Dolan Twins

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    We shopped for each others Coachella outfits and thing got....... watch to find out XD
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    1. Kyra Belle Marquez

      Twins talk abt some cheese Gray: thats a type of cheese.... E: I wouldnt know i dont fuck with that dairy bro😂😂😂 I love you guys so much!❤💕😍😘

    2. GreysAnatomy4LIFE

      Flat face. “ *we’re identical* “

    3. Allie Stafford

      I love how ethan dances like emma

    4. casside666

      Cultivate Compose Coordinate Curate Really need to know what word they were thinking of 😅

    5. Ashlee Bates

      Hahahahah Grayson looks like an eshay (Teenage Australian chav/gangsta wannabe asswipe. Known for smoking, drinking, stealing, stinking and unprovoked attacks called “staunching”. Can usually be frightened away by a large stick or adult with a loud voice. Comes from the pig-latin term “Sesh” -> Esh-shay.) hahsh that’s what Australian idiots dress like hahaha

    6. Sofiya Nekrasova

      do you mean combine??😂

    7. Priyanka Thapa

      Oh fuck, Ethan and Grayson BOTH! not being able to get the right word made me feel so uncomfortable that i literally started sweating. Im sorry lol.

    8. Leon Ilic

      the accsessories were trash

    9. Adilynplays

      I feel so bad for Grayson ngl

    10. Sophia Luling Zhao

      Ethan: walk sexier. Gray: LOOK AT ME ETHAN

    11. Nicole Danielle

      I am on Grayson's team you guys should switch

    12. Nicole Danielle


    13. Hannah B

      All that money spent, and those are the most boring outfits they could come up with (that still manage to be so tacky). I want my 20 mins back....

    14. Plinio Sanchez

      Dem shoes 👌👀😎

    15. Plinio Sanchez

      Me personally, I don't like Ethan' s outfit, I LOVE IT!

    16. Alyssa Hays

      Ethan: oh I don't know if he could pull these off but I know I can idk about him" Me: You're twins Also Ethan: Me and gray are pretty much the same person"

    17. Mo

      2:35 ethan was lowkey my mom giving me a lecture

    18. Milly Sparrow

      the word ethan is thinking of at 2.40 is combine 😂

    19. Jenna Scoggins

      ethan looks basic, and grayson looks sick af.. just me ??

    20. Lillie Singleton

      “I DON’T F**K WITH THAT DAIRY BRO” -Ethan 😂

    21. Olivia Rules

      The dances e were doing are the dances emma does. #ethma I think so.

    22. Sub to pewds

      graysons the new roky

    23. Sub to pewds

      i dont think anyone got that hand thing they did

    24. Lena W.

      I love that they both had the same Idea to dance in the clothes hilarious! 😂😂

    25. Yousef Yuksel

      I need the pant Ethan is wearing in this video

    26. Naya

      Bro, how the hell does it not drain their souls spending that much freaking money on one outfit? 😭

    27. School Sucks

      Ethan your funny and cute but you can’t dress Grayson😂

    28. Lala YoYo315

      Please please please do another what our tattoos mean

    29. spongebob

      who’s here after the louis vuitton video!!!

    30. Στέλλα Μαρία Δ.

      Both outfits are a big big no from me😂

    31. Cup of Tae

      I don't think they look identical.

    32. Hanna Lewicka

      No one: Literally no one: Grayson and Ethan: OMG THIS IS SO COACHELLA VIBES

    33. Agatha Baby

      9:26 kyle saying “you can’t be serious” sksksks

    34. Nyah Hawley

      Did anyone else die of laughter at E's outfit on Grayson?? I couldnt help myself😂😂

    35. Nalau Luna

      look how sad Ethan looks when Grayson saying it sucks like I just wanna cry for him love you ethannnn

    36. XxChineseMcChickenxX

      broah :(

    37. Margaret Fowler

      14:20 emma chamberlain is that you???

    38. Alyssa Rainey

      Was the word you were looking for Assemble?

    39. MayaDolanz 1612

      Who back here after the Paris fashion week

    40. Queenie Halloweenie

      grayson looks fine af

    41. Ellie Smallman

      Where's Graysons earring. I've watch this tons of times and just realised. WEIRD

      1. Chanelle turnayan

        He lost it in the ocean

      2. Ellie Smallman

        @vxintage I'm a big fan 😂😂

      3. vxintage

        Ellie Smallman the thing is I was think how did u realize that o.O

    42. Forever

      He still wears the necklace that James got him

      1. Lindsey Goldensoph Forever this video is from April.

    43. Ashley Toomey

      The word your looking for is COHESIVE thank you bye

      1. Ashley Toomey

        He didn’t say the full sentence but definitely meant cohesive - compile does not match at all 😂

      2. Arkan Sauce

        Ashley Toomey so you’re saying Ethan would have said “not only do we have to cohesive”. No, that makes no sense. The word is compile. You’re a little overly confident there 😂

    44. Ana Saldana

      Both these outfits are just wow

    45. Kylie Nardone

      Gray is so cringe lol 😂

    46. Daniel Ramirez

      If I were their to shop for y’all I would of nailed it like for real!

    47. Nika niknejad

      I feel bad for ethan

    48. SENPAI

      Remove outfits and they decided to buy each other...

    49. Hose Lilsis

      Ethma at coachella (like if u agree)

      1. Hose Lilsis

        Arkan Sauce i know but did you even see them together 😑😠

      2. Arkan Sauce

        Hose Lilsis Coachella was two months ago, as is this video. Your comment has no point

    50. Sarah Merazil

      This is hands down one of the best videos on YT!! I can literally watch this over and over!