The Weird Side Of Amazon

Danny Gonzalez

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    What this Amazon doing? Why this is Amazon doing this? Haha and we talk about Jeremy Renner too ok
    also sorry this video is so dark and looks like an apology video or something we just moved and i don't know how to use my house yet
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    1. Cloud Brick

      I will keep spamming ur vids if u don't respond this is threat I also am keeping Jeremy hostage in my basement

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      Your number one on trending

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      Trending as you should 💅🏾

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      Cr1t1Kal wants to know your location

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      drink every time he says daddy

    7. Artixell STX

      10:54 What the *FUCK*

    8. Olivianna Bridges

      Danny’s #1 on trending!!

    9. Yankeeschamber 99

      Jermey renner app: *exists* Danny: *makes a video* Amazon: “oh you just wait...”

    10. Brianna

      #1 on trending while watching this, congrats! Thank god its not another weird video doing bad hacks... Then again, I just watched #4 which was ... ...

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    12. Trex wolf

      Notifications on For months now lol

    13. Cloud Brick

      Danny please fricking notice me

    14. Yankeeschamber 99

      That awkward moment when an avenger turns into an app and then gets deleted and turns into amazon

    15. a Girl

      #1 on trending. The power of Gregs.

    16. InRoneyWeTrust

      9 subscribers off of 290 subscribers 🙌🏽

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      This video is awesome!!! 😅😂😂🤣😂 Congratulations!!! You're #1 Tending on GEsels!!!! 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

    18. Yankeeschamber 99

      Jeremy has taken us’s what he wants.

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      why is this #1 on trending

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      #ESO #elderscrollsonline my current full meta stam NB setup enjoy 😁👍✌

    24. ASMR Enthusiast

      I also have 6 daddies.

    25. Bradley Griffiths

      Jeremy Renner’s Amazon store was first brought to my attention by the *hilarious* Mamrie Hart (via her incredibly entertaining podcast, _This Might Get Weird_ , which she cohosts with the equally amazing Grace Helbig) and I loved getting the chance to experience a similar (but just different enough) reaction to/spin on all of this from another of my fav internet celebrities!! Thanks again for the consistently great content, D!

    26. SetnSun

      You missed Ryan Seacrests store! Much much weirder!

    27. lilly brooks

      I honestly can’t stand by Danny trashing my childhood. When i was little my dad used to pretend to be a horse and no cap it brought me so much joy.

    28. Yankeeschamber 99

      #1 on trending....must be those Jeremy Renner fans again!

    29. lily jane

      jeremey probably wants the money to buy drugs lol

    30. Geo Rutherford

      #1 on trending with a video where he says Daddy 10,000 times

    31. Daniel Lankford :D


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    33. Lily Belt

      Is no one going to talk about his new song

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      congrats on #1 trending

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      GG on #1 trending

    37. Krakenade

      14:38 the "daddy" outro is great and it really fits the video but I miss the old "this video is over now" outro ):

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    43. Amber Geyer

      #1 on Trending?? We are truly Greg.

    44. Lampcap I the only one who would low-key bop to the "pony up daddy" jingle?

    45. Kywoo Pumpkin

      #2 on trending? ThE aRmY iS sTrOnG

    46. BBBlassian__

      Bruh i fucking have school tomorrow and I hate school and I don’t wanna go.. I wanna switch schools so bad. Wish me luck 😭

    47. Mazi Silas

      #1 on trending lol wtf


      It’s all true look at this article

    49. geerte

      Danny please blink three times if Jeremy renner is holding you hostage at gunpoint

    50. Thomas C

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    52. Info7245

      Congratulations on #1 on Trending Danny.

    53. Jeff Wogoman

      Well congratulations Drew Gooden. You have caused Jeremy Renner to shut down another store. Hope you’re happy! Edit: I have been made aware that the boy in the video was actually Danny Gonzales.

    54. Soumya Karthikeyan

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    55. Soumya Karthikeyan

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    58. Freedom Lapuz

      Looks oddly familiar to Cow Chop's Amazon series

    59. Cooking My Way

      *I can't be the only one who realizes that he is reading... Am I?*

    60. Hoody Baker

      Does anyone know about the upcoming changes happening on youtube regarding youtube creators and something to do with children? I'm a little confused if someone could clarify . It sounds kinda serious . 😲