Tom Cruise Forces James Corden to Skydive

The Late Late Show with James Corden

The Late Late Show with James Corden

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    After taking some shots at Tom Cruise doing his own stunts and skydives in "Mission: Impossible - Fallout," Tom takes James to the California desert to show him jumping out of an airplane isn't as easy as it looks.
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    1. The Late Late Show with James Corden

      Just too bad James' wife and family won't get that better life 😆

      1. PrincessLove Playz


      2. Omer B Iftikhar

        Sky diving. Is my dream one day in life i want do it i wish

      3. Smileless


      4. Ally McDonald’

        The Late Late Show with James Corden what is that straw thing they were sucking on from the lights?

      5. Jan d


    2. Rowsan Paopao

      That was awesome guys.

    3. Norhamizah Shaiffuddin

      I have fear of height. My hands and feet sweat watching them jump. I was screaming with James too.

    4. Still Stevenson

      Tom cruise runs like a tiny usain bolt!

    5. Graham R

      i think that this would be 300% better without the laugh track.

    6. Ethan Leveque

      Isn’t he a Scientologist ? I forget.

    7. Rocco Mitsubishi

      It'd be scarier to attend Scientology session with Tom

    8. pepsi

      *cult noises*

    9. A Public Domain Production

      He’s from my hometown

    10. A Public Domain Production

      Tom Cruise is a washed up has been gave up his career for his religion

    11. Steven Doran

      Tom cruse is bad ass🤟

    12. David Warburton

      People jump from 33,000 ft bro

    13. Rogita0329 Marvelforlife

      When I saw this I was like I have to see James being tortured

    14. PaulBodyBuilder

      Fuckn Tom Cruz Wyndmoor PA

    15. Christina Hooper

      I feel like a romba~james cordan 2018

    16. Christina Hooper

      Tom is literally like the best actor ever😍

    17. Christina Hooper

      Omw I love this dude😍🤤

    18. Stijn de Koning

      it kinda ruined it with the laughing in the background

    19. love is important

      They do be flyin

    20. Joshua Santillan

      That landing though HAHA

    21. Junie

      Tom cruise = scientology = no thanks!!!! He sealed his fate to a cult.

    22. N.D.A.S. with Will and Matthew

      Who else just realized the cameraman had to be skydiving

    23. FredNET

      How the hell did I miss this video?

    24. Under Rated213

      Let talk about the Camera man

    25. dalebaby1

      does tom call him james carson when they land ?

    26. Pijush A Sinha

      A proper QUARANTINE LOCKDOWN Video.....

    27. tyler costello

      The dude said he had 7,000 dives yet James had his legs up like he was supposed to do and the other dude (not Tom)had his legs down which could have *EASILY* broke James leg

    28. wooyyeah

      evidence Corden can do a split

    29. Ashish Kr

      I like Tom Mr. Cruise!!! he is some kind of master in his own stunts

    30. Alex


    31. Johnson

      I bet Tom Cruise still can skydive even if he is 68 years old

      1. Baby Oopsie Daisy


    32. Meme Regime

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="607">10:07</a> lolol

    33. Omer B Iftikhar

      Love this diving is my dream one day i will do it

    34. Nicole Song

      Craig's really getting out of his life now. Hope Stormageddon misses him

    35. Nicole Song


    36. Last Hope

      That moment when you find out that science religious thing won't be funny dude lol

    37. Lizzzrom

      He did NOOOOOOT

    38. Scooty Puff Sr

      Did he tear his giggleberries

    39. Scooty Puff Sr

      He should’ve known as long as he’s doing it with Tom cruise that it’s.........Impossible

    40. Vidyut Krishnasrinivas

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="97">1:37</a> James you cannot defeat Tom at running... have you seen his last like 20 movies?

    41. Marcos Antônio


      1. Gustavo Souza

        ? por que vc tá falando isso

    42. Marieke van Essen

      Danny though... right?!

    43. Chris Gunter

      Is it me or did he just bust his face on the landing. LOL

    44. Che Chelli

      He’s not going to be able to procreate after that landing 😂

    45. Buloyts

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="520">8:40</a> begin

    46. Keepingthingsprivate Keepingthingsprivate

      That landing was almost a butter😂😭

    47. Joe Sutter

      He should paraflying @ Torrypines gliderport

    48. Vasilena Konzova

      When this guy Danny came I was like "wtf is this prince Harry?!"

    49. Rudi Tartaglia

      Tom Cruise is a bad ass. He has no fear.

    50. 1,500 Subscribers With One Video

      And after all that, James’s hair was still beautiful

    51. Bb Wg


    52. J_Songz201 IG

      Idk about y’all I would have fainted lmao

    53. FaXe_Legend

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="648">10:48</a> Oh god I could feel that.

    54. a random thought

      I love this

    55. Guillermo Palacini

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="648">10:48</a> 180 Degree Split legs... In your Face Van Damme!

    56. ryanbolleros calesa

      It is so funny that they are playing at the sky hahaha . You did it James so proud of you

    57. Awsome 115421

      Is Tom wearing shoes to make him taller?

