Trump on ceasefire in Syria: It is a great day for civilization

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    President Trump speaks to the press after Vice President Pence and Secretary of State Pompeo announce they have secured a ceasefire agreement in Syria after their meeting with the Turkish president. #FoxNews
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    გამოქვეყნდა 7 თვის წინ


    1. Olympia Reinhart

      Next joke, Trump wins a war he startet, yet ceasefire is a result because Russia and Turkey got what they want, not because Trump is such a great president. He is the worse president ever

    2. tesla1077

      trump is so delusional, and a liar.

    3. Jeff Sida

      Trumps ramblings are, as usual, pie in the sky - think of North Korea. Once again he doing deals with dictators, not for civilisation but for his own stinking election image.

    4. corynardin

      This is going to go down in the history books ... but not in the way that Trump is thinking. Let's just recap: * We abandoned our allies and left them for dead * We have escalated tensions with Turkey (and they have 50 of our nuclear war heads) * Russia has taken over northern Syria * Thousands of ISIS fighters have been freed * And we may be sending our troops back into Syria to guard, you guessed, oil fields Wasn't this all supposed to be to get out of endless wars? I will be surprised if this doesn't end up starting WWIII.

    5. Maaifoedie De La Rey

      Turkey will slaughter the Kurds 5 days from now. What safeguards did you put in place for Day 6 ?

    6. Carlos Hernandez

      Yes the boys were redeployed because the democrats kept bitching, when Obama was in the democrats wanted out, Trump takes them out and they want in. The democrats don’t care about our boys they just want to contradict the president because they have nothing else.

    7. weizenobst müsli

      Did he feel tired from winning? Is it therefore he starts loosing now?

    8. Black Gold

      Trump has the worst voice, reminds me of that troll 'hatun' at speakers corner.

    9. Black Gold

      Trump just contradicted himself, wasnt he pushing for terrorists to be protected before???🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    10. Johnny Mac

      Ceasefire - Kurds get 5 days to GTF out. So not really a ceasefire but 5 days for them to leave the lands they have fought for over the last decade. Just shows you America has no honor, help us fight our enemies for years and then we leave you to get booted out of your homes. And we call it a great day for civilization....

    11. Steven Mitchell

      There is nothing quite like having a U.S. President with absolutely no political experience at all...

    12. corynardin

      It's funny watching this four days after the fact. Just shows Trump is a lying idiot.

    13. monstersince

      Russia has moved in to control the Middle East

      1. Maaifoedie De La Rey

        As long as they keep their hands off the Kurdish people, that may not be a bad thing, given the mess was started, but not finished, by the US.

    14. ICU america

      Thou shall not lie, everyday Kurds are being murdered, demand a drug test from this addict.

    15. Purple Rain

      You lying dog

    16. GreeKurd Channel

      There was never a ceasefire, Turkey violated the agreement with the US and Trump is all quiet about it. Turkey blocked the way for civilians to get to a safer area, they massacred the Kurds. Trump betrayed the Kurds so bad that even the American soldiers feel bad for leaving the Kurds.

    17. Savanakhet Laos

      The cease fired is another misleading to the Kurds just to buy time for USA soldiers to get across into Iraq safety. The slaughter of the Kurds will continue soon. When are we going to impeach the mf trump? How much more damage fox and gop? Next week, we will be deploying 100,000 troops instead of 100 troops bc the Kurds no longer going to die for us. White angry men, if you don’t like my country USA, you can leave. Get out of my country. These 3 colors red white n blue don’t run and don’t abandon our allies until this racist con man with no leadership elected.

    18. essvee86

      And yet Turkey still attacking the Kurds, despite the "ceasefire"

      1. essvee86

        @Hicky Hicky it was only ABC that showed it. No one else.

      2. Hicky Hicky

        essvee86 -according to MSM, who just showed us footage of Turkey bombing Kurds. The small problem being the footage which was of a US military training exercise in Kentucky. I must have missed the bit when Turkey bombed Kentucky?? The problem with the MSM is if they make the news some of the time, you never know when they’re reporting honestly or not - sadly they are utterly discredited.

    19. Mark Mariani

      "...A GREAT DAY FOR CIVILIZATION...." In "Q" speak, that means the DEEP STATE CELLS HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED.....The average human has NO IDEA what's REALLY going on....

