Tulsi Gabbard fires back at Hillary Clinton's Russian asset claim

Fox News

Fox News

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    2020 presidential hopeful Tulsi Gabbard responded to Hillary Clinton after being called a Russian asset.
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    1. M M

      i love the pictures fox news shows of hillary hahah.....hillary looks like a maniac and that is one of the many reasons she lost

    2. Dale Beesley

      From what I've heard Hillary likes to have blood on her hands especially babies blood. What a sick witch.

    3. Rock Island

      So get the hell out of that party. She thinks she can change it LMAO. That's like a wife staying with her husband who is a serial killer thinking she can change him-she's next.

    4. Howard Campbell

      USA embrace, support, protect the Tulsis, the Mayor Petes, the AOCs, the uncorruptibles like Bernie, recognise that they are the genuine swamp-drainers, the true patriots and caretakers of all that it means to be, and is great about, the magnificent democratic experiment and promise that is the US of A, a country that was meant to stand for all its people not just tne privileged and powerful. Lift them up, they will do the same for you.

    5. GoHorns

      Lol, I love hos Fox trolls Hillary by using only crazy eyes photos

      1. cole hampton

        Those are actually the only pictures available.

    6. You Tube

      The pics of Hilary. Fox is shady as hell

    7. Cathy Young

      Tulsi, Is talking out of her a**.

    8. Jamie Rueffer

      When someone's (Tulsi's) foreign policy goes against the military/industrial complex's policy the M/I C sends their cronies out to attack them.

    9. Burt Bowers

      Tulsi is gorgeous if she was a republican I would vote for her unfortunately being a democrat I cant..

    10. Robert Bonardi

      but will Tulsi pledge to help Trump end the occupation in the middle east if the chance comes up....I'd love that

    11. Lloyd Wright

      Tulsi should join the Conservatives???,,,They won't stab you in the back there!!!

    12. Marko Janković

      Tulsi is the only democrat who can unite the american people, republicans and democrats, the whole world.

    13. Polly Purree

      This c**t voted to impeach Trump

    14. David Templeton

      Let hope she doesnt get suicided like Hillary's other enemies, how many is it now 50 odd

    15. R

      The U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution Thursday that formalizes the next steps in the impeachment inquiry of President Trump

    16. deb lambert

      Tusil not pretty have you seen her skin???She has acne scares all over...Pitts.She talks like a man..She works with John Pedosia stupid Tucker I don't will not watch Tucker anymore!!! HRC supports her stupids

    17. deb lambert

      Tulsi too busy to vote for USMCA.Too busy to vote on money for Military my sister's & brothers.Too busy to vote for military raise.too busy to close boarder.too busy to change loop holes immigration.Too busy running against dulley elected Commander in Chief Donald J. Trump. Go away Demorats.She lies

    18. deb lambert

      Tusil shut up she is CIA John Pedosia backs her.She is Smolia.Hindu religion.Involved in MK Ultra .Mind Control.Still believes in All Dems Policy.Not Qualifyed go away she involved w/HRC Fake my SISTER you will never be President

    19. Max Abramson

      0:12 (subtitle) laughs in Russian

    20. Benjamin Stephens

      If she drop's the Democratic Party's desire to disarm the 2nd Amendment Right's of Veteran's and other's,"I WOULD VOTE FOR HER IN A HEART BEAT!" And knowing that she has what Hillary does not,("Prior Active Service") makes me realize that she doesn't want to go through any more Regime Change War's where our Son's and Daughter's will die! When I look back deeply on my experiences and memory's from the past, I realize that the "Last Patriotic War Was World War ll."

    21. Chris Hopkins

      Hillary, by repeating the exact same smear campaign, is openly, albeit inadvertently, admitting to the criminal act of engineering the Trump-Russian collusion hoax on the American people.

    22. Rick McNally

      Take a shot for every time "Regime Change War" is said. Cheers!!

    23. Sailor Man

      Great interview

    24. Antonio Otero

      Forget about the presidency, Tulsi should be running for Miss Universe!

    25. Rudy Gray

      I'd vote for Tulsi if it were 2024. Oh run again. Don't quit.

    26. Talking Tiger

      Can candidate like Tulsi and Yang really have a chance in Trump's world? I seriously doubt. US is white men's world more than ever before. No more mask, out in the open, people are shouting "Nazism". They are just cosmetics in the so called American democracy. Truth hurts I know.

