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    Try Not To Laugh Watching the best Kids Fails Compilation of America's Funniest Home Videos (AFV) 2018 October Part 4. Enjoy!!!
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    1. Tristan Brewer Smith

      I love your videos that I cry its sooo funny

    2. MrM4DM4N

      When the girl wanted a frap a chino I would say “your to young and you get ONE thing not two!”

    3. Bojana Izvonar

      Guess what,what, i got my self a girlfriend, whaaaat? XD

    4. Sophia Thomas

      9:17 this cracked me up so bad!

    5. Yesenia Gardado the Queen of the boys

      Oh my god that got me killing I feel bad for the girl in the pink she just got Smush by the teacher Hahahahah 12:33

    6. Yesenia Gardado the Queen of the boys

      Her face is so funny and the hand is just spinning and spinning and spinning all over her head hahahahahhaha 11:28

    7. Yesenia Gardado the Queen of the boys

      That's me dreaming of a cute guy kissing me and then my mom interrupts my dream 4:23

    8. Yesenia Gardado the Queen of the boys

      That's me when I realize I got a text. From my crush 0:36

    9. Yesenia Gardado the Queen of the boys

      That's me when I come late to class so when the teacher is not looking l goes straight to my Dess and l fall yeah she sees that l'm late to her class 0:04

    10. Nevaehthe Lonleyfox

      4:57 lol me

    11. G4L4XYyY

      4:56 SAVAGE

    12. Neythan 78

      7:31 so fun

    13. Gacha LillaPuff

      2:13 my backpack

    14. Jesus Isidoro

      2:02 Uses the force

    15. Elf

      14:47 their daughter is so fucking ugly

    16. Cherie Oatman

      When I try to do groceries 12:46

    17. Other Winter Español alonso

      Que le pasa esta llorando

    18. luka urosevic

      Bro: hey buddy Me: yes Bro: wanna play xbox Me: who xbox Bro: original Me: no Bro: why not Me: No! Bro: yes Me: NO!! Bro: wanna watch something Me: what Bro: Some of scary logos Me: no buddy Bro: why Me: BEACUSE NO!!!! Bro: why Me: STOP HURTING ME *and my brother stops*

    19. luka urosevic

      M M M M M

    20. TheGlitchy BoyJoseph

      Try not to laugh challenges are hard when it is night and ur parents are sleeping

    21. 36215 51263

      Boy got a girlfriend what

    22. Marcus Newberger

      I want the thumbnail to my alarm clock

    23. Itachi Uchiha

      16:14 me in 7th grade with my science teacher

    24. Sebastian Sierra

      10:15 not funny ( two seconds later) JAJAJA

    25. Guy Named Adriel

      5:00 that scream tho

    26. Alanna Guinn

      Tdr and

    27. Shatter Nat

      1:03 Kid: “This is called the air ball.” Kid *breaks bed* Tv in the background: All-right! Piggy Power!

    28. Shatter Nat

      1:31 Roast of the year.

    29. Ainsley Smith

      Olmost every vid people get scard ,and hert.😂😃😀😁😆😊☺

    30. jamaliah antir


    31. JACK_ PLAYZ

      Ha gay

    32. Jack_ Noone

      14:31 that kid is ligit SO ugly. Madison is ugly. Dude.

    33. Michelle Figueroa

      This is so funny

    34. Vanessa Poppe

      3:00 she looks like dora 😅

    35. João Lucas Santos


    36. João Lucas Santos

      5:00 thats besta part

    37. Nermina Mujic




    39. Jessica Tran

      People can this girl Dora

    40. METEL _010

      2:07 that house looks like the one from cat sim

    41. Stella Sims

      14:33 That face tho

    42. Caitlin Steele

      Very Nice

    43. Arlene Dangalan

      Uh that song the ABC is bad singing

    44. GamingWolfy1000

      4:55 LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME just because of that scream

    45. MrBanana

      0:44 This made me wanna die

    46. Cevyn Guzman

      the try not to laugh star not funny and makes me mad and their stupid I'm not talking about the people and talking about the try not to laugh

    47. Norma Fajardo

      I can't stop laughing!!

    48. Norma Fajardo

      2:40 😂😂😂😂😂

    49. 【 ՏᏞᎬᎬᏢᎽ ՏႮᏀᎪ 】

      1:31 how to give your white (American) dad a good complement 😂

    50. Chloe Tag

      man this cure my sadness!!

    51. Doha sandeni


    52. MidnightDGacha

      4:04 when my space key doesn't work in minecraft parkour

    53. Harlequin045 The Best YouTuber

      Mom:You Can Go School Children :Mmmmm Nope Mom:Bruh

    54. Lilou Manon

      M M M M M P

    55. luke Leigh-Lord


    56. critical nations

      This is called the broken bed

    57. Julius Perch

      10:50 she definitely snapped her neck.

      1. juliana sanchez bernal

        Sad RIP Girl XD

    58. X. XXGachaLeiaFriesXX .X

      0:00 - 0:02 am I the only one who heard and I oop?

      1. GamingWolfy1000

        @X. XXGachaLeiaFriesXX .X well i dont hear that, u must have super sonic hearing!!

      2. X. XXGachaLeiaFriesXX .X

        Gaming Wolfy1000 in the background

      3. GamingWolfy1000

        how????? in the heck do u hear that???????

    59. Aliyah Caldwell

      She poured all of the juice out😂😂😂😂😂

    60. Aiden KP gaming

      Bruh I’m sad for the girl who thinks ramen is bad