The Too Hot for TV Moments You Deserve to See



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    Just like Ellen, the show keeps getting hotter after 17 seasons... and sometimes it's too hot for TV! From twerking to unforgettable innuendos, here are the moments you deserve to see.

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    1. Akum Longs


    2. Debbie Myers

      So funny. Love Ellen

    3. Blessing Pamei

      Heidi Klum 😋

    4. Shubham Nagarji

      Count The P*nis🤣

    5. Omar Ashour

      U gotta love ellen lol

    6. A-G

      If you're wondering how Amy came up with that joke, it's from a contestant on the newlywed game back in the 80's... Yeah she got it from someone else *pretends to be shocked*

    7. Qiumars Mohamadi


    8. jay yt

      Ew that's nasty flat

    9. Sathya narayanan


    10. Yamini Goel

      bahahaha...this was awesome

    11. m. afras

      What was the craziest place she did it????

    12. Tenzin lekdup

      Lol she doesn’t have pikachu!! That’s a birds nest!!

    13. k p

      3:33 what she said?

    14. UNKN0WN

      Ellen is lowkey daddy. She just doesn’t know it yet.

    15. Chandon

      Ellen, you actually think this stuff is "too hot for tv"? okay boomer...

    16. Keyser Söze

      Junk for your brain

    17. Philip Puglisi

      Ellen would like some of that for sure

    18. Apple Car

      Realized this was on Ellen's GEsels channel and instantly ended the video

    19. pttrn

      Wer kommt aus Deutschland und hat Heidi bis jetzt nur in Deutschem TV gesehen?

    20. yashvardhan Sharma

      Name of the song @3 30

    21. Memesaremylifeline

      Ok who got the full sauce for 1:45? I know yall know

    22. wrands M

      OK Heidi Klum I see you 😍

    23. Michael Moreno

      Look at Ellen. Her mind is on eating that fish. She has nothing else on her mind but going deep sea fishing

    24. salman kabir


    25. gta 5 rp

      3.29 first time ever Ellen look hot to me.

    26. Franco B


    27. Chris Boris

      1:45 background song plsss

    28. swagat dash

      Who's on 1:44 ??

    29. jermaine588

      I love Ellen she is so real and down to earth..

    30. Aviral Singh

      Ever see a comment and wish you wrote that ? Yeah, me too.

    31. Mufa Mufaroha

      Elleeeeen i love youuu



    33. Vicky Vengeance

      3:05 whats name song please?

    34. AA Just my life Louis Young

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    35. Trophy Stackin

      Ellen drinks baby's blood with the Clinton's

    36. Guava Juice

      Sorry lord for watching these videos

    37. Nacho Croes

      I love Ellen you are sooo sweat and verry funny e😂

    38. Sempastian

      That was a very good video. Nicely done. Greetings from Athens/Greece.

    39. alix ali

      I love u Ellen

    40. antoine Deffis

      People find this funny?

    41. SUNBELYN

      Andrew Yang 2020... Love you all...

    42. Mattis Robowski

      3:33 what was her answer?

    43. Your Dad

      Ellen should be my wife

    44. John Timmons


    45. Lynda Thomas

      I wouid verry much like to share. A story how i have experienced many thing in this life i feel would have took most people two or three lifes to do the things. I have done in my short life of 61 years and i would like U to meet my dog precious pup aru or pup shes a pitbull and she loves every body shes my hug a pup and i would like to share my smiley face rocks. A rock solid smile for the world some art that i do for self therapy

    46. Vinmaticc !

      Could someone tell me the song being played in background after 2:53

    47. Madison Daily

      Heidi has an amazing body!

    48. Onemom5kids


    49. Sutter Family Films

      Permanent smile on my face for the last four minutes 😃

    50. Cam Laycock

      I’m listening ok 🖕🖕🖕🕺

    51. What Huh

      Ok boomer

    52. The Shaka Brahs


    53. dylan wight

      Usually don’t like Ellen but this was great! So funny!

    54. Charlie Witham

      Cardi B that’ll get you some money

    55. Maxsmiter

      This was not what a expected Those r some thing I ain’t gonna unsee


      1:43 who is her

    57. Weed Power


    58. Yousef Mansour

      The craziest place was her bed ... that raises a lot of questions 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

    59. Cloud Striker

      That asian chick has a HUGE HEAD MAN

    60. Thematrix Grower

      Funny LoL