toe - "The Latest Number" (official music video)

Topshelf Records

Topshelf Records

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    "The Latest Number" from toe's four-song EP "Our Latest Number"-available on CD, cassette, vinyl or digitally August 22, 2018 through Machu Picchu Industrias, White Noise Records & Topshelf Records.
    Directed by Okamune Shugo.


    1. Nepeta



    3. Дух Леса

      best ever!

    4. Jozicore

      Lindas chicas japonesas, hermoso math rock, saludos desde lima perú, ojala algún día los Pueda ver en vivo ♥️

      1. Victor Hugo Collado

        Asu. un peruano

      2. Jorge De Bracamonte

        Es cierto, nunca han venido a Perú :' (

    5. Yan

      Queria saber o que aconteceu no final do clipe... Tava tudo tão bem, aí aparece essa cena no final.

      1. Yan

        @Kuuhaku (´;︵;`)

      2. Kuuhaku

        Fiquei triste dps que vi aquilo, tava me sentindo mó amigo delas

    6. Connor McCarty

      is this what heaven is like?

    7. si joel

      the official video..??? who they are toe cherleader....???

    8. Vinicius Francisco

      Someone here have the Lyrics of this song?

      1. Mat Teo

    9. JJQ pepper


    10. Thomas Santamaria Dudragne

      not easy to find 4 hot japanese chicks, congrats toe

    11. Maria Sascha Nuguid

      Was are the back-up vocals saying?

    12. Sliml3oyDump

      Please Give me actress' instragram .haha

    13. Nox.INk# Records ❶

      Brilliant stuff.

    14. Numinosity

      honestly, i love toe but this is awkward to see

      1. John Smitty

        @Username You have bad taste, if you don't find these women attractive. And enjoying the video has nothing to do with being thirsty or getting turned on. I guess you're one of those people who pretend to never have any sexual urges anyway, like a vegetarian dog or something.

      2. Username

        @John Smitty It's called having taste and not being so thirsty you need to see a girl do basically nothing to get off

      3. John Smitty

        @Erwin Contreras You must be gay then?

      4. Erwin Contreras

        @John Smitty Yeah. I don't like shitty content combined with good content.

      5. John Smitty

        You don't like cute asian girls blog videos combined with good music?

    15. Pavita

      sedi w liat nya

    16. Jake Gonzales

      Im heading to KL for their Asian tour this December!!!!

    17. Shi Ya

      In the end, she says "So I coudn't tell really well..." I think that is part of Koibana. Koibana means girls talk. I guess she broken up with somebody.

      1. Siriusql Belmont

        @Pedro González Yup, just can't tell without the kanjis. Also does "hanasu" talk / becomes "bana" when in a compound ?

      2. conrad sentbon

        koibana (without the kanji, if ya have them please give) has VERY LOW chances of meaning "girl talk" it literally means "Flower of love" -----> KOI being LOVE and BANA (hana when not in a kanji compound) means FLOWER. But I do agree with your translation "Umaku tsutaerarenakute" > I couldn't tell very well. Literraly > "The [message] conveyed was not good/well (weak)" At least/ also/ from the Jap subs on youtube. I personally hear "yumaku" which means oil film / oil slick. Or is a region with good onsens !

    18. Enrique

      Anyone know what she says at the end?

      1. OG YT

        "So I couldn't tell really well" she wanted to express her feelings but didn't know how and instead pretended like she was ok; pretty sad

      2. Tirso Iván Vásquez Agüero

        I really need to know it too :(

    19. Garibubu Princess


    20. Fakhri Razali

      Yessss ! You come Malaysiaaaa ! Pad kepala lutut ONZ !

      1. Fakhri Razali

        @Jake Gonzales sure bro ! lets meet up and dance together ! haha

      2. Jake Gonzales

        Jom! Im going down on alone from Singapore! Let's meet up when im there!

    21. FLOWER RED

      Need you come back live in Bangkok 😍 Love song ❤️ 🌺

    22. ᴍɪɴʏᴜ

      . i wish i had friends lmao

      1. Siimplysunflower

        Minyu let me make your wish come true , Wanna be friends :D ?

    23. Zoey Zheng

      I don't get the mv... why these girls???

    24. Sam Abenojar

      What's the meaning of the song? I like it.

    25. wake forld


    26. Kevin Mojica

      I like to think these girls are the band's girlfriends

    27. Javier Perez

      Excelente video. Saludos desde México!!!

    28. Shamey Jadians

      Kayumi is gorgeous as usual, didnt expect that ending. Just ordered vinyl version yesterday since i lost the cd version. Wish to see u guys perform live again!!

