THIS IS WHY FORTNITE IS DEAD!! - Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments! #805

BCC Trolling

BCC Trolling

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    Here's Episode 804 of Fortnite Funny Moments if you haven't seen it!

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    1. DSB 777

      You came for 1:04 Use code bcc❤️

      1. Levaughn Davis

        Who else did not use this because u want to watch the whole thing

      2. RedMoka

        DSB 777 lol

      3. santix games234

        @CIIZ yes

    2. JxSnipz 44

      1:36 drugs

    3. Gabbzin

      7:55 that's why this is the worst skin in the game, only kids use it.

    4. Diamond Werto

      Then your out of content

    5. AwesomeRhino Player

      0:14 quee, cr cr cr cr cr cr cr cr cr cr



    7. c0NNorXBL

      Kids at 8:30 under the map though

    8. Júlio Lopez de azevedo

      If fortnite is dead This channel should be also dead

    9. cdLoonI

      Go play creative destrucion then 😂❤️

    10. Juan pablo García

      CODE BCC

    11. Kane Butt

      If it dead why yall posting videos of the game

    12. Tri kkxz

      R.i.p Kobe and Gigi

    13. I Do Not No

      People still play this game?

    14. RafeeJ

      it wasnt 0.1 it was 0.3

    15. Safiollah Zad

      Who else hates when they get to the point after 1/4 of the vid or in the middle of the vid

    16. Darvin Jackson

      5:30 I looked him up, and he is an x box player

      1. Vallina

        Darvin Jackson u can see his controls

    17. Ashwaq Mahbub Abdi

      If you don't like to play fortnite then pluck off

    18. Beenub

      Anyone else just come back after 5 months to see what BCC trolling was posting

    19. Joe Capistran

      WORST GEselsr EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    20. jeyson lainez

      6:42 this is mi uncle jaja

    21. MightyDuckYT


    22. nygyx-_-

      8:30 thisis why fortnite dead

    23. Rodrigo Ornelas

      Fortnite made your youtube channel so don’t judge the game

    24. eZ Gamer

      0:14 umm.... ok?

    25. felipe sanchez

      fishsticks are always rertards

    26. Stealthy

      5:31 Why would you shoot? RUDE!

    27. FBR Dude

      He has aimbot!!! 10:05

    28. FBR Dude

      1:23 When epic says: we have removed building because of a problem. 😂

    29. Swooshx

      What season did you start playing? Comment - After Season 8 Like - Before Season 8 (I have â HUGE giveaway going on my channel!😍)

    30. Windu

      The ninja's skin name is : MANDALORIAN9127

      1. Darvin Jackson

        Im gonna bully him like never before

    31. datboieo

      The kids laugh in the first vid sounds like a spray bottle

    32. Patthepostman A

      The person who kills the love heart builder needs a big unhealthy dose of abuse

    33. naseerah-

      I got sniped 😭😭😭😭 5:30

    34. shadow1ism

      I miss the old map

    35. I’m dope Now

      Fortnit is not dying

    36. Dude in Hall

      Why so many gamepad players ?

    37. Attila Bognár

      5:00 magyarok

    38. Benny Hammy

      When that guy shot the other guy dancing on the heart I lost faith in the revival of fort

    39. Leo Walker

      5:37 is why fortnite is dead

    40. roblox


      1. MrKrabz Fortnite

        hah dude look up on google when roblox is shutting down

    41. Angry Productions

      Bcc :This is why fortnite is dead Also Bcc: Use code BbC in the item shop

    42. ReconPlayZ

      1:04 you did a video on this saying fortnite allows that now

    43. Marvin Ignacio

      The rocket ride clip was me and my friend

    44. Matthew Huizenga

      The controller disconnected fails aren't the games fault its the players because they can't afford a working controller.

      1. Matthew Huizenga

        yea ig but hey want to 1v1 fortninte add me DarkXPlasmax

      2. MrKrabz Fortnite

        Matthew Huizenga of itz cuz it disconnected

    45. Radouane Laabied

      Trés beau

    46. lol mahfuj

      Title:This is why fortnite is dead Proceeds to upload fortnite vids

    47. Projekt ChromeZ

      Just a suggestion BCC but you should do some Modern Warfare best clips and everything

    48. MewtwoYT

      Not gonna lie, Fortnite shoukd actually make it a thing (Shooting through walls,

    49. Abdallah Zineddine

      5:37 biggest tryhard in the world

    50. Waqar Ahmed Shaikh

      it is not

    51. NaNoaXel

      fortnte is a great game its just the people that play it other that the glitches when season 2 comes out i promise you it will be great!!! keep the positivity guys! :)

    52. Stevie Cenation

      5:30 How dare you

    53. KRPTIC X

      R.I.P Fortnite died at the age of 2

    54. Dabbz_tv

      Don't ever put cringy kids laughing over the intro again! Love you BCC

    55. Dabbz_tv

      Just because you set a wall doesn't mean it's built fully yet! 0:55

    56. NotFabben

      Do Fortnite clips more and Minecraft is sick

    57. MiikoR6

      Shut up

    58. Meri Ponte

      Ese truco ya nose puede de la rampa

    59. Mr. Kraken

      What's up guys, if u need cash i doing on my channel giveaway on 100 subs can u help me guys? :)

    60. Susie Spamz

      Only ogs remember bbc trolling did cod