    20. jeff lusty

      He's only pulling out of Syria to go to WAR with another Country. The Bankers Agenda

      1. Maaifoedie De La Rey

        Agreed. This was at the behest of the puppet masters, via Bilderberg. Trump is waiting patiently to get re-elected, and with nothing to lose in his last term : Put on your seat belt, the orders have already been issued to him - Get re-elected, push Iran's economic buttons until they commit a deed of war, then with 'justification' enter a new perpetual war (and Iran isn't Iraq - this one will indeed be perpetual). How happy the MI Complex will be, I'm sure they're already ramping up production & stockpiling. Maybe Fritz Springmeier was right after all about the Du Pont family - that's going to be a lot of gunpowder.

    21. Moises G.V.

      And now Turkey has let loose all the ISIS prisoners... so much for ISIS being totally destroyed, now the problem will start all over again.

    22. Bumble Bee

      So what happens after the ceasefire is over? I need the simplified version of all this. Last I heard both dems and republicans were condemning Trump for abandoning the this?

    23. Frank Griegorian

      Sooooooooo much Loooooooooooosing for this Trump !!!!!!!!!!!😁😀😁👍👍👍👍👍👍

    24. Mr Outside

      Stupid orange cheto.

    25. enuma7


    26. Jay M

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="343">5:43</a> Without virtually creating a World War and a level of nastiness, we wouldn't have gotten a deal, that I can tell you.

    27. Jay M

      Trump makes Clouseau look like Sherlock!

    28. Jay M

      Trump gave the Kurds what Nancy has been giving him all along: Tough Luv.

    29. Jay M

      US Military Motto under Trump: Tuck tail and run like a Turkey.

      1. Jay M

        @Hicky Hicky And this would explain why the 28 soldiers went to Iraq and Saudi Arabia? And the latest is, some US soldiers still in Syria to protect oil fields (not Kurds). Petro over people?

      2. Hicky Hicky

        Jay M - probably better and more sensible Dem reaction which is let’s keep US troops there for another 500 years and by the way if we are ever going to win this war we will have to invade Turkey, once we’ve flattened it. Oddly enough that might not sit too well with our other NATO allies - lol.

    30. Jarod Farrant

      Assad is a evil man who needs to be sent to trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity! Sanction Russia until they leave and kick him out of power

    31. Javier Harth

      TrumpF: "... I want to thank everybody. Most of all, I want to thank the Kurds... because, they were incredibly happy..."

    32. BJ Martin

      Once again, Trump does things positive without any help from the Swamp. On both sides. No more career politicians and this means after Trump2020!

    33. Patrick Romo

      How do any veterans support this imbecile. The brotherhood, integrity, and trust it takes to be part of a combat unit, is an unknown world to this fool.

    34. Common Sense

      yeah a great day for civilization, Turkey humiliats USA, Putin & Iran & IS are jumping with joy 200000 Turds are on the run, Americans bombing their own bases...A new wave of terrrorism will torch the entire world...great going oh ''stable wiseman''....

    35. Muhsin Bitolalı

      America should spend the money of the people for the welfare of the American people, rather than for absurd wars

    36. Marta Twardowska

      it is the truth and the President should withdraw troops from Afghanistan too.

    37. Crimson27

      The most diplomatic President of United States

    38. Rocket Hutchins

      Trump is very close to perfect, I don't think we can do any better.


      Orange man good 🍊👍


      I'm having a hard time remembering what Tulsi Gabbard said....🤔

    41. Rae West

      Gee ,it's a good thing for Trump that America has a bad case of mass stupidity. Thanks for all the laughs America!

    42. Navigator Mother

      RUSSIA and Turkey and Isis got all they wanted. That's all. Putin gave you what you wanted. At least several million. If Rudy got .5 million from Lev for being his plus one at George HW Bush's funeral... you would have gotten at least several million, Trump.

    43. No Regrets

      We have to take care of our country first America first then we can look at helping other countries but the Democrats are not working with us to take care of our country our country the United States of America God bless President Trump and God bless America

    44. Keith C

      Sounds as though Turkeys demands were met, yet many sources report Turkish aggression has continued during the 5 day ceasefire.

    45. Never Again

      When a channel defends the indefensible, when they launch smear campaigns on our Civil Servants, when they embrace a rhetoric that calla the Rule of Law deep state, and the press the enemy of the people, it has no place in a Democracy.

    46. David Parker

      He "wins" a lot, seems to come out ahead with his deals more often than not.

    47. Joyce Haubenstricker

      This guy is the best President ever..He takes care of all of us.

    48. mark toney

      If the Democrats want to protect a people, protect the American people. Send troops to defend our borders !!!

    49. Madeline Schultz

      Yes, Donnie. . A great day for America. Genocide of the Kurdish people by Erdogan is great. CBS is reporting that chemical weapons were used on Kurdish children. Yes, it's really great. Donnie.