    29. Ramon Diaz Zambrano


    30. idonteatcheetos

      "Hey baby, check out my toe" always gets the girls

    31. omar aftab

      Wow a Wu-Tang shirt

    32. dezmilcoisas

      For western people who want to sing along (english words in upper case): toe - The Latest Number daisan de mukau mekki ga ōu NIGHT aimai ni gikō iki OR DIE uso no nekkyō ikidōru LIFE tomu tanin no michi no wadai kōru minikui meiro wa nai oi no imi henkō o CRITICAL wa? Umaranai garari sarani mawari kurikaesu mirai ga irai kī ni naru gūzō o haki shinai e ni dō dai? bokutachi no LATEST saishin no NUMBER kuyashī omoi wa yasashiku naita bokutachi no LATEST saishin no NUMBER kanashī omoide tadashī miraida ai ni betsudan iki taenai isō ni michitarinai hoemi no BLUE ai ni betsudan iki taenai WE SAW A RAINBOW bokutachi no LATEST saishin no NUMBER kuyashī omoi wa yasashiku naita kimitachi no LATEST saishin no NUMBER kanashī kurai ga atarashī mirai sa mirai ka? Aita (tōei suru) bokutachi no LATEST saishin no NUMBER kanashī omoi ga atarashī mirai da? Mirai da

      1. Thendma


    33. Azmie Marata

      🧡 whoaa

    34. Stephanie Metelev

      Well that was a stupid

    35. H Suzu


    36. demon784

      6 months and this video still doesnt even have 20,000 views? WTF w/e more for me

    37. Thendma

      Really ?? 2019 still 17 thousands view oh damnn, dont worry toe this song still the best on my playlist

    38. Pedro Negreto

      What is that video clip?

    39. Edo Music

      what a great Band!!!

    40. yudhiafr I

      The beat is something 😍

    41. iamalbarn


    42. Relationships with Rodney

      Soo good 😬

    43. Julian Rodriguez

      That girl in red... wow

      1. Ahmad ihsan

        yeah auto look red

      2. Eduardo Gil


      3. Bluesummers

        She’s fine

    44. k s


    45. Eelco Dunlop

      第三でむかう メッキが覆うナイト 曖昧に技巧 生き or DIE 嘘の熱狂 憤る ライフ 富む他人の未知の話題 凍る 見にくい 迷路は無い 負いの意味 偏光を クリティカルは? 埋まらない ガラリ 更に 廻り 繰り返す 未来が依頼 鍵(キー)になる 偶像を 破棄しない絵にどうだい? 僕たちのレイテスト 最新のナンバー 悔しい憶いは 優しく泣いた 僕たちのレイテスト 最新のナンバー 哀しい思い出 正しい未来だ 愛に別段 息絶えない 位相に満ち足りない 微笑みのブルー 愛に別段 息絶えない we saw a rainbow... 僕たちのレイテスト 最新のナンバー 悔しい憶いは 優しく泣いた 君たちのレイテスト 最新のナンバー 哀しいくらいが 新しい未来さ 未来か? 開いた 投影スル 僕たちのレイテスト 最新のナンバー 哀しい憶いが 新しい未来か? 未来だ Daisan de mukau mekki ga ōu naito aimai ni gikō iki or dai uso no nekkyō ikidōru raifu tomu tanin no michi no wadai kōru minikui meiro wa nai oi no imi henkō o kuritikaru wa? Umaranai garari sarani mawari kurikaesu mirai ga irai kagi (kī) ni naru gūzō o haki shinai e ni dō dai? Bokutachi no rei tesuto (latest) saishin no nanbā kuyashī omoi wa yasashiku naita bokutachi no rei tesuto saishin no nanbā kanashī omoide tadashī miraida ai ni betsudan iki taenai isō ni michitarinai hohoemi no burū ai ni betsudan iki taenai we saw a rainbow Bokutachi no rei tesuto saishin no nanbā kuyashī omoi wa yasashiku naita kimitachi no rei tesuto saishin no nanbā kanashī kurai ga atarashī mirai sa mirai ka? Aita tōei suru bokutachi no rei tesuto saishin no nanbā kanashī omoi ga atarashī mirai ka? Miraida

      1. Pepe Chuy Esparza

        ¿En español la tendrán?

    46. Aaron J

      wutang shirt! hell ya, MR and Wutang fan, keep her!