      1. Baby Oopsie Daisy

        Of course.

    58. Junsly Kitay

      I love the wife reaction when Tom said that he will take good care of them if something will get wrong..hahahahhaha Love you James

    59. Nicola Jones

      James who would take Tom Cruse advise anyway hes totaly in his own little world

    60. Michael Huckabee

      Tom Cruise used to be one of my favorite actors. Now he's nothing but a scum bag.

    61. Alexa Levidi

      “Would you marry someone 35 years your senior?” *Me: Looks at Tom Cruise* “Yes”

    62. klariz

      the cameraman just went for it like it's nothing lmao

    63. Jumana Raggam

      should've a skypool karaoke

    64. Justin G.

      Tom is basically a pro at this stage, his landing was perfect.

    65. Boris Brontsema

      everybody is good at cooking something, and i am good at cooking.....

    66. Piano Impro

      This man is so fucking handsome.

      1. Baby Oopsie Daisy

        Which man?

    67. Shelton Vion D'Costa

      Pinned by The Late Late Show with James Corden The Late Late Show with James Corden 1 year ago Just too bad James' wife and family won't get that better life 😆 36K Lick Me Lick Me 3 months ago (edited) Meanwhile the cameraman sat through everything like it was a morning coffee. 12K Dinesha punchihewa Dinesha punchihewa 1 month ago Sorry James. The fall was not elegant. You fell like a sack of potatoes😂 2.4K Fatih Omar Fatih Omar 1 day ago everyone: "is that tom cruise sky diving?" me: I've just seen 57 years old grandpa did skydive 21 Kieran O'Connor Kieran O'Connor 2 weeks ago (edited) My boss' grandmother met Tom Cruise in Vegas in the late 90's, but she wasn't aware of who he was. He stepped into an elevator with her and she told him to press the Lobby button for her. When he realized she didn't know who he was, he decided it would be a good idea to take her to her blackjack table. Tom escorted my boss' grandmother all the way to the blackjack table, and gave her a $500 chip, told her to put it all on one hand, and left. The rest of the table was shocked, all of them were asking her how she knew him. She told them "well he's just a nice doorman I think.." 1.3K Smile Of Yerin Smile Of Yerin 1 month ago If I am the cameraman, filming tom, I would think: WHEN ARE U GOING TO OPEN THAT PARACHUTE GODAMNIT 1.1K ChrisRyanVlogs ChrisRyanVlogs 2 months ago The fact that Tom Cruise does it by himself is insane. But then again. It’s Tom Cruise. 11K john doe john doe 4 days ago I was expecting Tom to not open his parachute and land on his feet. 434 MinniexMollie MinniexMollie 1 month ago Why is no one talking about James’ landing?😂😭 1.8K Still Alive Studio Still Alive Studio 4 days ago 95% of this whole segment is Tom Cruise laughing and smiling at James like an idiot, which makes it gold lol 61 lasagna lord lasagna lord 1 month ago If Tom Cruise ever goes on a wild adventure with Bear Grylls , Tom will guide him 1.2K Brendon Killough Brendon Killough 1 month ago It's seems Tom Cruise is just himself in his movies. 4.9K Jackson Stewart Jackson Stewart 3 days ago Fun Fact: When Tom Cruise went for his first skydive in Australia he actually cried and pulled out. plane had to land a go back up a second time. good on him getting his skydive certs afterwards 171 Nguyễn Ngọc Phương Linh Nguyễn Ngọc Phương Linh 3 weeks ago Tom Cruise: Mission Impossible landing style VS James Corden landing style 476 Eloisa de Paula Eloisa de Paula 1 month ago Tom Cruise landing is like the Diggory's. And James is like Potter and friends in the goblet of fire keyportal scene 614 RalphR RalphR 2 days ago So no one else is gonna mention the camera man also went skydiving for this? 26 Iron Man 69 Iron Man 69 9 months ago Tom Cruise is 56, James Corden is 40. That's right. 3K Bill Klee Bill Klee 1 month ago Irrelevant to what anyone thinks of Cruise personally, he is truly a groundbreaking actor for the way he really commits to learning the crafts he technically is portraying! 179

    68. Rockstar channel Number 1

      Tom just nailed it.

    69. William Linley

      James Corden is a trash human

    70. Donieee

      Джэймс Корден выглядит как Харламов

    71. Jj Swift

      Sad you’re into scientology

    72. samarahmeonith layno

      tom did it in real life just like the movie like hes fricking 57 yrs old i love it

    73. Asa Yagami

      so this is how tom gets people into scientology?

    74. David Kim

      Just like the halo jump in mission impossible fall out, he pulls out his parachute at the last moment!!!!

    75. Jazzy Cat


    76. Humnah Nadeem

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="648">10:48</a> just keep clicking this

    77. J Ford

      Love these guys so good

    78. Rikin Thakkar

      Imagine if they forgot to click the record button

    79. Pluto 200

      Ofcourse they forgot to teach him how to land

    80. Giona Baumgartner

      How he catches people running away from scientology