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    The Prince Family's New Christmas Vlogmas Intro!
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      What Are Your Thoughts On Our New Intro?

      1. Cayla F.


      2. Dorien Brown

        Bangger alert🤫

      3. Charisma Jimenez

        Yo this intro goes hard 🔥

      4. Janica Ward

        Why didn't u put simon in it cause my cat would've been like nope i don't wanna be in it

      5. dahooperof2010

        That intro is Dope ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

    2. Melissa Loftin

      Yes biaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanca

    3. abby weaver

      Team Biaaaaaaaaaaaannca

    4. Shirley Jefferson

      That was funny when he said im actually 6 11 lol

    5. Mary Rosario

      and team damian

      1. Music Creator

        @mama dee *Biannca*

      2. Music Creator

        Mary Rosario Damien

      3. mama dee

        Team biancnna

    6. Mary Rosario

      the intro is good but were simone and um the dog

    7. LaShawn Reid


    8. Alicia Fisher

      Yes team branica

    9. Crazy4pynk

      100% love the tree and the intro!!!!🥰

    10. Destiny Kasa Puna

      Joking I love you guys please make me onto my girlfriend

    11. TcTheThird

      100% love it

    12. Destiny Kasa Puna

      Happy xmas

    13. TcTheThird


    14. druicilla young

      Im team Bianca because my little girl love how she laughs in be treating her husband in my family love you to

    15. Anna Townsend

      what is the song in the intro it brought it all together

    16. Michelle  Aforka

      Nice tree

    17. Michelle  Aforka

      Luv the Rudolph pillow

    18. Michelle  Aforka

      D's Christmas dance was crazy😂

    19. Kailyn Hamel

      i put on my notofctions

    20. Cay & Ray Journey

      I love you guyssss !!!! You are my favorite you tubers!! Me my fiancé and my boys watch you guys all the time !!! We are a family of 5 as well my two boys and my little girl .

    21. Katrina Nelson

      Hey bro I wanna was the day I wanna go to the school 🏫 is the time of my day off I gotta is the time I get to school get ready to get ready for my class tomorrow morning and I’m finna get to be at home in about two weeks I can have some

    22. Erica Ortiz

      I blast this song intro every time love y’all

    23. Tiffany Rodriguez

      Y’all should have vlog channel

    24. Tiffany Rodriguez

      I like the tree it’s different 😍

    25. Tiffany Rodriguez

      “ dj mr baldy “ I’m ctfu 😭😭😂😂

    26. Tyler Ng

      y’all wack af

    27. wolfie gamerXX

      who else remembers "happy holidays from the prince family, happy holidays from the prince family" :)

    28. Tierra Lewis

      Yall are a very happy family luv youu💗💗💗💗💖💖💖💖🙏🙏🙏

    29. Zahria Marshall

      Merry Christmas

    30. Latanya Jordan

      But Amazing intro

    31. Latanya Jordan

      No it's not on trending

    32. Nusrat Kalleh


    33. Chevaughn Morrison

      Intro 10-10 Christmas tree 10-10 ganggang gud job love y'all 🙏🙏🙏

    34. Kelsey George

      Love it!!! You guys are such a beautiful family

    35. Janel Harris

      Love the new intro ❤️❤️


      guys pick meee for the giveaway plssss

    37. gtoss chddy

      Who else skipped the whole video and got to the end just to see the intro??? Just me?🙋🤷🤦

    38. Jeano Lundy


    39. Lovely Davis

      Where is the cat and the puppy

      1. gtoss chddy

        HI. NOVA.

    40. Ricardo u a8_ Richmond

      The new intro is good