Try Not To Laugh Watching Patrick William Charlton Compilation 2019 (W/Titles)

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    I hope you enjoyed this try not to laugh challenge with the funniest Patrick William Charlton vine videos of 2019
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    1. Nathan Allen

      The thing about not knowing the names of the roads you have lived near for 2 decades, i fucking felt that

    2. Kiera Hinton

      yup. i'm still in love with him. shit.

    3. falcon wilson

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="193">3:13</a> i feel personally insulted...

    4. Abby Connell

      I need Patrick and Jensen Ackles in a room together

    5. Grace Kathleen

      Someone give this mans a raccoon 😂

    6. Aza

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="150">2:30</a> Dobby Potter XD

    7. Ninaray DM

      I love this guy! I swear! His monotone voice and humor are the best!

    8. Sarah’s Shenanigans

      Id love to meet him IRL

    9. Frank Rappa

      I love this guy! He's hilarious! He and Arthur were 2 of my favorite Viners.

    10. Pratika Singh

      The things he rants about are the things that I want to rant about but he just makes them funnier

    11. Robert Harrah


      1. KenzTheGirlRs ????

        It triggers me that everyone was hating on his shaved head, cause I find it quite attractive to be honest.

      2. Summer Perkins

        And why is his voice so deep!!!!!!😊😊

    12. New cat, Who dis?


    13. Vixie Merryman

      Anakin Skywalker is afraid of Mr. Sandman. He doesn't like sand it's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.

    14. Yeety Redding

      I am still mad no one seems to be talking about how they brought ronin into the marvel universe when hawkeye became him in endgame and also just why does everyone shit on hawkeye lime the dude is really badass and can keep up with the other avengers even though he has no powers at all

    15. Dee Sik

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="585">9:45</a> is me, I also forget the names of where I drive

    16. Hernandez Flores, Valery (10C/1920)

      Honestly idc about the egg head look I am so used to it after my first year of military school

    17. Thomas Vatz

      Pat seems like an interesting guy to talk to whilst drunk/high

      1. Thomas Vatz

        I mean If hes like this normally.... imagine the possibilities while drunk off his ass

      2. Henry Kaye

        wait he isn't high or drunk?

      3. Henry Kaye


    18. Emmi Anderson

      I like all of his marvel related vines

    19. Justin Hall

      I love this lol

    20. Wolfy nichols

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="218">3:38</a> that happens to me too often!! Bro, I feel ya pain

    21. Angelica Figueroa

      Hogwarts never employed the executioner. He was brought in by the minister of magic after malfoys dad bullied the 12 judges into siding with him about Dumbledore's failing capabilities in running the school

      1. Leia Schneider

        THANK YOU

    22. Ngọc Ngọc

      Xuất bản 17 thg 9, 2019

    23. Elvir 97


    24. Michalia Banks

      I swear whenever I watch this dude he sounds boring and depressed I only laugh at one of them

      1. Wilson Obiahaoma


    25. Rebecca Spiwoks

      I love this guy so much! He's so fucking funny!


      It’s a hypogriff not a griffin! I’m sorry I’m a potterhead😅

      1. megiddragon

        You mean Potthead?

    27. The Almighty Whitey

      That was a easy try not to laugh , didn't even chuckle

      1. Midas Silvius

        fuck you!

    28. rita boamah


    29. KITTY KAT

      Your voice man !!!!!!!!!!!!

    30. Hyewon혜원

      *Gosh* he's voice is turning me on

      1. Sophia Rice

        Hyewon혜원 oh my gosh same!!!!!! He has the sexiest voice ever 😍😍😍😍😍

    31. Kelly Morgan

      Early omg I love this

    32. Gubic 17


    33. &Valenchuus& Obarni

      Good Job

    34. owly Mr Rabbit

      Im the 4 commenter IM invincible!!!!!!👿

    35. &Valenchuus& Obarni

      Godo Job

    36. VinBringSmiles 480

      Dog or cats? Bork.

    37. KAMIX

      2019 ????? 😂😂❤

      1. New cat, Who dis?


    38. KAMIX


    39. ItzDerin


    40. Pink Nugget


    41. Asury Ariza

      First pin plz

      1. Midas Silvius

        don’t fucking ask for that, that’s like asking someone to shake your hand: it feels like it’s not a weird thing to ask, but you just sound like a fucking asshole.

      2. Asury Ariza

        To see if he read my comment dumb butt

      3. The Almighty Whitey

        Why? What would you benifit from getting pinned?