    27. Talking Tiger

      Can candidate like Tulsi and Yang really have a chance in Trump's world? I seriously doubt. US is white men's world more than ever before. No more mask, out in the open, people are shouting "Nazism". They are just cosmetics in the so called American democracy. Truth hurts I know.

    28. Talking Tiger

      Can candidate like Tulsi and Yang really have a chance in Trump's world? I seriously doubt. US is white men's world more than ever before. No more mask, out in the open, people are shouting "Nazism". They are just cosmetics in the so called American democracy. Truth hurts I know.

    29. Woo Bino

      Your boy TRUMP got his hand caught in the cookie jar and you aholes are still talking Hillary.....lmao

    30. Iodine Bottle


    31. TheLegend27

      As if anyone would ever believe Hillary Clinton.

    32. Carl Mottola

      Tulsi. Just wait till 2024 and run as a republican. I will probably endorse you

    33. 007Mugs

      Tulsi is more left wing than Obama. She is not a moderate Democrat.

    34. Otto Maguire

      Tulsi gabbard and Ivanka Trump for the Democratic ticket in 2024I as a moderate conservative/ libertarian could potentially vote for that ticket.. as long as Tulsi back off from the Second Amendment attacks

    35. Tiber Zeek

      Don't be fooled by Gabbard.......she would overturn this election in two seconds and nullify your vote if she could.......she's still a snake in the grass democrat.

    36. Statuskuo75

      Tulsi does bring up a good point. Clinton owns the DNC...if a Dem is elected, there is no doubt Hillary would be working behind the scenes.

    37. Andrew Quintero

      Tulsa Gabbard, during the Democratic debates has always stuck to the issues when asked what she would do as president.

    38. rosstaylor71

      I support everything she just said. Had no idea I was a traitor to the country and a Russian asset. Wow and you think you know yourself. Thanks for pointing that out Hillary.

    39. Focal Point

      wow, Clinton has no integrity.

    40. Sonmi Song

      I've heard more than one politician say they wanted to end regime change wars more than once over the years......so what makes Tulsi any different from them? They all say the same thing. All buddy buddy until election time, then comes the same monologues. She's young and pretty....so a new face...but the same talking points.

    41. iamrobot1c

      Trump, hire Tulsi to be your Secretary of State when you get re-elected

    42. Mystical Empress

      Obama/Clinton 2.0 (yawns)

    43. Sky1

      So the person who conspired to sell Uranium to the Russians is calling the other person a Russian conspirator?

    44. Satellite Rider

      She never said no..

    45. Danny BlueShark

      did she say "thanks sucker" lol 00:03

    46. dan lucky

      Tulsi needs to get on the GOP side of isle, forget about the Democrat run trillion dollar entitlement industry and help America be Great Again.

    47. Eric Lawrence

      Hilary Clinton, the Embodiment of Corruption. no kidding... truer words never spoken.

    48. Matthew Pearlingi

      Sick and tired of the Democrat party PERIOD..Tulsi was the best shot and they BLEW IT.

    49. Matthew Pearlingi

      We are still talking about RUSSIA?UGH..

    50. H de Boer

      Tulsi can wear it like a medal

    51. Incogfitness

      I don't care about Tulsi and have no opinion on her policies, BUT the accusations by others are ridiculous. With that said why wasn't the first word out of her mouth "NO" when Tucker asked her if she was a Russian operative. She outright dodged the question and started on talking points like every other crooked physician.

    52. Terry Diaz

      Girl your partys clowns

    53. Terry Diaz

      Cant believe you are a DEM @@ your woke !!!!!!!!!

    54. Shelley Bayless

      This whole thing is theater to get Conservatives to like Tulsi! She's still a Socialist/Communist/Marxist! A Globalist former member of CFR! She's trying to get Conservative votes! Tulsi would ruin the country just like the rest of the Demos! Don't fall for her deception!

    55. PatrickTK21

      Tulsi hiding from the Clintons in the only place they'll never go unless they're looking for last minute votes- the hood.


      Why is this woman running as Democrat she sounds more like a Republican

    57. Michael Lusk

      Gabbard is the only person fit to be the Democratic nominee. Deal with it.

    58. Will Spencer

      Basically she's taking trumps policies Trump 2020

    59. ISP BrotherWolf

      Be strong Tulsi, be strong

    60. Buderbukz

      Turn this around and accuse Hillary and the establishment Democrats as being Russian agents.