Top 10 Most Dangerous Waterslides


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    Hey guys! Check out the TUBERIDES GEsels channel for some awesome waterslide videos!
    You might not think of 'danger' when you think of waterslides. In fact, you might assume that waterslides are safe. But the waterslides on this list will have you re-thinking your assumptions. Here are the Top ten most Ddangerous waterslides.
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    1. Zachary Bridenbaugh

      literally the only two rides that have any danger were the last two. Blackhole is the easiest going and least dangerous water slide I've ever gone on. This channel doesn't know what their talking about.

    2. Wow man

    3. Dana Smith

      You: time for #1 Me: aw hell no Me:.............

    4. Joe Mama

      Who said we had to go on them

    5. Omar Lopez

      Why were people getting hurt from cannonball with the ten foot drop? Was the water not deep enough?

    6. Darrell Sqazadolochi

      The Black hole is at wet n wild Australia as well

    7. Novak Ingood

      Must get a lot of water rammed up yer arse.

    8. PinkRose_ SlothRose

      Imagine going all the way up and went in the slide already and u regret everything...

    9. Shay Baby

      I've seen people get stuck in slides. Then get jammed up because the workers at the top can't see you after a certain point and send more sliders down. So happy I've never seen anyone go airborne! I'd lose it! I did get some serious road rash because there wasn't enough water to send you down smoothly! First and last time in a water slide!

    10. Clay Ox

      Action park closed in 1996?

    11. Joseph Muchiri

      Take care of water slides most of the time


      When I got to island paradise I never got to the slide I got to the baby's slide

    13. 나우영

      미스터관 미우피자 자피터우 미관스미 자피터미 소야스미 미스터야 소미피자

    14. 나우영

      원습학태생 동율단성.오피스텔 율동생태학 습원텔스 피오성단 우헛미자관피 관피미자우헛 자피터우 미관스미

    15. The lazy cat

      Omg how to did the poor woman get out?! I would probably not make it out. And if you get stuck in the shark water slide, even if you escape you’ll face the sharks in the pool! What a nightmare!

    16. Gabriella Tatianna

      I remember going on the black hole with a stranger once. This random woman was terrified to go alone so she asked me and I agreed. It was a fun ride but I can see how it could be deemed dangerous.

    17. Gxcha Cat

      Uhhh didn’t action park close down? I mean I know there’s a new park by the same people under a different name, but I think the slide and park itself closed down ;-;

    18. Philip P ostmanpat

      I could never go on a steep water slide for the sole purpose of my imagination. I feel like I’m going to go down flip forward and break my neck. Bitch is scared

    19. Ella Meade

      The aqua loop is super scary i do not want to go on that one any more

    20. Ella Meade

      Well except some

    21. Ella Meade

      All of the water slides look fun but scary

    22. Kimberly Webster

      can it be higher

    23. Jackson Dodd

      My friend went on the leap of faith and he was fine so this really isn’t that bad

    24. Jackson Dodd

      My friend went on the leap of faith

    25. Grass Apple

      But where was the #3 water slide leap of faith at?

    26. NowI'mMe

      People are stupid. I research EVERYthing. If I was going to an amusement park (not likely), I would find out the accident reports of these places. I would find out the dates of safety inspections. It boggles my mind that so many people just don't see the dangers in these places.

    27. NowI'mMe

      All of these amusement parks are just dangerous and the parks don't give a crap about anything but $$$$$.

    28. TheBaxterj

      They are scary

    29. jonny taylor

      This is just

    30. TheSugaqueen

      First ever time I went on he aqua loop on the gold stuck 🙄🙄.

      1. Tyron Jason Rowley


    31. GLEMSKY ORION God Melody

    32. GLEMSKY ORION God Melody

    33. Granny Gang

      And the black hole in Australia

    34. Granny Gang

      I’ve been an the slide in wet n wild with my uncle and dad

    35. Lee50

      Aqua loops fun asf

    36. grady murray

      On the steamer slide a girl is sucking her thump dunno why xD

    37. Kevin McCann

      I have been on the leap of faith it’s AWSOME

    38. Lyvith

      I went on a cruise and one of the islands was Dominican Republic (Amber Cove) and one of the slides is pitch black. Just like the Black Hole.

    39. MrMerks

      wooooooow, soooo dangerous

    40. Alma Reyes

      This video just made it more clear for me how stupid people can be lol

    41. Kenzie

      So telling me I went on the 9th most dangerous waterslide at 10.. 😳

    42. Ellie Khalili

      I think the Kamikaze at wet n wild Gold Coast is seriously scary and dangerous! One might easily fall out , specially if there’s too much weight difference between the two riders.

    43. Saad Merhebi

      okay ive done all rides at calypso and it was all more than fine

    44. Saad Merhebi

      Ive done the qualoop, its not too bad!!

    45. Casey K

      LMAOOOO the leap of faith is easy. Goes so fast you don't even see sharks.

    46. Kyra Barney



      im at shcool

    48. Saitama

      #2: After closing down, it was inexplicably infested with zombies.

    49. Steve Brockman

      Sharks are dangerous

    50. John Doe

      Who came here solely to see where Verrückt landed?

    51. Peter Glen

      #1: the generic slip and slide that my parents bought us and placed in the back yard that was so small, the slip slide came to an end two inches before hitting the fence.

    52. BroccoliGaming JJB

      I actually sliced on the leap of faith in the Atlantis in Hainan

    53. Lana Massoud

      Scary the shark one

    54. Get/ Clapped_246

      My dad went on the 3 ride and he was ok

    55. Zeke

      Watched the video and I'm miffed that the commentator used 'miles per hour' for the first slide, and used 'kilometers per hour' for the second slide.

    56. Jocelyn Goodwin

      This is dangerous

    57. Rajesh Mondal

      I love india

    58. Sasha Oxland

      I got stuck on the aqua loop🙂

    59. Mikey L

      Sharks only inches away..this guy's next video is going to be about the world's most dangerous aquariums

    60. Sofia Varela

      omg i love it but scary