The Voice: Nick Jonas BLOCKS Kelly Clarkson on Her Own Song!

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Entertainment Tonight

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    Jonas came out swinging during Tuesday’s blind auditions on ‘The Voice.’
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    1. Christopher Cook

      😂😂😂 Literally

    2. Cleisthen Dela Cruz

      i love nick he's very handsome.

    3. almarjyou

      Season 18. It's weird that I didn't see the competition. I thought the last season was Maelyn.

    4. Natalee Mancil

      guys when someone sings a judge’s songs that doesn’t necessarily mean they want that person yk what i mean

    5. Reina Arana!


    6. Yoongi Min

      Kelly:😤😡😾 Nick:😁😂😉

    7. Jayoncé Knowles

      I dont like the block thing

    8. Lewislfc 2006

      I hate the block feature because u could potentially stop an artist picking there favourite coach

      1. seamus1956

        Lewislfc 2006 It’s a double competition. The singers are competing, yes, but the coaches are also competing to win as well. It’s all a part of the game. Blake leads with 6 wins, but Kelly has won 3 of the past 4 seasons, so if Nick thought Arei Moon had winning talent, then blocking Kelly was great strategy.

    9. Josephson Ognita


    10. Boo3338

      He was smart. 🤷‍♀️

    11. Mister Gladden

      Wow he blocked her.

    12. nooraloopoora

      how does the block work? how many times they get to block eachother?

      1. Lillian Wheelock

        They all get one block for the whole season

    13. Anne Day

      "I wrote the song!" Um, Kelly. Christina Aguilera would like a word.

      1. Blck Rose-

        It does sound like a Christina masterpiece though

      2. Anne Day

        @RyAnnElizabeth no, Christina, Rhett and Matt wrote it, then Christina chose not to use it for her album "Stripped" and it was given to Kelly's team. Kelly personalized it (she added the bridge) and got a writing credit. Kelly and Christina didn't write it "together", the song already existed by the time Kelly got her hands on it. It's like saying Beyoncé and Ne-yo wrote Irreplaceable together when Beyoncé just customized the finished product and got a writing credit. Kelly is a great writer, but this song isn't one of her self-penned masterpieces. Here is the interview where Kelly admits she didn't even know who wrote the song:

      3. RyAnnElizabeth

        Well they both wrote it together. Along with like a few other people

    14. Ash

      #TeamKelly Clarkson

    15. Sergio J. Rodriguez


    16. Eunice

      That was so savage especially the part When Nick said his lyrics for Kelly back then was rejected or something. Demi would have been really jealous of her best friend that he get to do a show with her idol

    17. J Mae

      I liked how the way he said “sorry kelly” 🤣🤣

    18. Arin_Reyes

      Nick Jonas Chopra shouldn't have done that the girl wanted to be in Kelly's team....hence the song!!

      1. They_Call_Me_ Pebbles

        Cry baby gen Zs

    19. Renata Hanano

      Hope Kelly blocks Nick on the next artist he wants.

    20. Jessica Nicole

      “Everybody bought our seventh album. It had outsold Kelly Clarkson”----- Jonas brother song makes sense now lol

    21. adam pilget

      Were has adam gone

    22. Madison Gallaway

      Must be a slow news week

    23. Naomi Utnage

      His sumg face on the thumbnail 😄😄😄

    24. Naila Jugbhery

      i love the voice don't get me wrong but I feel like the show has turned into more about the coaches winning than the actually contestants. like it should be that the girl would have a choice rather than not being able to choose who they want I guess

    25. Justin Raines

      Tbh...what does Nick Jonas know about judging singing..he's surrounded by much more talented people. He just don't belong.

    26. Elizabeth B

      This is so fske

    27. Marie Boulio

      What sucks is that the girl most likely wanted to be part of Kelly’s team, like she sang her song lol

      1. Flo

        @Alanna Smith I think you meant Australia...

      2. deepz513 can tell she was a tad disappointed..she did her song to impress her n be on her team

      3. Alanna Smith

        one Time a person sang nicks song jealous when Joe was a judge for voice in Austria but they picked someone else

      4. MC Pizza lover

        That doesn’t necessarily mean that she wanted to be on her team

    28. strawberry_shortcake4life

      Im sure that contestant hates Nick also. I would have want Kelly more to coach me

    29. Mrs Pryde

      i love Nick. i love all the brothers. couldnt stop smiling haha JONAS FOR LIFE

    30. Crystal Enzo

      That was an old lady

    31. Travis McGan

      Well played Nick Jonas

    32. Zara Hoffman

      “What a dastardly thing to do, Nick.” - John Legend 😂

    33. Mystic Crystal

      I love nick and his evil side

    34. Brendan Keelan

      Kelly Clarkson needs to get over herself...

    35. Julia Greenberg

      If I was the singer and I was singing one of the judges songs and one of the other judges blocked them, I think I’d cry lol

      1. They_Call_Me_ Pebbles

        Stupid gen Zs

      2. Yukki Akashi

        @Kai Kalino if that happens i hope kelly steals her

      3. Kai Kalino

        Then he if he cuts her from the team. Ouch.

      4. Julia Greenberg

        Kenny O’Toole unpopular opinion: id choose Kelly over nick

      5. Kenny O’Toole

        But then again it’s nick jonas who wants you so are you really gonna cry?😂😂😂

    36. Ria Bagaria


    37. ImsuAsen Ao

      Hahaha Nick 😂👍👍👍

    38. laurabadora414

      The block is an obnoxious rule. I don't like the voice, but that makes me like it even less.

    39. Nani R

      Funny Nick Jonas

    40. Solo Pyromancer

      I would’ve chosen Kelly anyway. Like “are you sure I can’t pick her?”

    41. Princess_ Dirah

      Kelly: I didn’t even notice Nobody: Me: didn’t even notice, no punches there to roll with! 🤣🤣

      1. Demia Thomas

        I started doing the tik tock dance as soon as I heard Kelly say it

      2. Madison Ball

        Princess_ Dirah I did the same thing! 😂

      3. mihika


    42. Nehru Parmeshwar


    43. Megan is a gamer

      🤣 But not HIS 18th season, the shows.

    44. Sami Cin


    45. Thę Sîlént Kîllęr

      India ka INTERNATIONAL damad 😂

    46. Danny LMT

      You're ROCKING IT Mr. Nick Jonas

    47. Tay & Cam!!

      I went to the Jonas brothers concert in September with my friend and I stayed up on a suit

    48. sonrisa Verdean

      that's my Cape Verdean queen!!! Arei

    49. May Flower

      I 💖 how he took a selfie of the blocked at the end

    50. Natã Valério

      half the fun of this show is the coach's drama and i honestly love it

    51. Chloe R

      Why would he block her😭

      1. rhaspodel

        Strategy. Grab the best and savage vocalists any way he can.

      2. Erin McCarthy

        It is her song

      3. tnoi

        It's part of the game, sweetie.

      4. Alina Condrat

        Well, why not?

    52. Alex Ngure

      Nick is out here acting like a boss😂🙌🏽

    53. D Krug

      Man, Kelly is annoying.

      1. e r

        You cant hate her

      2. ShiVam kukreti

        She's funny not annoying

      3. Jasmin Gagam

        I don’t think so :) I think she’s funny

      4. Kay C.

        Super annoying

    54. MrStefanDr19

      The contestant is singing her longs out and they are selling this silly funny drama...

      1. Cece

        MrStefanDr19 what star do you know from the show that made it big? It’s not American idol. It’s about the judges not the singers. It’s too bad tho bc they are great 😊

    55. WylieWS