Trump holds a campaign rally in Dallas, Texas

Fox News

Fox News

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    President Trump travels to Dallas, Texas for his 'Keep America Great' rally. This takes place amid the House Democrats' impeachment push and as Vice President Pence announces the U.S. and Turkey have agreed to a ceasefire in Syria. #FoxNews
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    1. Douglas Hagan

      trump train 2020

    2. Jay M

      Dollar lost 22% (compared to gold) during past year due to government spending and FED printing. Thank God China lowered it's prices 22% so Americans don't have to pay more.

    3. Anni Bridgett

      Got to love this guy.. the best ever. 💙🇦🇺America you should be so very proud...

    4. JCB

      No one understands where you people get your optimism. It's delusional. It's a creepy cult-thing. Even if the "Man-child" somehow escapes his inevitable IMPEACHMENT, 2020 likely won't go the way you think it will. Rewind to 2016: Armed with Cambridge Analytica weaponized data, Russian government and paid trolls meddling in the election, Republican favored Gerrymandering and voter suppression, the "Village Idiot" STILL lost the popular vote, that is to say, *The Peoples Vote* , by nearly 3 million votes -- the 3rd widest margin in the history of America! Still, with all that right leaning advantage, the "F*cking Moron" only eked out NARROW wins for the electoral college in just 3 states; Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. In the 2018 midterms Republicans turned over more than 450 seats in various levels of government. So, just what exactly do you sheep think is going to happen in 2020?!? The "Blue Wave" hasn't even hit yet!!! Republicans are leaving the GOP in droves. Previous Trumpf voters are appalled by his conduct and ineptitude and vow Democratic votes in 2020. Since his installation, he's proven himself -daily- to be an utter failure and unfit for the Presidency in ways too numerous for my patience to list. He's the worst and most hated President in the history of the USA, made evident by the public's response to his recent appearances, (i.e., "Boo!", "Lock Him Up"). Enjoy the coming days as we witness Impeachment, Conviction, Removal from Office for Bribery, Treason, U.S. Constitution Violations, & High Crimes and Misdemeanors!

    5. Happy Camper

      God Bless President Trump!

    6. Frank Aguirre

      Putin’s puppet

    7. Vincent Reyes

      You idiot you know robotics will do work so they don't have to pay worker this coming from a coward lying thief just to hear this disgusting con man is sicking

    8. Vincent Reyes

      This guy is full of pumpkin poop

    9. intimissimi88

      what is the name of the song in the end?

    10. frank magadan

      most annoying voice ever.. impeach asap!

    11. smiddly Rabone


    12. SoooGood1975

      REPUBLICANS...REGAIN THE HOUSE NEXT TERM. Had you supported Trump from the start and moved quickly on the things promised, you would have held your seats. Republicans lost us the House by their inaction and fear to back and support Trump. Get it back. Here's a slogan to run on, "We'll close the Loopholes!"

    13. kilish

      What an idiot.... It's embarrassing!

    14. Pitbull Romans 5:8

      Disgraceful Donny got booed at the Nationals baseball game! And the crowd chanted, "Lock Him Up! Lock him up! " That's what Americans really think about Dishonest Donny! These rally roaches are vetted and curated and some are paid to be there. But when Disreputable Donny is in public outside his safe vetted bubble, he gets booed! 😆

    15. AntSrMe

      Hey GEsels, how come I do a search for "music video" and this video comes up near the top of the list? Seems like bias injection of politics and isn't that illegal? Could have sworn Facebook got reprimanded for that same thing.

    16. Miles Tovar

      President of the United States of America Donald J. Trump Thank You For Saving Our Country Keep Doing What You're Doing America Loves You!!!!

    17. Paul Davis

      If you haven't worked out that Trump is a con man yet, then YOU are the mark!

    18. John Smith

      Dont forget to go and read the other comments and thumb up the worthy and thumb down the dumbycrats.

    19. gatosyratones

      Bernie 2020

    20. Dimitris Siskos

      Cant believe how wrong I was about this guy

    21. james weber

      how can someone dislike what he is doing

    22. Ryan Chardon

      Trump is funny gota give it to him but i don't think he is a good president. Its time for trump to make the deal of his life.resignation for no criminal charges if any

    23. Badugiboy Bimmer

      But, he didn't pay the bill.

    24. Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor


    25. Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor


    26. Hexon Mobile

      What does he actually do other than hold rallies, play golf and watch TV? Oh yeah, chopper talk!

    27. scott cameron


    28. Marty Gray

      Locales of donald's *_Two Minutes of Hate_* rallies get stiffed for services rendered to support these events. “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but *_people will never forget how you made them feel_* .” Maya Angelou LOL!! donald gets lost in his own daily fusillade-of-lies. Since his main audience are people who have put their intellect, common sense, and rationality in donald's blind-trust, hence going against their best interests while damning our nation's blood and treasure. Keep in mind, one of dear leader's (only of his base) most admired personages is P. T. Barnum whom many associate with the phrase, "There's a sucker born every minute." Bless his heart! Remember, donald loves the _poorly educated_ ."