    50. Death_Dealer_382 YT

      Difference between Obama and Trump if Obama would have gave the same speech. Trump thanks everybody for their involvement and says he couldn't do it without them. But when Obama would have given the speech he would have been praising himself in mentioning himself a hundred times and nobody else. Plus you would have said this deal couldn't have been made without him.

    51. eymengame oruç


    52. beauty observer

      Syria is one of the most beautiful race of the world with unique culture. It should be peaceful for the world for tourism.

    53. Madog 1

      All the people that gave this a thumbs down ( why ) , I know why, because you don't have common sense .....

    54. DragonEnergy

      After all that has happened the idiot reporter asks "did you talk to President Erdogan about throwing your letter in the trash" LOL This is sad on so many levels. More like a reality show producer than a journalist

    55. tetelestai777

      Donald J.Trump is reclaiming our world, against all odds. Heavenly Father, Thank You for Donald J. Trump and every Patriot fighting to save our people, country and world from the hands of satan.

    56. OldLadyTrucker

      Lies....It is a great day for Turkey is the only true thing he said. My God. Makes you ashamed.

    57. delritmo la clave


    58. S S

      Make him the president of the school yard his statement it's like two kids fighting in the school yard "like two kids fighting in the school yard let them go at it for awhile then step in and break them up!!!this is not the school yard people are dying innocent people!!!!!Childish PRESIDENT just childish and republicans are happy with him!!!!!smdh

    59. Jason Springer

      "Trump wants a boycott on Turkey. Now what are we going to eat for Thanksgiving?"~AOC

    60. A Mo

      Sure is a lot of Trump Cultist on this comment board. But what would you expect when it is a Fox Opinion board (once known as Fox News board)

    61. Happy Plucker

      What a fool. Trump knows nothing of geo-political issues. He believes he is a genius but he is a deluded moron.

    62. A Mo

      What cease fire?

    63. Wasup Fool

      But Turkey is still bombing Syria lol. It’s slowed down but the fighting hasn’t stopped. Talk about fake news lol

    64. Harold Huff

      Does Pelosi being Speaker give her POWER to appoint Cummings REPLACEMENT? HOPE IT AIN'T HILLARY !

    65. Jeyson ortiz

      Only a dipshit would take credit for a ceasefire in a war he instigated. You all should have been swallowed by what ever cow you came out of...

    66. tcpUtube1

      God Emperor Trump is a delusional narcissistic psychopath. He really thinks screwing the Kurds while elevating Russian and Iranian influence in the Middle East is a good thing. All he is doing is bad.

    67. George

      Lets be honest, the Kurds are commies!

    68. Mike Reiley

      Thank you Mr President for keeping Our American troops safe.

    69. mr funball

      What a moron 😐

    70. Raffaela Bartsch

      trump is a true leader

    71. Frances Marshall

      President Trump is the best President of my lifetime. He will go down as one of the greatest Presidents. God bless our President.

    72. L B

      All US Ambassadors should be born in thd USA.

    73. Jeffrey Binder

      My first thought was how could you turn your back on the Kurds, but one more dead American soldier (18 year old kid) is one too many and while the Kurds might not be happy they can negotiate rather than be slaughtered.

    74. Lady Tempest

      Let's be 100% clear. The majority of Republican base DO NOT want to remain in any of these foreign wars. Neocons in charge of Republican leadership got their political power by advocating against these wars, but once they gained their seats of power, they became pro-war suddenly.

    75. Kathleen Bush

      He is the stupidest idiot on earth. Not one is there. All USA military generals have come out against him calling for the 2nd graders decision to take out. Kurds are not happy. What a great sound byte. Wonder if he is forcing crowd to show up like he did in PA. Impeachment. Trump has many properties in turkey. What a traitor. Dic traitor trump will be in jail soon wth six of his best buddies.

    76. Christopher Gadd

      He started that war.....then wants praise for pausing it for 5 days and the Kurds have to leave their land great deal maker

    77. Jonnan Johnson

      Somebody in Republican end or stop the inquiry started by Pelosi : the wrong doer. We need to stop impeachment inquiry. It's dangerous for our great President.

    78. Dalmas Machuki

      He said I want to bring our troops home from the Middle East but first thing we gotta make a quick stop in Saudi Arabia, so I guess Saudi Arabia is home. Who knew!!!

    79. lobo44 Kowalski

      All lies. Sad...

    80. Mary Milburn

      Its ethnic cleansing of the Kurds ( our Christian allies). Plus handing territory and power to Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Russia. Trump is an idiot and has been reprimanded by Congress, including Republicans