Top 10 Scary Procedures To Follow During A Pandemic Type Event



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    Top 10 Scary Procedures To Follow During A Pandemic Type Event
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    A pandemic is universal epidemic caused by an infectious disease which spreads easily from person to person. We are among-st one right now. We all have to take precautions as the situation can worsen any moment. So today we bring to you the Top 10 Scary Procedures To Follow During A Pandemic Type Event.
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    1. kunkka5

      tell our physicians it, when went from family on a trip to Italy

    2. Loving it

      Very informative. Naturally most of this is or should be common sense There are so many people that need help and that part of this video is so true God bless Love your channel

    3. Yamada Hizashi

      aye, Ayman, you are looking good today. Comment if you think so as well, fellow Ayman-followers

    4. Mary Heidebrecht

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="334">5:34</a> Kokomo is where I live! My town made it in a video kinda!

    5. Dustin Cox

      I would love to date you you are beautiful

    6. Quote Unquote

      social distancing? I've being practicing this all my life :)

      1. Max the Puggester

        I don't have any friends to social with 🤣

    7. Paul Urbano

      were's ribneca filgate?

    8. Troy Grant

      Informative video, Ayman.

    9. Agata Meble

      Fear Mongering...

    10. Mylum O'Shinn

      we are finally in the Stay at Home phase of the pandemic. Fun.

    11. X- Rae

      I dont like people anyways so now I have a reason to avoid them

    12. Kris Miller Smith

      why no one is taking cold shower

    13. Mark Leviathan

      She's so much hotter without the glasses.

    14. Amy Chapman

      Hi, hello. Talking to you from under my rock. #SocialDistancing

    15. Cian Kelly

      I’ve never red the word tommy more times in my life

    16. Kiera Scriven

      Hey if you guys could help small businesses through the pandemic that would be really helpful, a few businesses im aware of have online donation options or codes to buy - a lot of people like my parents are trying to pay the lease on the space they're renting, and its really stressful. Again, please support small businesses. Thank you.

    17. Denise Skillington

      I was scared I was scared bite the video with this video Help is helping me stay calm and it reminded me of my mum's friend who might meme I might need your help because she is actually person who has the same disability I have and I even told you Charlie and sis it is autism and I'm going to ask my mum in the morning because it is no time now for me not probably not for you you and yeah thank you most amazing top 10

    18. Momo Jr

      I am a gamer I was born for this, but my girl Aymen got me like risking the Rona just make a trip to Canada 😂😂😂

    19. deathpotato 12

      My family haven't gone toilet paper crazy and I am super chill but I am worried about elder family friends

    20. Daniel Johnson

      Who knew me being antisocial my entire life is actually saving my life.

    21. Vex-SmoKez-Em

      For #2 god damn good thing I'm antisocial

    22. Candice Perry

      I would stay home from pandemic

    23. niels løvstrøm

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="140">2:20</a> Joker reffence

    24. Tryxhard 69

      I’m just to lazy

    25. No Chills

      I learned that when you wash your hands too much you can kill good bacteria that can protect you from other viruses and disease

    26. Pink Cacti

      I made a virus called ciso 20 in plague inc and it’s soooo similar to covid-19 like srstly I started in China! Like whyyyy my virus!

    27. x Confedera7e x

      Ain't worried about it something else is going on and this virus is to distract us

    28. Grace Smith


    29. James Bednar

      Good Video!!! I have bee :social distancing" myself for 57 years and people kept telling me that I need to be more sociable and interact with others. Now, some little germ is floating around the world and now social distancing has become the "fashionable" thing to do. Go figure!!!

    30. Tryhard gameing 1

      I wish I can help

    31. Todd Gilbey

      Damn Ayman, you're still looking fine 😉

    32. Charly Dear

      panic buying has left nothing in the shops, the 9 of us have to use washing up liquid since theirs no soap in any stores. Its so hard to feed basic food for big families, you also get shamed and glares now.

    33. Xxlilly padxX

      /\___/\ ( • ~ • ) (>💓

    34. Richard Harvey

      The reason why everyone panic buys toilet roll is that when one person sneezes everyone shits themselves.

    35. Vesh Kelo


    36. Ta’Naiya Harris

      fun fact a disease that spreads is called a communicable disease

    37. Jim Huerta

      Me and my dad went to the store to get about 2 to 4 things and there were like more than 100 people in panic, rushing to get a lot of things, we were just chilling and the people were in a rush.