    29. bill seaberry

      the Predator in Thief, Orange Pinnochio, Darth Cheeto

    30. Will Mills

      It’s funny how many BOT comments are present. This man is a fool, criminal, racist and rapist. The others comments represent the under educated. Enjoy your impeachment ceremony.

    31. Rev Jonathan Wint

      Voter ID And you need to be a citizen born or living here 18 years as a Citizen to VOTE!

    32. Zu Kapo Productions

      LMAO.... This Impeachment needs to hurry up...

    33. tea time commenter

      i was wondering why trump never really took action against those biased news and media outlets then i just thought of something he always has a plan for everything and he won the election despite what everyone was thinking if trump wins this trial on impeachment it is a serious hit to the democratic party in his second term, he can further investigations against fake news and these corrupt biased idiots and shut them down for good why else would he give them this information and say something incriminating enough to call for an inquiry yet something so weak to impeach over are these democrats stupid they honestly believe trump would investigate biden when he had no reason to and was already going to win 2020

    34. Christayl Riley

      I may have missed the news, but what EXACTLY is MELANIA doing?

    35. Christopher Donnelly

      Donald Trump is a cocksucker! No ifs or buts...Trump is a cocksucker!

    36. Stephanie Alexander

      Yeh!!! Love Texas...lived there short time wanted to move there permanently 👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸❤️

    37. Stephanie Alexander

      Love love 💗 love PRESIDENT TRUMP🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🙏❤️🕊✨

    38. Monserrat E


    39. Ty Plum

      Does he not realize that our soldiers are over there for our own interests or does he just not care about those interests?

    40. Ron Ronald

      Did the bidens pay taxes on that money we got for China Ukraine

      1. Christayl Riley

        Did Trump show you idiots his tax returns?

    41. Kristin Sis son

      Trump is going to go down as the greatest or at least one of the greatest POTUS Love his candor too

    42. Anthony Zaleski

      Biden has been caught committing plagiarism many times in his speeches! He too old to even make his own speech the old goat!!!!

    43. Anthony Zaleski

      Schiff needs a punch in his face pencil neck geek!

    44. pammy t

      I have lived long enough to have gone through 11 US presidents, though I don't remember jfk or lyndon johnson, I do remember the rest of them and for the first time in my 56 years of life, I love a US American president. For me, the president was not really a big deal, but I truly love Trump..really love him. I have seen times in his administration where I have been so moved I was brought to tears, and times when I have been so angry at the never's that I have been brought to tears. Funny thing though, I never followed nor cared for Trump the celebrity..shows what I knew back then, eh? I love you Mr. President! Thank you for everything you've done and everything you've wanted to do, and everything that you have given up and been through!!!!! You will always have my vote !!!!!

    45. Anthony Zaleski

      If Cummings was so great how come his district was a disaster???they say he was a formatable for to Trump ?yeah right-hand I also got a bridge for sale in Brooklyn cheap!!!!!gimme a break !!!! BS!!!Democrats are hypocrites!

    46. Nora

      🙏YES AND 🙏AMEN IT SHALL COME TO PASS HALLELUYAH!🎷🇱🇷🎷🇱🇷🎷🇱🇷🎷🙏.... THANK YOU ABBA FATHER YOUR PROMISES ARE YES AND AMEN IN CHRIST JESUS OUR LORD & SAVIOR. "TRIUMPHANT VICTORIES ~ TRUMP PENCE" Isaiah 54:17 ...... "NO weapon that is formed against you will prosper; And every tongue that accuses you in judgment you will Condemn This is the Heritage of the servants of the LORD, And their VINDICATION IS FROM ME," DECLARES THE LORD.

    47. Anthony Zaleski

      I heard the Playboy Mansion is sittin empty now- How fitting it would be for slick crooked Willie BJ bill Jefferson clinton to take over where Hef left off?? He was made for it- stay there with crooked Hillary and all their crooked friends,!! Those RAT ba*tards!!!!!!

    48. frankie brindis

      He lost it!!!!

    49. Anthony Zaleski

      Hey Schiff +stretch pelosi. Give it up !!!! Trump AINT goin anywhere but staying in the White House !!!!!

    50. Jon Jonas

      White people of America vote republican on American general election day November 2O2O to stop black supremacy black nationalism and black hate crimes against white people in America I live in England where white lives matter in your black infested America black crime matters !

    51. Paulien Zuiderhoek

      A lot of trolls here

    52. Paulien Zuiderhoek

      It"s only hate! No content!

    53. Orlando Reina Leon

      What a liar!

    54. tswsuav lor

      Dr president be strong and never give up you will win at the end

    55. Anthony Zaleski

      Trump is the biggest name in the World !!! Only surpassed by God!Amen!

    56. Green Hornet

      Very grateful that Mr. Trump is our President. He will win by a landslide come 2020. Oh yeah!

    57. Perris Jackson

      Thank you President Donald Trump for being a great United States President. God bless you always.

    58. qxracer

      Under the big top CLOWN rally

    59. Joachim Schmidt

      Evil lying bully. Spewing hate and derision. Wake up, he’s off scale crazy. US is loosing world wide.

    60. leslie hiatt

      I love that there ain't a ounce of political correctness in Trump. You gotta love him. Trump 2020!