    47. MDenRyu

      Got it from the video the band member posted in his youtube account and used google translate so its not perfect, also it should be Latest instead of leis test lol Lei test number The third night plating covering the night Ambiguously skillfully living or DIE Lying enthusiasm Life Abundant topics of rich others There is no hard-to-see labyrinth Semantically polarized light of negative sense Critical? It will not be buried More around Repeat future request The key idol How about a picture not to be discarded? Our Lei test latest number Regretful cry cried kindly Our Lei test latest number Sad memories are the correct future Breathless in love Inadequate phase Blue smile Breathless in love we saw a rainbow ...... Our Lei test latest number Regretful cry cried kindly Your leis test latest number The sadness is the new future Is it the future? Open Projection Our Lei test latest number Is sorrowful memory a new future? It's the future.

      1. Tirso Iván Vásquez Agüero

        Thanks for this, bro! By chance, do you know what did the female voice say at the end of song?

    48. Antonio Jackson

      Where is dude who was in the last song of the album with the clutch translation, we need that guy again.

      1. systemA

        @Ralph Carlo Cabaneros It means: A fortuitous action from someone on the internet to help us. A translation would help the people who do not speak Japanese to understand the meaning of the song.

      2. Ralph Carlo Cabaneros

        What you mean clutch transalation?

    49. Kachfi Ash Shidqi


      1. Hilal Mahendra Hashfi

        Lo edgy

      2. rama priyanto

        @Nasi Padang susah sembuhnya lagi

      3. Nasi Padang

        jgn edgy bang tar luka

      4. Maxiliaam

        jangan nge edgy disini mang waktunya anak nyelow


      can someone post the lyrics?

    51. Agustín Ferrer "帰人風呂"ってどういう意味ですか

      1. kst2522


    52. Almendra Salas

      I need the lyrics please 😭🙏🏻

    53. Aaron Cannada


    54. jokzz zz.,.

      Who's girl with red dress,. So cute

    55. Sergio Olaciregui


    56. j c

      You Go?... the sequel? Lol

      1. ling ling

        You Go, but sadder haha

    57. Gabbonia Omedia

      You Go!

      1. Simón Morillo Lathulerie

        i tought the same

      2. Maxiliaam

        similiar haha

    58. No Roof Access

      Super good

    59. Yours Lovingly

      Aw it’s so cute

    60. tehlostspirit

      instagram math rock

      1. Gauge Bar

        tehlostspirit toe has been a band for 19 years. They are the reason for Instagram math rock

    61. Brian Sylvester


    62. Onur Akyüz

      olum naptınız ya metronomy'ye dönmüşünüz iyice

    63. Bruce Wayne


    64. 瀧本悠太郎

      モデルは一体誰?(Who are models of this video??)

      1. Rachman Atthaariq

        You can check @gandodayo, she posted about this MV. @lizzy718 @gandodayo @about_missy @kayumiasuka

      2. Aruku Silver

        i found one of the girl instagram @lizzy718

      3. Stephen Sylvester Farrell

        Credits are at the end of the video. The "Appearance" bit has the names of the girls.

    65. yuki kawata

      if I see people commenting on how the girls look im gonna lose my shit lol

    66. Λ ғ ғ є ҡ s

      Okay Im in love!!! With the song!

    67. Sergej Lovrekovic

    68. Izzi e

      lovely song and video

    69. The Michael Vonavi

      I wasn't expecting that ending. I cried today too, coincidentally.

      1. DELL FETH

        fuck you for spoiled me

      2. IFalling CHERRY BOY

        I miss crying, is getting harder as of it late.

      3. Strabby Crabby

        but that's what the song's lyrics are about

      4. João Gimenez


    70. GlitchMod

      I would bang them all

      1. Geoffrey Touton

        And probably none of them would bang you.

      2. João Gimenez


      3. eljest

        thirsty ppl and youtube comments, name a better duo

    71. יהונתן V

      Thank you

    72. David Otivo


    73. common sensei

      Max // Effort // Chill

    74. evan jolley


    75. I.N.FRAP

      Wu Tang Clan!!

      1. João Gimenez


    76. Fabian barrios

      What does the girl say at the end of the video?

      1. Bowie Chang

        I percevied it this way, their girlfriend is broken hearted and they tried to have a girls day out to cheer her up but still at the end, she is still very bothered by it and she said "So I coudn't tell really well..." (like many explained, it means she can't really put her feelings into words).

      2. Todd Michael Johnson

        yuki kawata Thank you! 🙏🏻

      3. kaiji itou

        You don't have to know others

      4. João Gimenez

        @The Michael Vonavi h

      5. João Gimenez

        @yuki kawata h