The Weirdest GOOGLE Searches


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    1. Lucy Campbell

      Lazarbeam: give the spider a high-five Me: smacks spider with shoe

    2. Ratchet1786

      Lmao a friend of mine searched up cornhub on school laptop. pretty sure he got in trouble. 🤣🤣

    3. Where's Waldo

      Omg no blue waffles don't do it just read... Omg. That shit I s nasty as fuck this why sex ed is good. 😵😵😵😲😞

    4. SirTacoTheBad

      Omg ilsa looked so helpless and adorable in that clip 😂

    5. AntonPlayz

      Diugh must be good if you can burn up your girlfriend's animals and she still with you

    6. Dutch Hammer

      why do dogs eat their poop?

    7. YaBoi Zach

      #1 on trending!!

    8. Mrpiggy0826

      2:36 I bet it was muselk

    9. Fluffa Monka

      YEET ME!! YEET. 👌🏼

    10. Ethan Skrzypek


    11. JE3

      imagine being #1 trending overall. ON GEsels!!!! LETS GOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    12. Ducky The Pro

      Google on GEsels Ducky the pro

    13. Sh33p0_Of_Baa

      6 hours in, 1m views, 99k likes, and #1 Trending. Amazing.

    14. XxnoahDxX !! yeet

      His twitter acc got suspended

    15. Mobile Reaper

      Cerial killer?

    16. Munther Ansari

      Ali a

    17. Cyearts ::

      I like waffles

    18. Ken Marshall

      What was the word he blurred...anyone?

    19. cat

      6:00 -They can't hurt you- *BOY THEY RUN UP TO 40 MILES AN HOUR ON UR WALL*

    20. FaZe Trinity96

      Can u do a video with ur dad please

    21. Gavin Schur

      i searched blue walffles up. send help

    22. TropicalGibles

      I searched blue waffle lol

    23. Jack Beers

      Now imagine this but Bing

    24. Allen Haslag

      Google random things on the Urban Dictionary. Even voting on words would make a funny video. I have personally put a couple of my own words on the Urban Dictionary and my overall favorite was P-TAC. I hope you read far enough through the comments to see this. Keep up the great videos!

    25. Lucia Krause

      🎅If this isn’t blue you won’t get a win this week🎅 ★☆❧🎅2 Fοr those who want 🎅_The_Ṁinty_ṗickẠxe_🎅 ...... Τry Goοgling for *WIN1CODEPW-* ★☆❧🎅9 I have a ton now.............. ...... B51054

    26. Mob '

      Anyone on #1 trending?

    27. Quyen Solomon

      Question: Whats the antidote to dissatisfaction? JoJo fans: Am I joke to you? Claim your *MerryMinty+Vbux--Giiifts* so try ḠοοỖgIing for ( VBUXWOLF--. ) thanks me later B5380

    28. Iris Gedik

      🎅Make this blue if you love your mom🎅 ★☆❧🎅2 Fοr those who want 🎅_The_Minty_ṗickẠxe_🎅 Τry ... sεarching G οοgIe for *WIN1CODEPW* ★☆❧🎅3 So awesome...........'................... B87015

    29. EnderBishop Gaming

      We’re still waiting on happy cow

    30. JackIsWack

      I really want to know what the blurred word was

    31. Will Liddell

      No one: Literally no one: Lazarbeam looking up blue waffle: 5:46

    32. Sebastian Madero

      Watch Home of games he put you in a video

    33. coolMLG Gamer

      Y am I alive

    34. Lanye West


    35. Gemstone

      Google eye drops for eye ligma so you can actually live your life

    36. thomas crismon

      i looked up blue waffles your right to not show it

    37. Dawn Quade

      My chicken barks

    38. Tripp Speir

      #1 trending

    39. Zaplyte

      Since when do you have 12 mil subs

    40. Ghost moey

      I did and and bubbles can grow on ur private part