    38. David O' Dea

      Keep spreading the information

    39. Wake Up

      So unless you live under a rock which right now would be a good thing 😂😂😂😂😂 Ayman I can't with you 😂😂 Hello internet I hope the pandemic is treating you well 😂😂😂😂 you're hilarious frfr😂😂😂

    40. Edshep2 open minds

      Some of the hospitals famed for tuberculosis quarantine should have stayed open under investigation and better staffed

    41. kitty DA COSPLAYER

      My mom, little brother, stepdad, and little sister:WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE My baby brother: 🤨 just me: yay My family:😳 Me:🙂

    42. Ylvi Haydn

      (nr9) Introverts be like: ha losers

    43. TM MM

      Can I travel I need to go to Hyderabad to get surgery and they live in India so can I go to Hyderabad can you answer that question in the next video so the surgery is important so we have to go to Hyderabad like next Monday like this next Monday

    44. TM MM

      Make more videos make more videos make more videos for me I love your videos you guys are the best channel in the world

    45. Tedi the Godfather

      How was any of this scary? Seems like y’all are using the term “scary” a lot, and in a lot of titles wherein the content isn’t the least bit unnerving, much less scary.

    46. First Name Last Name

      How long has MostAmazingTop10 had new hosts?

    47. Rich Oberacker

      Excellent job from my favorite host. We must consider others at this time.

    48. Prudence Pineapple

      So you're really telling people to 'stock-up' on goods? That will trigger more panic buying. I'm just confused by the contradictory statements.

    49. Super Boomer Zoomer

      Becoming an anti-social. Don’t wipe don’t eat too much and don’t wash your hair and skin. And don’t die

    50. Larry Smithart

      Help homeless as well

    51. mzdeedeeiam

      I like how Ayman sound like somebody teacher at the end

    52. Anime Angel BSR

      We've been to the store two different times since self quarantine and store shelves are so bare we can't even get what we really need.

    53. The Anime Gamer Boy

      Good thing I'm an ambivert.

    54. First Name Last Name

      Me an introvert: hehe

    55. Zaklex

      Let me know when it hits a billion people infected, then I'll consider it a pandemic, until then it's just a wide spread disease. "Social distancing" is an oxymoron, you can't be social and distance yourself from others at the same time. If you're not in one of the susceptible persons then stop worrying about getting the virus, it most likely won't kill you, unless you're in that 1 - 3% group.

    56. Clap Trap

      Oh well now I know there is Covid 19 oh Corona virus

    57. Luke Skywalker

      When I asked me if you are poison nothing from you soon but then we got to get in my giant snake so how am I supposed to do that I don’t know how to do that with a rocket launcher

    58. Luke Skywalker

      I want to yourself you’re not coming in my country is still might actually murder you kiss me not sure going to do it to you

    59. Luke Skywalker

      Commit 47 seven it’s actually the T virus from resident evil Ness actually a real virus

    60. Luke Skywalker

      Manitoulin your fake story this is the real story so listen carefully America gets new new year 2047 September 28 It’s not a real events of America getting nuke

    61. niko chamblin


    62. David R

      Be careful world 👍

    63. Ingmar Honawar

      It didn't teleport. It flu. (Pun intended)

    64. Dustin Woodworth

      Damn hey Mommy 😍

    65. Yarlet Murillo

      Social distancing 😅 it's best you take pointers from us introverts 😺 we are masters at avoiding people 😸

    66. Alex Ricketts

      Can you please do more creepy theories

    67. Benny Garcia

      Ayman I love you

    68. Benny Garcia

      Love your glasses

    69. Jungle Jim

      You are disgusting. Put some more clothes on and cover those extra rolls.

    70. TJ Baumchen

      I would love to get under that shirt. Jeeze

    71. Jennifer Giselle

      It’s so suck that grows very much right around the world

    72. Bryan Charles

      Attention Men. This is your daily pandemic reminder: Don't risk spreading your toxic Masculinity to strong independent women. They don't need Men...kindly remind them when they ask for your help.

    73. GG bruh YT gaming 1

      There is a movie where there’s a pandemic and starts spreading it’s like the coronavirus

      1. Nichole The Otter

        victor roman Yes, it’s the 2011 film called “Contagion”.

    74. Lilia Chan

      #StayAtHome Stay safe guys...

    75. Device MM82

      Virus this virus that. But she is beautiful no matter what. :)

    76. Wendy Muir

      Soap and water is more effective in killing the virus than hand sanitizer. Disaster distress helpline 1-800-985-5990

    77. Darrell Flanders

      Please please leave enough for others. Us truckers are having difficulty getting supplies because people are buying up everything

    78. Jordan95 HD

      This most certainly was informative, Ayman. I know what I have to do.

    79. JANEMBA9000

      All Extroverts Planet wide are getting a Small taste of what it's like to be an Introvert !!!

    80. Rodolfo Cortinas Mendez

      Can ayman just take over che's content?