Dolan Twins

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    We handcuff ourselves to each for 24 hours...
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    1. Halle Monteiro

      when grayson put his hand on ethan’s shoulder when he was asleep omggggg

    2. candybooker69

      Ethan Is exactly like me not a morning person I wake up at 10 in the morning

    3. Official Tumbler

      « Bag of shit »

    4. Magali's Corner

      22:08 Gray ~ I gotta take a shit 😂

    5. Bananana Split

      When Grayson was shouting at Ethan about talking a sh*t I was like :heehehheehhhaha😂😆😃😱😀

    6. bbygirl


    7. イムズ乇のTakeo

      18:41 This made my day! 😂🤣

    8. Hallie Jackson

      20:15 they’re listening to Travis Scott oh my God

    9. Kareena Singh

      Ethan and Grayson: puts handcuffs on 2 seconds later… arguing 😂

    10. Emily Reeve

      7:56 😂😂 I freakin love Ethan ❤️😂

    11. Ice Cream TIGER


    12. Arihia Gage

      Is it just me who noticed they switched there handcuffed hand wen they were sleeping 💤🤨🧐🤪💗💗

    13. Mosee Moe

      They could have just done UberEats

    14. Sulla 1314

      how come ethan was on the left of the bed at night but then grayson was on the left in the morning. fake 😤

    15. Susana Miller

      When they both fell I died

    16. Breonna Amerson

      3:15 me at 7 years old Ethan at 18 years old

    17. Shine Star

      I still can’t believe that ethan is the older twin😂

    18. Lakhbir Ghuman

      I don’t know why but Ethan looks so fucking hot in this video I mean he looks hot in every video but aaaahhhh I don’t know

    19. Vivian Vuong

      Twins: can you not make us sweaty please? yoga instructor: *imma bout to end their careers*

    20. Hayliana Bullinger

      I love u guys

    21. Lilly H

      Ethan's milk comment: yes I do that literally all the time

    22. Eva Florio

      Seriously where does that milk go?

    23. Saif's Hub

      how is a vid of 24h challenge be half and hour long, where did 23.5hrs go?

    24. Lib R

      They both called each other a bag of bricks 😂

    25. Mendes army Imagine

      18:44 lmao

    26. 123 143

      Grayson:I have to pee I drank a full bottle of water Ethan:Starts mocking him Me:Dies of laughter 😅

    27. R̥ͦo̥ͦs̥ͦḁͦl̥ͦy̥ͦ G̥ͦr̥ͦi̥ͦm̥ͦm̥ͦ

      Gray is so cute lol

    28. faiz hosain

      What if they had ti poop lol Edit ook they did...

    29. Unispiral

      the dolan twins get a crumb on a shirt "I cAnT wEaR tHiS iTs DiScUsTiNg!"

    30. Unispiral

      Ethan: Does anyone else do that they just spill a little milk and they just rub it off and its gone.....WhErE dOeS iT gO? Me: to a galaxy far far away...

    31. Brianna Guzman

      Grayson is the hotter twin sorry Ethan I’m telling the truth leave a like 👍🏻❤️

    32. Frenchy and Angelica

      I died when that where doing the yoga poses and fell 😂

    33. Maddie Volm

      If i did this with my brother, The first five minutes one of us would be in the hospital and in the first 10 both of us would be 🤣

    34. Leihaana Amonoo-Kuofi

      the camera ppl missed an opportunity i would so pretend i had lost the keys at the end😂

    35. isabelle neal neal

      why did they walk into the sex shop together that’s so fricking awkward + we all know that’s not the only place u can get handcuffs... u kinky fucks

    36. Nane Aghamalyan

      Who else was expecting the crew to tell them that they lost the key for the handcuffs

    37. Charles Parker

      13:20 it evaporates

    38. Anime world BTSUPERGIRL

      I love sushi 😂😭😭😭

    39. Alexa McMahon

      18:44 funniest thing ev r 🤣🤣

    40. Lainey Rowland

      They switched hands that they were handcuffed too

    41. Mounaissa Kiri Tounao

      The twins doing yoga is the cutest thing ever💕

    42. K Gray

      Did anybody else notice that they both called the other a ‘bag of bricks’

    43. Olivia Carpick

      Sorry about those tickets guys

    44. Jazmine Simpson

      i love how they argue and cant stand each other but they cant survive being apart its soo cute!!

    45. Sadie Schultz

      owowowowowowowowowow 😂

    46. Sadie Schultz


    47. Caleb CW

      When they went on the bed why did they switch sides If u think I am showing hate I love this channel just asking a question ;)

    48. Pamela Russell

      My mom works at wework but at atl

    49. Cryptic Entity

      Even handcuffed together they still have more of a fashion sense than me

    50. Isabella McCormick-Knight

      6:13 omg E actually looks like Gray there 😱