Top 10 Worst Movie Monster Weaknesses

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    Not so scary now, are ya? For this list, we’re looking at the silliest flaws of some of the most nefarious movie monsters of all time. Our countdown includes monsters with weaknesses such as Samara Morgan, Jason Voorhees, Chucky and more! Which monster weakness do YOU think is the dumbest? Let us know in the comments!
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      Which movie monster weakness made you laugh...or sigh? For more great monster and horror content, click here!:

      1. Kelly Cairns

        The mumm

      2. Blue Weegie

        Just googled it, in the film it is an alien, in the book he's a cosmic power. So he is an alien he shouldn't have been on this list

      3. Blue Weegie

        Imhotep one makes sense dues to the Egyptian beliefs. Also wasn't it an alien of some sorts

      4. MLG GAMER

        @13 Legendary Love Exactly its a joke. Definitely weak sauce. Like the creepers in Minecraft or the phantoms

      5. 13 Legendary Love

        Imhotep make me laugh because he afraid at cute little kitty😂 Pennywise and Samara's weakness, sigh just I already know their weakness 🙂

    2. Vaclovas Vilhelmas Akavickis

      Iys a movie its fake it is not stupid get a life.

    3. Jasmine Dumbeldore

      Well in The Mummy the bad guy got scared only once or twice plus this was Egyptian stuff and it made sense since there is a Egyptian god or goddess with a cat head I don’t remember what he/she did but in logics perspective it makes sense he’s scared of the cat

    4. Ryder Henkelman

      Grimlins are alieans so it pennywise

    5. Anthony Sanluis

      if the ring if the girl crawl out while her body is on the tv and turn off it what will happen

    6. ultra noob_2


    7. Lucky 4423

      You can also cover your eyes so samara can’t kill you as was in rings

    8. Charlie Keeton

      Technically it is a alien

    9. Logan 900

      Pennywise: "I am the Eater of Worlds!" Me: "No, you're just homesick, don't you wanna go back and see your family again?" Pennywise: "No." Me: "*while waving hand Jedi style* You want to go home and see your mom and dad." Pennywise: "I wanna go home and see my mom and dad again." Pennywise: " **pieces out** " Me: "My work here is done."

    10. Foxy Gamer37

      Ok i get MOST of the weakness are stupid but the jason weakness is not stupid it took alot of movies just to show that

    11. niah roberts

      IT taught me something important Bullying works 😆😆😆😆

    12. niah roberts

      I'm safe from the mummy I have 3 cats and they are angry

    13. Claudiu Marian

      U sayed no aliens... Pennywise is alien :)))

    14. CartoonCat

      JEEZE Pennywise is a crybaby. I mean, nobody dies from an insult. He needs to suck it up. None of those insults were even good to begin with.

    15. Magesticwonderer

      #9 = creepers and cats in minecraft

    16. ghost2131

      “The idea of a random song killing giant tomatoes is stupid” What about the Martians from Mars Attacks? They die from a song I forgot I think

    17. corey sput

      If your talking about part 2-4 Jason being human then yes, but Jason’s after part 4 is not human, he’s a demon. Jason has the ability to take over people bodies, regenerate lost limbs, regenerates any living part, tear people apart with his bare hands. That’s not human.

    18. SmartAss Skeet

      I hate females.

    19. Lil Puppers

      Wat would happen if you rapidly spit on the wicked witch

    20. Bernice Colas

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="429">7:09</a> _Probably the worst part of the movie in the 90's_

    21. Riley Prowd

      Thank god I’m not the only one who thought Pennywise’s weakness was underwhelming and silly.

    22. 50x65 Flow's

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="469">7:49</a> They Step at the Tomatoes So They Died

    23. Dank potato

      so mummies are creepers?

    24. 『Just Me 』

      You just have to bully Pennywise


      I have the dumbest weakness: BANANA

    26. Aadrio

      Link from Zelda would have easily defeated pennywise as he has the triforce of courage

    27. SavageGamerX

      Uh guys penny wise is a. Alien

    28. Can’t think of A name

      Minecraft Creepers are scary and get this there scared of cats

    29. ashlyn stark

      Just me or does the leprechaun remind me of the grinch? (subscribe to me if you agree)

    30. arb Deal

      My son and I love Gremlins. He actually got a Pop Figures of the flashing gremlin, the girl Gremlin from the second movie, Stripe and Gizmo. I keep telling him that the flashing gremlin goes in my room but he says nope lol.

    31. Jack the jester

      The Losers Insulted Pennywise cuz it showed that they weren't afraid of him, Weakening him since he Powers up with Fear

    32. Rylan Breaux

      I dont know its all stupid

    33. Jackie Boy

      But the meaning of IT 2 is make you're fear smaller

    34. Get me to 10,000 subscribers without a Video

      Ok let’s be honest here we only came to see pennywise

    35. Tanvie K

      IT 😩✨✨✨

    36. kaelang12

      killing someone via roast session is literally one of the prime skills in D&D; if you can't accept Vicious Mockery as a legitimate way to kill an eldritch being, then you're just boring as all hell

    37. emily owo

      pennywise: “i am leader of worlds” also pennywise: *dies because the losers bullied him to death*

    38. Future Dad

      Watch mojo even watch chucky? He was becoming a part of the doll and his heart was the last human thing in him so I don’t understand why this weakness is dumb, get your content straight

    39. Naiteek /

      bollywood is better than mad

    40. Casey Werven

      Let's not forget the other ridiculous ways the leprechaun has been defeated such as tricking him with a chocolate coin, melting his gold or how about when they parodied the alien franchise and launched him into space

    41. Jaeden. Gray

      But what defeats pennywise’s isn’t courage

    42. Jesse Garcia

      Jason scared of water to 😂

    43. QueenRatMan

      o ok the mummy can Not Harm me I have 4 cats

    44. Sierra Khrikilo

      I knew that MOST of these comments were gonna be about pennywise

    45. Maxime Houle

      War of the worlds

    46. Annabelle Fenn

      Attack of the killer tomatoes! ATTACK of the killer TOMATOES!

