miriama Matthews

      Grayson pretending to be Ethan in the coffee shop, literally the easiest switcheroo ever and he’s giggling. I’m not even joking, sometimes I just switch up my name when I get coffee for the hell of it. Except one time I forgot the name I gave them and stood there like a dick until she waved at me. It was Jemima btw.

    49. Rose Tears

      To be honest Ethan actually looks pretty cute with highlights

    50. Batman Boi

      Ethan: Wanna truce it? Greyson: Yea Ethan: *goes in for hand shake* Greyson: *Goes in for kiss*