Twins Go in a WOMB SIMULATOR together!!

Dolan Twins

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    We relived our first bonding experience of all time...
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    1. Chloe Mendez

      He said half of a 2 liter bottle, he could’ve just said 1 liter😑

    2. Izzy Sharpe

      Oh my God for all 2 people but some people get split in half WE ARE STEVEN UNIVERSE CARECTERS

    3. Heyits Carmen

      13:19 I died🤣🤣

    4. Ana Paniagua


    5. taylor johnston

      Grayson : "So were going in something that can only fit one human?" Ethan : "Yeah.. That's what a womb is.. We just multiplied by accident" I laughed way too hard at that lmao

    6. Naomi Martinez

      What the hell am I watching....

    7. Cody Rourk

      Honestly if y’all don’t stop fighting I’m unsubscribing

    8. Juliet Hernandez

      My cousin had a twin but the twin died because my cousin ate her twin

    9. Ajah Lawrence

      You dont split into two when your born

    10. Mallory Maxwell

      This doctor is like “...what are these crackheads doing?”😂😭😂

    11. Meghan Lee

      I wonder if Grayson’s claustrophobia comes from his emergency c-section? Now that’s a question I would have asked Dr. Ott. 🤔

    12. Kaylee Stroud

      the doctor said sure A LOT

    13. That One Guy

      Ethan or Grayson: Asks question Doctor: Sure 🙂

    14. Chloe Regan


    15. Macie Vlogs


    16. Deasushee

      Man, the thumbnail for this video is the best

    17. Peyton Huffman

      24:42 you left Ethan hanging...! 😆🙁😦

    18. Luke

      This is HILARIOUS that Doctor is like a character out of the office

    19. Bhad_bitch756

      Both can enter this womb any day or night “teehee” 🌝

    20. ellielucy747

      omg the doctors face at 11:49 was so confused hahahah 😂

    21. Das Memes

      *mOm Im HuNgRy HeRe!*

    22. julia meyer

      that was a fuckin solid hand shake

    23. em.emily 1

      “we were goops” 😭

    24. kelly maganini

      Ok but like Dr. Gary Ott is like... kind Gary what’s ur number tho???

    25. Ella Tesch

      Me: Where were you born? Dolan twins: The womb

    26. J B

      Grayson:“Awe fuck we fucked up dude we forgot to ask what babies wear inside the womb” Ethan:“Babies are naked u fucking idiot”. 😂😂😂12:41

    27. NIYA Bear

      Tf ?

    28. Summer Gies

      oh my god. I am so dumb. i just realized why fetal position got its name when the doctor was talking about how much space a baby has at the end of the pregnancy..... i feel stupid now

    29. Sarah Juteau

      is it bad that i think grayson looks super hot without all the hair shit

    30. Destiny Archuleta

      The doctor is so disturbed

    31. WithoutReality -

      The doctor dude is like why da fak you here you idiots and why u asking me these restarted question

    32. Delroy Miller

      Ethan " he's always been a little THICCER than me

    33. Sapphire Moon

      grayson is like the left symmetrical side of grethan and ethan is like the right symmetrical side 😂😂

    34. Aaron Brown


    35. Aaron Brown


    36. Anna Willmot

      As a fellow twin i would definetly not like to do this with my sister 😂

    37. Ruby C

      Hey I’m also a twin I thought my sister and I were only big babies. My mom carried 14.6 lbs. my sister weighed 7 lbs. and I weighed 7.6 lbs. that’s crazy.

    38. lucy clouse

      nobody: dolan twins: goop 👌

    39. Haylee Block

      Would love to spend my birthday this year with the twins since we have the same birthday

    40. Anna Eileen

      This doctor props felt so weird explaining this to them

    41. Zuri Paredes

      The way they say tummys 😩❤️

    42. supitsmeb

      Just here for 22:42.

    43. Asmaa Taleb

      Hey I’m subscribed

    44. Perry Winkle100

      No one: Literally not a single soul: Not even the aliens at area 51: Ethan: *kicks grayson*

    45. zabeast gamer 123

      I was umm 2 pounds but I was early soooooo....

    46. Sydney Woodruff

      U should have asked if u actually became furriers in the womb

    47. Aaron Brown

      Ethan’s notes: *kick grayson*

    48. yeah mate

      i'm over here weighting 10 lbs when i was born. 😂😂

    49. wandering spirit


    50. Etho The Great

      They must have been really board to do this