    47. Lion King

      ''We are not including aliens'' me:um IT is an alien i searched it and it says he is an alien who came to earth a long time ago and he encountered,performed a ceremony the ritual of Chud, sooooo ye he alien

    48. linda williamson


    49. IM A NUBB pro

      #3 what A stupidd title for A stupidd movie

    50. ImtheONE

      #10 dont watch the movie? People think it's a joke. Of course they will watch it. Even if you turn it off after 5 secs, you've watched it already lol. Even after all that, you still wouldnt believe it's real. You wouldnt think about not being near a tv. Who's to say you cant die on the 8th day? #9 the after death is scared of cats becuz cats are some kind of supernatural kind of shitm I dont remember exactly but jsut google it. It's not actually the mummy's weakness. #7 sunlight makes sense. Vampires weakness is sunlight, too. #6 yeah that's bullshit lol.

    51. Dominic Gallegos

      I feel like no one who helped write this list watched Child's Play. They literally explain why he can't die without being shot in the heart. Bad research folks.

    52. Zorian Moore

      Soooooooo 1990 IT copied leprechaun now I've heard it all

    53. John Wall

      Pennywise’s weakness is the GEsels comment section

    54. Deadinsxdd_

      *me watches the movie penny wise* Me:*thinks of a penny*

    55. Man is Man

      Tomato killers that sound like the best FrIkEn MoViE In ThE hIsToRy Of ThInGs ShOwN oN tV

    56. skowla power

      Pennywise:exist People with no emotions: I'm going to ruin this man's whole career

    57. bbsy1

      Actually as it relates to Pennywise and Vigo, they may be simple solutions, but it takes effort and a strong will to achieve it; same goes with Freddy, he is bound to be on here.

    58. The_ Hyruler

      Candyman: Don't Say his Name!

    59. Memer joe mama 21

      I’ll spit in witch face

    60. Memer joe mama 21

      Me:ur fricking gay Pennywise:ooooooooooooof

    61. Laron Fields

      A lot of these weaknesses are on the best list too. So what the hell?!

    62. Laron Fields

      Jack Frost's weakness actually makes sense considering he's a snowman

    63. Faris Hakim

      Who thought she meant the actual cats movie when she said cats?

    64. SeasideDetective2

      Wait...if I remember correctly, fear doesn't give It more power; it just makes the victim better tasting to It. Not being afraid of It might save your life, sure, but only because you'd be bland-tasting and It would want a more flavorful meal; It would leave and go look for someone else, but It wouldn't die. Anyway, I always thought It could be killed only by shooting out Its "Dead-Lights."

    65. NOUM

      Where is Mars Attacks (1996) ? The aliens there exploded upon hearing music

    66. sükrü sezer

      a special sword aint bad weakness

    67. Tiny Squire Gaming

      Courage is I think the best to use when fighting a monster

    68. Sam V

      Eat em

    69. Tate Nakashima

      When I heard the tomatoes one I thought it was actual love made by puberty

    70. Fanny Is life

      all those scary monsters vs Godzilla and Mothra hmm....

    71. Lily Collins

      Yeah IT chapter 2 ending was confusing.

    72. TØP clique boi

      But.... pennywise is an alien too...😐

    73. Patrick DiSandro

      I unsubscribed from this channel a long time ago when the lists, and the reasons for the entries on them, reached peak 'bad'. Then this video got recommended for me. Figured "It's been a while, years I think, maybe they've gotten better." Didn't make it past 8 on the list. They have not gotten better. "#9. It makes complete and total sense why cats can keep the Mummy at bay, but we still think the concept seems silly at a shallow glance, so it goes on this list. Oh and it's only his weakness for a little bit. By about halfway through the movie cats don't work on him any more so they're not really his 'weakness' in the first place. Still an entry because someone on our team could get over "He's scared of cats! How funny!""

    74. Braden T

      The leprechaun also is weakened with steel

    75. alphaxard1

      samara morgan on a hand held TV?

    76. DayInDaLife

      Sorry music stopped the Mars Attack.. and it was awesome!

    77. Bobby Clay

      Lol water IS kinda dumb

    78. Tathyana Baldwin

      Killer Klowns from outer space they got bopped of the nose that’s a dumb death

    79. CaptainCharlie

      So many people don't know that pennywise ISN'T "it". It's just one of it's forms. Like that blood that came from the sink, or that creepy painting that came to life. All shapes and forms "it" takes, but they aren't "it" itself. Just a shape the monster takes. Pennywise is just one of "it's" forms. not the monster itself. If anything, "it's" true form is the lights that the girl saw. everything else including pennywise is just a mask.

    80. Sambo Slice

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="468">7:48</a> how dare you insult mars attacks